You know what I love most about the LOTR movies? They  way they grow with you, change as you watch them and still stay relevant.

- When I first saw them in the cinaema/on VHS at the age of 12 (and subesequently read the books), they gave me a world to lose myself in, a world far away from bullying and grades and expectations. A world where I could believe that good deeds still meant something, that not all is sad and grey. It gave me the inspiration to write and create, expand a world I had only glimpsed with my own thoughts.It gave me a way to survive.

- When I was 16 they showed me that it is okay to doubt, to be weak at times and that you don’t have to be a big person to change the world around you. They showed me that even as a woman you can do your own thing, go your own path, make your own decisions. “I am no man.” And that is okay to doubt.

- When I was 20 they made me realise that although many things change in life, some things stay the same no matter where you are, how old you are. No matter how much of a deficient human I felt I was, they were the one thing still able to make me feel something. It was also the time I realised that Sam was the real hero of a story and the comfort I took from someone so ‘ordinary’ ending up being so imporant was so comforting.

- Now I am 25 and I watch them and I think about Theoden, about his bravery to fight even when it seems like all is lost, about his sadness and the enormous sacrifice he made when all he wanted to do was to do good by his people. I hear ‘no parent should bury their child’ and think of my sister; I llisten to ‘where is the horse and rider’ and it resonates with me as it could not have done ten years ago because back then I did not know how fleeting life truly is.

- And I know I will still be watching these movies and read the books a decade or two from now and every time it will be like coming home and I will find new things about them to love, to identify with, to take me away from where I am. It means more than words could say. 

i cant help but see the similarities between thranduil and Les Grossman in tropic thunder. Tom cruise’s character.

“look fuckstick, I’m incredibly busy, so why don’t you get the hell outta here before i snap your dick off and jam it into your ass.”

like this is thranduil and no one can tell me otherwise

007 Fest trope week: Outsider POV

Sunday: Twenty-four hours to live OR outsider POV

This is very silly but why not :)

Pairing: 00Q


Alec Trevelyan is a sensible man, no matter what the hacks from Psych say every three months in his file. 

And as a sensible man, Alec can see that Jamesy quite clearly needs help.

James has been pining for their (admittedly very delicious-looking) Quartermaster for about five months now, which is how Alec knows things are serious. Instead of donning on his best suit and asking the boffin out for dinner and a tumble afterwards, James keeps pining and resorting to stealthily deterring others who look like they could potentially have their own eye on Q.

This means Feelings are involved. Which in turn means that if left to his own devices, James will continue to pine like a marten and miss out on what is sure to be a very good thing.

(Alec is a sensible man and he’s not presumptuous, so he spends a while observing Q. The observations satisfactorily suggest that Q is very much interested in dear old Jamesy long-term as well, though his poker face needs to be complimented.)

Alec’s plan is simple but will certainly prove effective - James tends to act only when it’s about to be too late, so Alec decides to provide James with just what he needs.

On a Friday, when he knows Q will be in R&D and James will be just sneaking in to lurk around, banter and pine some more, Alec gets dressed in one of his more dashing suits and strolls into the R&D. Friday also carries the convenient benefit of being followed by Saturday, which is Q’s day off - just in case Q and James decide for a sleepover.

Alec really does think about everything, and resents the Psych’s worried opinions that he’s too Machiavellian.

He strides up confidently to where Q is perched, working on Smart-something or other, and puts on his best flirtatious smile.

“Quartermaster,” he purrs.

Q’s latex-gloved hands stop and he very slowly turns to look at him, a sharp eyebrow raised at the tone of Alec’s voice.

“006,” he says, perfectly cool and composed, only just hinting at wariness. “What can I do for you?”

“Oh, plenty… if you’re really offering,” Alec grins, and winks for good measure because he can see James approaching them, alarmed.

Q blinks. He probably thinks Alec is having some sort of a small meltdown - oh, the things Alec will do for the happiness of an old friend and also a new friend, because he very much likes the Quartermaster and would hope to be considered a friend, eventually.

James is entertainingly close to looking like one of those cartoon characters with a storm cloud hovering over their head.

Then, Q’s lips twitch in the faintest smirk, and Alec truly gets going.

He flirts quite shamelessly with Q for a while longer, Q responding in a much more reserved fashion but with a touch of a spark, and damn it, Alec is close to regretting he’s doing all of it for James’ sake.

By the time Alec leaves, James looks thunderous. It doesn’t take long for James to corner him in his office where Alec very obligingly sat and waited, pretending to do paperwork,

“What do you think you’re doing?” James’ voice is harsh and his eyes are two Arctic flints.

“I think I’m filling out my equipment list, but to be honest I can’t be arsed to be sure…”

“I’m talking about Q,” James’ eyes narrow even further, mouth set in an almost childish scowl.

“Oh, that. Well, you see, Jamesy, I-”

“I thought we were friends,” James says, angling to provoke, because he knows Alec values loyalty. Alec refuses to rise to the bait.

“We are. That’s why I’m doing this.”

James frowns.


“James, myshka, you’re a dear friend of mine, but you’re a right bloody idiot. I know you like him. Now go and ask the boffin out, because I actually really liked flirting with him, and I warn you I will keep doing it if you don’t stop being tragic. You can thank me later.”

James glowers and stalks off.

Still, Q surprisingly seems to leave the office on time, for once.

The next morning, Alec rings James at 6am just to be obnoxious. James answers in a groggy voice, and promptly tells Alec to go to hell. In the background, there’s a sound of bed sheets rustling and Q cursing very colourfully before James rings off.

Alec grins and considers the mission accomplished.