“I have everything I’ve ever wanted right now. And I’ve never had that in my life. A lot of ways it’s scarier than having nothing because it’s easier to fail than succeed. And I really wanna succeed.”

I loved this speech by Barry, and the conversation in general because Barry’s right, he hasn’t had a whole lot of success famiy and relationship wise. It reminds me of what he said on the porch on 2x23:

“If I’m ever gonna be worth anything to you, I need to fix what’s wrong with me.”

Barry wants this relationship so desperately to work because he’s never had anything like it, a profound love. it goes back to how he respects Iris enough to make their relationship work, and he wants to love Iris the way she deserves to be loved. 

I’m glad that this conversation took place, and now they are going to move even further as a couple who’s comfortable with each other.

DONE WITH MY DYING | a The Last of Us cullrian AU | [ final chapter ]

[please read all warnings in the ao3 notes! sorry for the delay, all 17 chapters are now posted]

The world ended seven years ago, society destroyed by the Cordyceps infection. Dorian survived. It’s summer, and he’s alone in the empty grasslands of southern Alberta, walking. Towards what, he couldn’t say.

Cornfields. The side of the road is lined with cornfields, contained behind miles of high fences.

“Look at that,” Cullen murmurs from the passenger seat. He’s kept the red bandana, sports it neatly tied about the neck in an effort at Old Hollywood cowboy cool. At least, that’s what Dorian accused him of when he put it on, right before he kissed him and admitted he liked it. A poor stand-in for the lost Stetson, but it suits.

Alright so I have lots of thoughts right now about Lucina and want to show the Freyja AU is still an active concept so imma talk for a little bit

(the freyja au is an au where lucina travels with the awakening trio to nohr and becomes elise’s retainer)

So, we know that her place in the world is something Lucina struggles with in Awakening. She came to the Awakening timeline under a false name and identity, an intruder to the world. For an important, purpose, yes, but still an intruder. Her “parents” already have a Lucina in their time. Lucina’s true parents and true world are dead and no matter what can never be saved. 

Once Grima is defeated, that purpose for being there is gone. Admittedly all the Awakening 2nd gen units have to struggle with this reality, but Lucina seems to take it particularly hard. She brings it up in both her supports with her parents, as well as her Hot Spring Scramble dialogue with Robin. She doesn’t feel she has a place in the saved world. And her own world is dead, not salvageable and not able to be returned to. In the context of her solo Awakening ending, unlike all the other 2nd gen units, she simply disappears. 

Now, in the context of the Freyja AU, this struggle would only be exacerbated. Once again, Lucina is traveling to another world that is not hers and is taking up a false name and identity. If she felt a sense of dislocation before it’s even more apparent now. 

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for her. After all, she has a role in this world that doesn’t interfere with any royal dynasties’ right of succession or anything like that. If her one purpose for going on, defeating Grima, is gone, maybe serving Elise can take its place. After all, Elise perfectly embodies the childhood innocence that she wished she’d never lost. 

Lucina would be tempted to stay in Nohr, I think. There are enough Lucinas in the other world. Here she could possibly just be Freyja. And I honestly feel like in most cases, unlike the rest of the Awakening trio, she’d ultimately decide to stay in Nohr rather than return to Ylisse. It would fit her solo ending in Awakening very well. 

Whenever I get around to actually making this Freyja AU a reality, this would certainly be explored a bit in a few supports, and I see in particular an S Support between her with Selena or Laslow and one between her and Xander to provide particularly stark contrasts in the path her character could take. 

If she married Selena or Laslow, she would ultimately come to see, no, she won’t run away from her past and her true identity as Lucina. Her partner would be calling her “Lucina” in their S Support, and she’d have fallen in love with someone who inextricably ties her to that old self. She’d be satisfied with this, I think, because the lack of purpose and sense of dislocation she felt via that identity would be remedied and embraced with the help, love and support of her partner. They would ground her in being Lucina. 

However, if she married Xander– well, that’s a completely different story. By marrying him, Freyja would become the Queen of Nohr. She’d get to then not be a burdensome presence but someone with an integral role, fulfilling her shattered destiny of ascending to the throne, even if in a different way than was initially envisioned. There’s the purpose she’s looking for. Ruling and helping to rebuild Nohr alongside the man she loves. In this moment, “Lucina” would cease to exist–well, the extraneous Lucina, at least. “Freyja” would no longer become a false name but her new, true identity. She’d embrace it in its totality. 

Of course, none of this is to say Freyja would be doom and gloom all the time–I actually think she’d be quite a bit happier now that such a huge burden was lifted from her shoulders–but just some thoughts, hehe. What do you all think? 

chrysanthemum-blood  asked:

your art is so pretty??? Words cant express how much I love your art and how its a gift to danganronpa fans??? and I learned what soursop is thanks to you Youre just pure gold

aaaaa thank you so much, thank you very very much!!! I hope you have the most incredible day!! take care!!

the best thing about being in a healthy relationship is that I have time to discover myself because I’m not constantly worrying about my significant other and I have room to keep creating myself because I’m not using someone else to fill me up when I feel empty

weisja1  asked:

Do you have like a layer in the ghost zone? Anyplace that you can hang and make sure that nobody gets into trouble?

Guess I’m still good hahaha

And it’s true that any ghost who spends any time here knows that Amity Park is not actually my lair, it’s just easier to explain it that way to the more feral ghosts.

They really don’t want to mess with me.

(∩╹□╹∩) Almost time to celebrate 10 k!

BruH.Σ(∩˃͈ ╻ ˂͈ ∩)‼︎

SooOo i wanted to make this a surprise but i’m slowly reachin’ 10 000 kyote followers.

 I sincerely want to thanks all of u for dis. 

When i started S&P last year, i remember we were less than 300 .That means in less than a year..we passed from supeh cool (bc hey. ouhly shiet 300 it’s a lot for a trashy artist like meh !) to WAHT DAH FUCK. WHERE DO U ALL COME FROM? 10 000? is that like  9 700 pr0n blog and 300 real wahn?


I want  to thank all of u properly but HGN..I HAVE NO IDEA waht i should do . ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

And here u can help meh! 

(yes yes even u ! the person who neveh say anythin’ and just occasionally like/rebog mah art //wink wonk//) ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Waht would u like to see? (•̀ᴗ•́)൬༉

  1. maybe a a special livestream ?
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  3. maybe a give away?
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  6. Btw,many ppl ask me stuff about paint tool sai,mah art style. Maybe a “””tutorial”””?
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Anyway,just propose meh anythin’ . (…Except  a face reveal or stuff about meh or mah infinite  bag of gifs.  )

(っ⌓o ) ?

No one will read this probably but I just want to thank the fandom (or the part of the fandom that I see) for being so positive and encouraging. So many Babyz have written completely educated and reasonable posts about Yongguk’s break, and honestly it’s really really encouraging and helpful. I don’t know about anyone else but personally I get overwhelmed really easily and if I hadn’t seen the things that everyone’s been posting I probably would have had felt a lot worse than I did about everything, which I know is not something that Yongguk or BAP would have wanted to happen.

Like I don’t really know how to say this, just thank you so so much. It’s so much easier to stay optimistic when the people around you are and when you have perfectly valid reasons to be, and what I’ve seen in everyone’s posts is that we DO have valid reasons to be optimistic, which is really important. As a result I feel like I can focus on supporting and loving BAP and Yongguk with more of a peaceful mind rather than wasting my time feeling upset and scared. Umm yes so I’ll probably delete this but that’s just what I wanted to say, thank you so much I love you.