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Elves and Eating

So, we know elves fear (souls basically) and hroa (body) are linked. Ex, if the elf is upset as hell their body just…degrades. That part is canon.

So, I think it would make sense that a sad, their body would require more sleeping, food, etc to sustain itself. 

This takes stress-eating and breakup-icecream to the max. We know elves typically aren’t the biggest eaters in the world. But if an elf was very upset, they would just eat and eat and eat, sleep all the time, etc. Which leads to a few things.

1. To a smaller degree, emotion snacking is basically mandatory. “Fuck, I just failed a test. Aaaand I could go for like five hamburgers right now.”

2. This could also go for larger things. Just like human’s depression-nap system, a sad elf will just. Sleep. For weeks. 

3. Perhaps it’s an elvish custom to hold huge feasts after times of sadness. Beloved town member just died? Thier funeral will have a shitload of food. Everyone will need it. Post-battle? Better start a huge potluck, shit, these elves need a lot to eat to keep up their souls now.

4. FOOD GIFT BASKETS ARE A MUST. Flowers? No one needs them. The real thing to do to cheer up your elf friend is send them several crates of protein bars. 

5. Maedhros probably ate an absurdly huge amount, all the time. Even on top of how much he would eat being so tall. Invite this guy over for a buisness dinner? Better have an extra four portions for him. 

6. “Elrond dude there’s like hundreds of chip bags scattered in your office” “I KNOW but i am WORRIED”

Elves & Men

Sindar and Noldor: *flocks of elves go to see the super cool new folks*
Men: *equally enthralled with the existence of these elves*
Finrod: *introduces everyone to one another*
Fingolfin: *sends messengers out to the men* Tell them to come hang out here for a bit if they want. We could stand to have some new friends, you know.
Malach: As the son of Marach, I accept King Fingolfin’s invitation. *takes a bunch of other people with him to work with/for the Kings of the Eldar and in Hithlum*
Edain: *the rest of the Men gradually leave Estolad*
Noldor: *send messages to the remaining Men* If you’re looking to keep moving west, then boy do we have the deal for you …
Men: Sold.

the one adhd symtom that goes widely unknown is the “all or nothing” thing.

like if i am interested in something, i can devote my entire day for it without getting bored at all and if im not interested in it, paying attention to it even for short time is like torture

like i struggle with watching 5 minutes long video because im not that interested in it but i can watch all extended lotr movies on one sitting without getting even slightly bored (been there, done that) just because i love the lotr lore

I just- it will never not amuse me how the Istari were sent to Middle-Earth as these wise guardians and only one of them ever actually fulfilled his purpose.

Sarumon turned evil, the blue wizards fucked immediately off and nobody knows where they went, and Radagast got all wrapped up in his own business of animals and plants and ignored everything else.

Gandalf was the ONLY ONE who actually bothered trying to protect arda, and even he mostly worked by ferrying hobbits from one end of the world to the other.

Title: you asked for it
Summary: She tells him to make a better use of his mouth, and he does just that.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Glory
Rating: M
Comments: I’ve been waiting ages to write this AU and something about lilithkiss‘s smut fanart of this AU and yeah HERE IT IS. Also, TOTAL BIRTHDAY GIFT TO THE WONDERFUL LORE!


She couldn’t breathe.

Moments ago, she might have been pissed at him, might have been livid enough to want to rip his damn stupid elvish head off his shoulders, but with the way he had cornered her, his hands on her each side of her head as he looked at her, dark eyes intense and sensual, filled with the most sinful of feelings, she couldn’t find it in herself to even muster any ounce of anger.

At the way his mouth lifted in the corner, and at how one single brow raised just so, he knew exactly what he was doing to her.

There was something strangely arousing in seeing a usually apathetic and collected elf showing the most subtle, but powerful signs of desire and interest.

Sasuke, like all his other kind, had never been prone to expressing his emotions, no matter how positive or negative. He’d only ever shown that side of himself in their most dire times, like that night they fought the wretched guardian beast of the old dwarf caves, where they’d almost lost their guide, Kakashi, in the midst of it all.

But this was something entirely different. They were in his family’s own Elven lands, safe from any harm and hidden from the rest of the world. She wasn’t sick or hurt or dying—there was no reason for him to display such bursts of… non-apathy. What could have possibly brought on this sort of freedom in expression? What could have possibly swayed him out of his usual comfort zone of practised disinterest, and into this complete lack of suppression for the simplest—

A gasp left her lips as he suddenly leaned forward some more, hands sliding to her face, one skimming fingers teasingly over her right shoulder, while the other cupped her jaw so gently that she felt he might as well have not been holding it at all. The tip of his nose nudged alongside hers, lips fluttering teasingly over hers—but never touching—while he watched her carefully, the heat in his stare still blazing. Sakura let out a shaky breath at that, unable to stop her gaze from dropping to his mouth hovering over hers, still.

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Elf Names

Alright, so we’ve all read fics where Tolkien elves are given non-elfy names like “Mary” or “Jack” rather than “Hildron” or “Meludir” or something elfy. 

This kinda always stood out to me. I’ll admit I too lazily gave OCs modern names rather than have to go and invent a new elf name. 

But I just realized. These are not non-tolkien names. In fact, they’re hobbit names. Otto, Hugo, Rosa, Laila, Daisy, Carl….these are all canonic-hobbit names. 

Now, we do know anyone who meets hobbits ends up rather fond of their culture. It would not be surprising, especially after their heroism in the 3rd age, for elves to name their children in the hobbit fashion. Similar to how humans can have names traditionally from other cultures.

So, an elf named “Carl” or any real-world sounding name like that, would not only be possible but likely. 


And so it began ...

Ilúvatar: *thinks*
Ainur: *are created*
Ilúvatar: .. oh. Neat. Do a music.
Ainur: *makes music*
Ilúvatar: Awesome - hey, what’s that one doing.
Ilúvatar: He’s ruining the mus—
Ilúvatar: Okay, just because you have more power than everyone else does not mean you get to be a dick.
Melkor: 2 metal 4 u
Ilúvatar: I did not create you for this.
Melkor: Suck it, dork.
Ilúvatar: Stop it.
Melkor: Sorry. (Not actually sorry)

anonymous asked:

hey ledi, do you have any cool lord of the rings lore facts?? i've always wanted to get into the lore but i've never actually been able to, but it all seems super cool and interesting

like 50% of my body weight is lotr lore, heres some cool facts:

- dwarves were never really meant to exist. the guy responsible of creating mountains, rocks and gems wanted something that would love his creations so he made bunch of short people obsessed with rocks. when the eru (p much the god) found out, he at first ordered this guy to kill them, but allowed them to live after realizing that dwarves were sentient beings

- sauron is in fact not the ultimate evil dark lord. morgoth is. morgoth just got physically booted out of the existence to think what he has done after he captured massive amount of the world and enslaved and corrupted massive amounts of people (like entire middle earth and then some). sauron just took over and started playing with what little was left behind because he was morgoth’s second in command (considering his failure rate, he was probably in that position for being good at sucking dick)

- once sauron sort of “died” when he was laughing so hard evil laughter at his evil plan that he somehow failed to notice that the entire island he was on was sinking into sea

- gandalf, sauron and balrogs are all members of same species

- sauron has been around before the creation of the world and he has not made a single evil plan on his own that did not end up backfiring horribly

- smaug is in fact quite small and sad for a dragon

- theres pretty much no information on where the hell hobbits actually came from because others didnt really pay attention to them and hobbits didnt really care about preserving their history until very recently. they might be odd subspecies of humans but imo thats horseshit

- notable amount of wars and inane massacares in history is pissed off elves fighting each other and occasionally other things too

- sauron used to be good. he was working as blacksmith apprentice for the guy who made dwarves

- first dragon was pretty much a oversized wingless lizard that constabtly kept burping up toxic gasses. wings were added in later models because if i remember correctly, this one guy kinda just walked under it and stabbed it in belly

Sakura knew that she was a bit, well, special, what with being trained to fight by dwarves from an early age even though she was anything but a dwarf, and that people looked at her oddly whenever she picked up the hefty iron axe with incredible ease. “Witch!” Most of the passerby’s would cry. The smart ones would run away before they had the chance to invoke Sakura’s fury… or worse, made her want to cry. 

But the moment she found her misfit band of travel companions, who liked to go by ‘The Seven’, (though she had no clue as to why, seeing as how there were only 3 of them at the time…), Sakura felt as if she truly belonged somewhere. 

Of Hobbits, Afterlives, and How to Make Your Interspecies OTP Less Sad

So I’ve been seeing the Tolkien fandom despairing over the whole separate-afterlives thing a lot lately (WHY, Tolkien, why?), and since I have a personal, fairly well developed, fix-everything headcanon concerning this issue, I thought I would share it. Take or leave what parts are useful to you!

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Creation of Dwarves

Aulë: ok, Eru is taking forever. *makes dwarves*
Aulë: awe yis. Gonna teach them all the thing.
Ilúvatar: the fuck is this.
Aulë: um I did a thing -
Ilúvatar: what I say. Elves walk earth first omg
Aulë: sry. I fix this. :’(
Ilúvatar: nope. I’ll keep ‘em. Just … put them to sleep and hide them in a mountain or something.
Aulë: omg for reals???
Ilúvatar: yeah. FYI, the elves and dwarves are gonna have lots of probs. That’s ur punishment.
Aulë: aweeee yiiiiissss.

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Thingol & Men

Thingol: I don’t like these men.
Finrod: Come on, dude, they’re pretty cool!
Thingol: Nope, I’ve had bad dreams about them. They’re awful. Trust me.
Finrod: How could you dream about them if they just got here. That’s silly.
Thingol: Look, man, you’re my bro and stuff, but don’t let those gross things in my kingdom, alright? I don’t like them, even if they serve you.
Melian: … … … …
Finrod: … ugh, whatever man.

Afterwards …
Galadriel: Thingol doesn’t like humans does he.
Melian: No. But one day, I foresee a man will enter the Girdle of Melian. I can’t and won’t stop him.
Galadriel: Sent by doom, huh?
Melian: … sent by doom.

In all the days of the Third Age, after the fall of Gil-galad, Master Elrond abode in Imladris, and he gathered there many Elves, and other folk of wisdom and power from among all the kindreds of Middle-earth, and he preserved through many lives of Men the memory of all that had been fair; and the house of Elrond was a refuge for the weary and the oppressed, and a treasury of good counsel and wise lore.

why is there not a lotrstuck au of somekind?

like all the references with dave are a nice base of setup. the name strider: aragorn went by that name too, the broken sword shtick and it being reforged by typheus: narsil that was broken in the battle against sauron and then it was reforged by the elves for aragorn, dave saying constantly he’s not a hero even tho he does some damn heroic shit: aragorn always trying to be in the shadows and out of the spot of main attention but he grows into a great leader….
there may be other similarities but I can’t think of any right now

and I can also see somehow giving the role of a mix of aragorn and faramir for dave
like Bro could be denethor, the shitty parental figure, dirk could be boromir, the badass older brother who daddy prefers and then the youngest kid as dave who gets treated like shit
after years of abuse ‘n’ stuff dave gets fed up and just straight up leaves casa strider and goes to the high elves in rivendell that I guess could be the trolls in some forest called alternia

and just to make it davekat he would meet karkat there. how? just like how aragorn and arwen first met only in their own version. so instead of singing some lame romantic song about a human meeting an elf lady while wandering through the forest dave raps some sick fires and while he’s at it he sees some fine looking troll reading a trashy romance novel in the middle of the forest

but not to make karkat sit home like a doofus like fucking arwen did we’re just gonna blend a bit of legolas into the mix in a way how aragorn and legolas were best buds so are karkat and dave, making it a romance that ascends quadrants with these two. and karkat can get in on all the fighting action

idk how races would work, like all elves are trolls and we wipe out the hobbits and just make all the humans in human form even if they’d get a hobbit or any other race’s role

for other characters:
-caliborn/lord english obviously takes the role of sauron
-the condence can be saruman
-so I guess that makes the orcs and other monsters the imps and all the other in game enemies
-john can be frodo, he has a hobbit enough personality and he stashed that fucking ring in canon anyway for a while, at least he can make frodo not so useless
-rose (or roxy) is gandalf
-if we wanna involve even more wizards than roxy can be radagast only cooler
-either calliope, jade or kanaya would be galadriel, the point is it gotta be a space player
-dirk is boromir as I mentioned and if he dies than instead of the iconic arrows in the body death we get our dirkapitation
-as before bro is denethor and wether its burning to death or a sword in the chest he deserves to die
-umm hussie is iluvatar, the god of the lotr lore

fuck if I know who or what the other characters would be, flippin aranea could be gollam all I care, there are just too many

Of Maeglin

Maeglin: *turns twelve*
Eöl: Maeglin.
Maeglin: ?????
Aredhel: Who the heck is Maeglin –
Eöl: That is your name, son.
Maeglin: … okay.
Eöl: Want to come see the Dwarves and learn how to do cool stuff like your dad.
Maeglin: … not really.
Aredhel: You should go, he might actually kill you if you don’t.
Maeglin: *siiiiigh* okay fine.
Eöl: *takes Maeglin on adventures to Ered Lindon to visit Dwarves*
Maeglin: *learns all kinds of stuff*
Eöl: *takes him back home, then goes on an adventure without the fam*
Aredhel: Alright, little babyboo. Let me tell you of the Eldar and everything my family has been through and why this place sucks ass.
Maeglin: *cuddles up with mama for the invigorating tales*

Aulë, Yavanna & Trees - oh my
Manwë: what’s up yavann —
Yavanna: why does Aulë get living things. i want living things, make my trees alive.
Manwë: … yavanna, they’re just trees.
Manwë: omg. gimme a sec. *consults eru*
Manwë: ok. Eru says we can have some living trees.
Yavanna: WOO! My trees gonna BE ALIVE and HOUSE THE GR8 EAGLES —
Manwë: no.
Yavanna: But you said -
Manwë: your trees gonna be shepherds
Yavanna: oh.

Yavanna: suck it dork, my trees are gonna live.
Aulë: … ok but. dwarves still need wood. *blacksmithing*