첫방 앞두고 전통대로 출연자, 스태프 모두함께 모여 본방사수중. 가장 먼저 도착한 영어능력자 막내 3인방부터 투척. #도시의법칙 #fb (x)

PD Lee Jiwon: With the first broadcast coming up, as tradition merits, the cast and crew all gathered together to watch it. The first to arrive were three of the youngest, skilled at English. #LotC #fb

RE: Go back, Throwback

Wow, thanks for all of the likes and comments on my old photo! And for the nice comments after i went to sleep. Those are always nice to see! Some replies below.


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“Go back, Throwback, Holler-back boy”

So you’ve always been charming. Good to know.

theshoulderoforion replied to your photo “Go back, Throwback, Holler-back boy”

You so sexy boy.

rumorcontrol replied to your photo “Go back, Throwback, Holler-back boy”

OMG you make me want to learn photoshop just to frost those tips. This is brill.

wretchedsilence​: You always know just what to say to make me smile!

theshoulderoforion: You always know what will make me blush!

rumorcontrol: And you, apparently knew what to say to make milk snort out my nose!

In No Time

I stand on the hill breathless, the gust of a chinook winds sweeps through the valley below and rushes up and past me, hair whipping at my face, air alive and frenzied, exhaling freedom, smelling of joy. The green but dying leaves of the trees chafe noisily behind me.

And time, time washes by me at light speed taking the moment of joyous freedom with it. It is now just a memory I realize, though only an instant past. And this realization is now too but a memory, along with that freeing joy from two instants before. Time takes it all, sweeps up everything we are and do, as it roils past us without even ruffling our hair, (though too often of late, it takes a bit of color with it leaving only a grey strand in its place.)

If we exist only in this ever vanishing now, we should have no memories or hopes. But our minds, our naughty, clever minds hide a connection to that axis of singularity that is timelessness; and like looms they thread our awareness through the fabric of time, forward and back, side to side, weaving a tapestry of consciousness which we interpret how else but linearly, stuck as we are in our prison of a paltry three dimensions and a single now.

As I tread down the hill to find my path home, I enjoy the misconception that I am walking through both time and space. When I stopped to ruminate I know I travel only through space. I cannot step back into my past, nor forward into my future, but only always into the next now. With this certainty comes a wobbliness, as if the earth has shifted beneath me. For a déjà vu second, I wonder that I might be dreaming a collective unconscious nightmare of running down a hallway that grows longer and longer before me. But that moment too passes and is claimed.

What wonders, our minds that so entwine us with the is that was, and the was that is not yet. Our connections, loves, passions, breaths – lived in the ever dying, ever resurrected present, are stitched illustriously (or not) into an ethereal cloth existing only in our untouchable mindspace. Should I give time a gift to take as it speeds by? Shall I smile, laugh, sing, kiss, and let time whisk it silently away for embroidering and recording within the shroud of my awareness. Or do I let time pass by empty handed for now, as I savor yet the echoes of the past just one instant more?

Re: Socks...
andydrewmac replied to your photo:Developing a fondness for fun socks, and just…

such socks and what a rug

Hey, I don’t wear a rug! Oh wait, you mean the actual rug (phew!) It is colorful! That rug was a compromise with my husband. I loved the FLOR rug with the grays and blues, went with the gray sofa and chairs so smartly, with punches of color in pillows and accessories. He said the room was so gray it depressed him. So… voila! It sure wakes me up in the morning when I come down to make coffee, that’s for sure!