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Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock by Mark Seton
Via Flickr:
We headed off from our base near Peebles to go and visit Edinburgh for the weekend and meet up with family. We stopped on the way at Tantallon Castle which has a great view of Bass Rock out in the Firth of Forth - a home for Gannets that was featured in the Guardian just the other day - www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/18/country-diary…


You don’t get round to opening it until Monday night. Held by the concierge, who gives you a look as she airlifts it on planate fingers, you’re sure it’s a mistake. Away cardboard stamped by every customs agency under the sun, three layers of plastic bags, mouldy string, and you’re sure it’s a joke. You’d think Michaelson, but Michaelson would’ve cut out the middle-surly-gatekeeper and just broken in. That’s why no-one likes Michaelson.

Then again there’s the absence of a note. Forrester in NSY likes to type up precise, suggestive commissioning notes, as if he’d rather solve superannuated cold cases than murders. The anonymous officer from the Lothian & Borders force tops their Is with circles and calls you ‘Holmes’. You prefer Dupin, but you appreciate the business.

The file smells of procedure and plastic, something disremembered. A new, shiny catalogue label that doesn’t look remotely official. New paperclips. A joke. Michaelson. Some teenager who found your website. But then, but then the inside takes you by surprise.

280 pieces of paper, 1 bottle of ink, ¼ typewriter ribbon, 30 teabags, 1 oven, 5 vintage photos. 28 days, 10 unique iterations, 1 unsolvable mystery.

(Tl;dr - I did a handmade horror/mystery story.)

okay, so this is a masterlist of locations. it contains the united states, part of the united kingdom, france, canada, and more! i wanted to provide as many options as possible since the world is such a big place and we don’t all live in the same country. this can be used for characters in a roleplay or simply the setting of a story. hope this is helpful! like/reblog if you use.

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