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I just finished LOT season 1 and rewatched season 1 of the flash and something really bothered me - Mick Rory. In the flash we see him as someone who is able to lear how his gun works and able to work out the plans etc. Len is the mastermind ofc but Mic wasn't just the muscles. And we had Mick Rory at the begining of LOT aka IQ of meat. The difference really bothered me and only after the chronos deal we see him back to "inntelect levels" like in the Flash. Do you have thoughts on that?

I actually don’t think Mick’s IQ appears to dip at the start of Legends, to be honest. Second episode, with Len and Ray breaking into Savage’s house, he’s there berating Ray alongside Len and also completing Len’s sentences, going to fix the situation before Savage gets a hold of him. He’s shown right off the bat to be competent and underestimated. 

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Which is what it is, in my opinion. He’s constantly underestimated by the team, and with them constantly calling him and idiot or acting like he’s the slow one, the audience starts to believe it, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He might not be a scientific genius like some of the team, but he’s probably the most competent in terms of base skills and also easily the most practical. He has multiple types of intelligence that are underrepresented on the team because of how different he is than most of them, but it’s seldom appreciated or pointed out in canon.

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Another pre-Kronos example? How he knows what Druce is up to and warns Rip that Druce is going to kill him. Interpersonal intelligence, down to earth, great at reading a situation. Actually, he has some of the highest interpersonal understanding on the team. He always reads a situation and sums it up perfectly, often the first to recognize what’s going on, if he’s being insulted, if someone else is being threatened or insulted, how to get under people’s skin, etc. He doesn’t always do what you’d expected him to with the knowledge, but he sees it and understands him. I’d say he and Sara are pretty equal in this regard.

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More examples of him being smart though? He always knows what Len is talking about and easily goes along with plans intuitively without much explanation. Reads between the lines immediately when Len wants to make an extra pit stop with the jump ship in episode 3. Follows orders to the t and keeps things moving on all of their early missions up to and including in Russia. Knows what to do with the pirates when they’re locked up in that cell and how to make a deal and sort out of the situation. He’s the only one who even thinks of making a deal with the pirates and knows how to do it.

And when he’s called out for not being “thick” by Rip early on? He immediately pretends to be dumb again. Yes, pretends. Because I’ve argued before that him being the ‘muscle’ to Len’s ‘brain’ is mostly just an act they fall in to, especially around others, and it works. They managed to stay one step ahead of most people around them at all times.

It’s also worth saying… the way Mick sees the world? Is a bit different than most people, I think. He sees it in very practical terms of what can be used and how, regardless of that was it’s intended function, or regardless of whether that was someone’s intended skill set. Think of the recent scenes with Martin where he asks Martin to fix his brain. Martin complains that he’s not that kind of doctor but Mick doesn’t care. I mean, he says “same thing” basically, but he understands that Martin isn’t a neuroscientists logically, he gets that Martin is a physicist. He just doesn’t care because it’s not relevant. 

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What is relevant is that Martin is smart enough and knows enough about what’s happening to him to help him with it, neurologically. So at that point in time, the distinction between PhD and MD doesn’t matter and he expresses that. Some people interpret that as him being less than intelligent, but I’d say it’s more accurate to read that as him just keeping different categories in his head than most of us are used to.

Finally, I don’t think we need to value a person based on their IQ or intellect, and I don’t think that a high IQ would ever be the best thing another person could have to offer a team already comprised of so many geniuses. But I also don’t think it’s necessarily accurate to say that Mick’s changed? He’s always been super competent, that’s always been underestimated by the team (and most people really), and he’s always been much sneakier than he’s given credit for :)

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Haven’t seen this on my dash, so here’s Nasa’s Eclipse stream !

There’s lots of commentary right now.

“I’ve got a new business…”

David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the “I’ve got a new business…” game on the set of Nan’s Christmas Carol.

Sansa Stark Will Be A Queen One Day

Sansa Stark is being groomed to be a Queen.

I can feel it in my bones that she will be before it’s all said and done…..Queen of what still remains to be seen.

Sansa started this tale wanting to be a princess and the queen of westeros at the side of her one true love and knight Joffrey. Her fairytales were shattered early on. From there she was a pawn to other Queens/wanna be queens. Never having power or the ability to take the throne herself. Until now….

On the show we have had 3 women who have been named Queen and coveted the power of a queen:

1. Ceresi- Queen, then Queen mother who manipulated Sansa every chance she got. Now she’s the Queen of Westeros

2. Margery- Queen, befriended Sansa but also manipulated her during her scheming to become Joffrey’s consort and the queen. Started off as consort to Renly in an effort to become queen, married Tommen to eventually ascend to the throne she craved. Killed by queen Ceresi, her rival.

3. Dany- “rightful” wanna be Queen of the seven kingdoms and Khaleesi of the great grass sea. Believes it is her birthright to rule the seven kingdoms as Queen. Currently Ceresi’s rival for the throne

Sansa has a connection to all three of these women and has actually spent time being “mentored” by 2/3. To Ceresi, Sansa was nothing more than a pawn, a stupid little bird. To Margery, Sansa was a valuable pawn and asset on her quest for power. Both women didn’t see any true value in Sansa as an individual person and both women never saw her as a threat to them. Dany is currently in negotiations with Jon, the king of the north who she has branded a traitor. Sansa is the true-born heir to Winterfel and is currently ruling the land that Dany wants to submit to her. Even if Dany doesn’t know Sansa and doesn’t see Sansa as a threat, Sansa plays a potential role in the future that Dany wants as queen.

Ceresi fixated on Margery as her rival while for the crown and the power she craved and almost destroyed herself in her game to destroy Margery. Even tho Sansa was beautiful and to be married to Joffrey, thus replacing Ceresi as queen she never saw Saw Sansa as a threat, or as a possibility for the prophecy.

Margery, once seen as a threat and poised to put a major dent in Ceresi’s power and influence ended up being nothing more than another casualty of the game, another person who craved power but was unable to outmaneuver the true power players to get it. We were lead to believe that Margery could play the game well and could stay a good contender as time went on but eventually it became clear that Margery was never going to be able to survive this game. She was in over her head

Now Ceresi has fixated on Dany, just as Dany finally fixates on her. They both see each other as the ultimate threat to their goal of securing unmatched power. They want to destroy each other for the crown. As usual Sansa Stark isn’t on their radar in any significant way.

The one thing all three of these women have in common is an insatiable hunger for power. They would do anything to be queen. Sacrifice anything. At some point all three women have put their personal agendas to the forefront at the expense of the people around then. Out of the three Margery was the only on who wasn’t capable of extremes to secure her position, which is why she’s currently dead. Ceresi and Dany have killed and burned for their power and now they are in a collision course with each other, all the while they are actually neglecting their duties as Queen. Ceresi is more concerned with destroying her enemies than ruling and Dany is more concerned about getting the iron throne than the well being of the people she wants to rule.

From the very beginning Sansa has been painted as the exact opposite of all these women. Sansa is passive where they have been aggressive. While in KL Margery and Ceresi used their sexuality as weapons while Sansa’s sexuality barely registered to her. Dany has also used and seen the advantages of her sexuality for her goals. Dany,Ceresi, and Margery have been convinced of their ability to rule at some point and have been confident in their strength, whereas for a while Sansa saw herself as a stupid girl destined to be at the mercy of other people. All of the Queens and Wannabe Queens of westeros have been players while Sansa has spent most of her time as a pawn.

To Sansa’s credit tho she’s been being schooled in the art of the game since season 1 and she’s been able to put what she’s learned and her natural intelligence into work on occasion. She started with using her intelligence to play the role of remorseful daughter of the traitor long enough to keep herself alive. She found ways to manipulate Joffrey by appealing to his narcissism, sadism, and insecurity. She learned to play her role with Littlefinger while she was with him at the Vale, skillfully playing up her perfect lady but stupid girl personality. Sansa has learned a lot of the things that made Margery and Ceresi players in KL but Sansa has lacked two things that have kept her in the pawn position despite her growth: autonomy and Power. It’s no coincidence that now, as the Stakes are as high as they have ever been Sansa has gotten both of the things she lacked and will be potentially in a position to put it all into action in several vital ways.

It’s also no coincidence that Sansa has used her power and autonomy in the opposite way that Dany and Ceresi has used theirs. Dany and Ceresi spent the last episode on their personal agendas. Sansa however spent the episode working on a plan to feed her kingdom for the winter and tending to the preparations for the solidiers who will fight for the north. Sansa hasn’t made plays to get more power for herself, in fact, much to her haters dismay, Sansa has show an aversion to power. She wanted Jon to be Lord of Winterfel and sees him as a rightful king, she told Bran that he was the rightful heir of winterfel when he returned. Sansa is currently positioned as the only woman who doesn’t want to be Queen and isn’t Queen, but she’s the only one who is actually behaving like the Queen the realm needs. That Contrast with Dany and Cersesi isn’t a coincidence, just like her contrast with Ceresi and Margery while in KL wasn’t a coincidence.

While Ceresi and Dany are immersed in a war, Sansa is being groomed for leadership, major leadership and she’s slowly amassing respect and trust from the people who follow her and Jon in the North. When you combine her grooming as a leader, with her grooming as a political player you get a narrative that suggests that Sansa will eventually ascend to a Queen position. The only way Sansa’s story isn’t a waste of time is if she eventually becomes the power player and ruler that no one expected her to be. If she become the Queen she imagined being but grew to reject.

Even now, Littlefinger is still trying to mentor her in the game, even tho a smarter and more skilled Sansa doesn’t work in his favor in the long run. There is a purpose for that, just like there is a reason Sansa learned from the last two Queens of Westeros. Sansa has been groomed from the beginning and is still being groomed at this stage in the game and she’s quietly being positioned as a potentially important part of what will happen after the Night King is defeated. Westeros and/or the North will need a queen if they survive the war, and Sansa is being positioned at the head of the largest territory in westeros and as the heir of one of the oldest and most powerful houses, all this while also accumulating more political expertise than any of the current female players except for Ceresi.

All of the other great houses have been casualties of the game, the Martells, the Tyrells, the Baratheons. Gone. The last known members of Targaryens and the Lannisters are scrambling to secure power for themselves. House Stark was at one point considered the biggest casualty of the game with It’s patriarch, matriarch, heir, and younger male Lords all thought to be dead. However as the game draws to an end, House Stark has emerged as the only house with a real future, with Jon leading the North with Sansa at his side, Arya reemerging and returning home, and Bran finally back from behind the wall and revealed to be alive. Just like House Stark has been glossed over but has emerged as a power player with a powerful future if the realm survives so has Sansa.

The Stark girl who was never seen as more than a silly pawn and a non threat to the crown has been positioned as a real player and real threat to the crown, as well as a more worthy and benevolent queen than either one of the current options. the woman that Ceresi had under her nose the whole time will be the Queen that takes her crown from her, not Dany. The silly girl who was thought to me a non factor will end up being a major factor while all the rest of the Queens is Westeros fade away.

think Sansa Stark will be the Queen that Westeros and/or the will need after the Great War, the true queen will be the one who actually doesn’t want to be Queen, much like Jon is being groomed as the King that the realm needs, even tho he doesn’t want to be. They probably have a shared future on the throne but that’s a meta for a different day 😉

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I've been thinking about this for a while Mick seems to have easier and stronger friendships with women on LoT. Sara, Leonard & Mick all found kinship in s1A together. In s2 Amaya pushed past Mick 'dumb muscle/wild animal' masks & they are good friends. He talks sincerely & openly with her or openly hugs her. Zari trusted Mick with info on Helen. Ray loves him & wants closer relationship always. Nate & Jax are friendly. Martin & Rip are assholes to him. part one

2/2 On the Flash, Lisa was one to calm Mick down when he took things too far with Cisco. I just feel like Mick puts up less resistance with relationships with women then men. He has a thing for strong women. He’s attracted to them, he respects a certain type of women, usually strong-willed, take no BS or criminal type, or has something views as worthy. Ray & Nate try hard to break down his walls and connect and only sometimes get let in. What you think Mick’s relationships with men vs women?

I think he definitely does form easier relationships with women, and I think a lot of what you said hits the nail on the head. If we delve a bit into Mick’s background, that also makes sense. 

To start, with men, we know he has a very tense relationship with his father, who was abusive. If we think about the fact that he went to juvie and was probably around a lot of other authoritarian men, not to mention violent men his own age and older for most of his life after that… I can see why he doesn’t get close to men easily.

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Is Dick even older than Mick is in this scene? Honestly though…

And stemming from that, I think it actually makes sense that he’s let pretty much only Len and Ray, and eventually a bit Nate, close over time. Len because Len was a childhood friend, smaller and younger than him when they met and in need of protection. Though Len grew up into someone formidable and dangerous and cold, he and Mick were always even, and Mick was always capable of taking him (i.e, of kicking his ass) though Len never truly gave him a reason to for most of their lives. There was a unique level of lifelong trust there.

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Pictured above: my heart fucking shattering. Every time.

With Ray, it was more… Ray is not like most of the men that Mick has interacted with in his life. Ray is soft and emotive. He’s confident and capable and certainly doesn’t lack strength, but he’s unshy about having feelings and caring deeply and wanting to hug, wanting to befriend, wanting to be kind. His earnestness in all those ways is part of what allows him and Mick to get along in the way that they do. Where Ray eschews toxic masculinity and embraces healthier masculinity (and indeed, many aspects of femininity) is often where they actually mesh. 

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Pictured above: Mick reconsidering every life choice he’s ever made.

(Eventually, Nate starts to fit into this pattern a bit as well, as we saw in Lot 3x07, though Mick doesn’t let him in emotionally in the same way).

But womenI love the way Mick relates to women. 

And we can do the same time of analysis here. It’s clear he loved his mother. The way he looks at her photo in 3x07 is very telling. He doesn’t regret killing his father, but nothing is said about his mother. And when we saw Mick’s younger self in season 1, he’s very clearly shaken by the fact that he burned down his house with his family inside, so we can surmise he has a lot of regret over her death. He also mentions the music she used to listen to in the Legends pilot, so I gather that he still thinks about her now.

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Mick’s favorite thing: bar fights to the tune of Captain and Tennille.

I imagine she was a bold woman in a lot of ways, and that the emotional strength and fire in her is part of why he appreciates those qualities so much in other woman.

It is kind of hilarious to stack up Mick’s interactions with women too. I’m sure I’ve talked about it before, but all the times he makes a comment about being into a woman, it’s often after she’s done something aggressive or if she’s particularly powerful and confident in herself. 

There’s so many examples. From his “nice” when Lisa busts him and Len out of the prison transport, to seeing Kendra punching Rip in the Legends premiere, to him respecting the daylights out of Sara and loving watching her kick people’s asses in that bar. It even dates all the way back to his interaction with Caitlin in The Flash 1x10, really. The way she rebuffs his whole “the fire reveals what’s inside you” and she’s having none of it? I feel like that intrigued him a bit, the way it made him want to push and see how much mettle she really had.

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He’s secretly nice, Caitlin. Honestly. Somewhere… deep, deep inside.

And then we see it time and again in Legends S2 and S3 as well, from commenting on the president being hot, from going from thinking Supergirl is ridiculous to being her new number one fan after seeing her kick some ass, and onward. Him calling Agent Sharpe of the Time Bureau hot is just… the cherry on top of that pie.

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Number one fan. Or fanboy?

But the friendships he makes with women are different than all that too. There’s an attraction he has to power and grit, to be sure, but his friendship with Amaya goes so far beyond that, and his friendship with Lisa I imagine did as well. 

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Hug number one for Amaya. It was a bold sneak-attack.

With Amaya, he was at odds with her because he saw her as a rule-follower and she saw him as a man without a code. And yeah, he might be a little into her after she knocks out half (all?) the people on the Waverider and threatens to kill him with that knife and stows away on board, but their friendship doesn’t really start until she sees beneath the surface with him. The way it clicks for her, that he’s in pain, that he’s struggling, and that he has so much fire and rage burning inside him, whipped up like an inferno he can’t control right then.

When she tells him that she sees him, gets him, and is there for him, a lot changes. He starts to trust her, and in turn she ends up trusting him. It’s not wholly dissimilar from his friendship with Ray, and how Ray and him got closer once Ray displayed insight into who Mick is and what’s going on beneath the surface, proving that he sees him as a unique individual and not just as a ‘dumb violent criminal’ more or less. 

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Aka another episode where the whole fandom wanted to hug Mick.

And Amaya continues to believe in him and that’s just so important. He considers her a real friend and she’s never betrayed him even though he’s betrayed her (not that that Mick exists anymore, thanks Doomworld) and that’s honestly something special? 

So… I can see why he lets women in easier (he has a much better history with them in general) and in his experience and line of work, I can see why bold, powerful women who take no shit are women he respects and admires and indicates an attraction toward. Mick likes mettle, and he likes people who can hold their own.

I think for a friendship though, for a real one, regardless of gender what it really takes is someone proving that they understand him and his depths (Ray in the Russian prison, Amaya in the old west after seeing his semi-suicidal state of being). It also goes a long when when they’re willing to do things his way sometimes (Ray playing getaway driver, Amaya stealing that booze for him in 1920′s Chicago). 

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Aka the moment Mick fell in love with this smol.

And yes, those friendships definitely look different across gender, Mick is much softer with women, hugging them, less abrupt and angry unless his back is up, but he does express vulnerability with men too sometimes, even if he’s not quite as “touchy-feely” (as I imagine he would put it :)).

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Amaya vs. Ray hug score: 2 and 0. Poor Ray.

He does express his care for men too, in the ways he knows how (”no one’s allowed too kill Ray but me”). But on the whole I’d say his relationships with women take less work and those friendships come more naturally to him.

its a shame that kill la kill is such a hard sell. like, i get it, i 100% get why, but it’s still a shame because it’s one hell of a fun roller coaster ride from start to finish.

to even give KLK the time of day to begin with you have to either be intimately familiar with the names behind the project and/or you have to have an extremely high tolerance for Anime Bullshit

like the show has fantastic characters and it actually has a lot really solid meta commentary about the anime industry as a whole. by the end of it every single character onscreen is completely nude and not only is it not presented in a sexual way, you as the viewer probably won’t even notice

but then you write down the phrase “deconstruction of the use of male gaze and fanservice in the anime industry” and you are forcibly transformed in to the lord high douchenozzle reigning high on top of the pretentious mountains. 

like there is absolutely no way to discuss the merits of kill la kill as a piece of fiction and a commentary on the anime industry without sounding like you are completely and utterly full of shit 

Yeah, I’m addressing the same topic twice, but…

If you submit/edit captions on youtube, please remember that some of us rely on subtitles to understand the video. Your cute little jokes are only funny if you can hear and understand the original audio.

In Jack’s new video, all of Anti’s lines are in zalgo text in the subtitles. (Someone changed it to be this way–the original captions were all in normal text.) Yes, his voice is altered and unnatural-sounding. But zalgo is hard to read, especially as it’s flashing by. I have to stop the video every time a new caption comes up so I can read it.

Captions are for people who need them, not for your commentary and embellishment.

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For someone who loves fire so much, Mick sure does seem to like people who have affinities for ice.


I think Mick knows intrinsically that he fares best when he experiences balance. That he runs not just hot, but too hot. And what he needs is someone with equal intensity but in the opposite direction. People without intensity get bowled over in his wake, he has no time for them. They have to be able to stand up to him and quell him, y’know?

The thing is, Len and Frost are both similar in that regard. Len is incredibly intense and fares best (overall) when he has people to match him, like both Mick (fire) and Barry (lightning) manage to do. Frost (Caitlin) has been matched best with Ronnie (nuclear/fire), so Mick (fire) would likely help accomplish for her something similar to what Ronnie did.

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It’s neat though that what we see in his friendships outside of these temperature metaphors is a bit different? 

I have a separate post about the close friendships that he makes (and how they differ a bit by gender) but if you look at those friendships, there’s some softness to a lot of the people he matches with. They’re more in tune with emotions, with their own inner harmony. And I think that’s something that helps balance him out too, in a different way, something he seeks out intuitively?

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(how many excuses will I find to use this hug gif in a reply? only time will tell!)

Anyway, I think what Mick needs from his friendships (someone to be softer around) is different from what he seeks out from his ‘partnerships’ (equal intensity but in an opposing way). 

Basically what I’m saying is coldwave was just as canon as killerwave and you can pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands. 

Mickey Deserved Better, But...

Here’s the thing, I’m the first one to say Mickey deserved better. But think about what that really entails. What we actually mean when we say he deserved better, is that he deserves to be happy. Ergo: He deserves Ian. Because, Ian made him happy.

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I’ve seen a lot of commentary about how Mickey loved Ian more. Some weird internet pissing contest because, let’s face it, Mickey is love goals isn’t he? He’s a man who went from this scared shitless, self-hating, insecure child and grew into a strong, caring, and passionate man. One you’d kill to have fight for you. He came out of the closet for Ian. 

Let me emphasize that point. In a homophobic upbringing, environment, in front of the man that literally beat the shit out of him for being gay, (before having him raped by a prostitute to “fuck the faggot” out of him); Mickey Milkovich came out as gay, in a dive bar on the Southside, for Ian Gallagher. Whether you love or hate Mickey, that is goddamn significant.

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Now, possible domestic abuse issues aside, cuz, let’s face it folks: we’re cutting both Ian and Mickey a lot of slack when it comes to the fact that there was physical abuse in their relationship. But that’s what makes it so beautifully real. It’s not that the writers are glorifying an unhealthy relationship, or even that the fans are. It’s real. This is EXACTLY what it would look like if two, fucked up, Southside thugs, fell in love against the societal expectations of their socioeconomic status and environment. And to quote Tupac, their love is a rose that grew from the concrete. 

THAT is what is so beautiful about this pairing. Again, I am not advocating or condoning IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), which is actually a problem in the LGBT community; what I am saying is the reason there’s an inordinate amount of people who ship Ian and Mickey is because they were a light at the end of a dark and dismal tunnel. Well, they were until reality literally bitchslapped both of them.

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But I think there’s something pretty damn important we are all forgetting: and that’s the hell Mickey put Ian through in the beginning. I’m not trying to justify the shit Ian pulled after Mickey had his personal epiphany that made him into the man we have all grown to adore. But here’s the thing: Ian was falling for Mickey when shit was still raw and relatively unrequited.

Ian loved Mickey when he was still just a filthy thug. Ian loved Mickey, despite his refusal to kiss him. Ian loved Mickey, despite the serious internalized homophobia. Ian loved Mickey when he knew he shouldn’t, when Mickey made it clear that Ian was nothing more than a warm mouth to him.

Originally posted by mrsmilkovich

So, here’s the thing. Mickey deserved better… but so did Ian. They both deserved better. And what I mean by that, is not that Mickey deserved better than Ian, or Ian deserved better than Mickey. No. They both deserved to be happy. And honestly? They were their happiest together. Whatever bullshit aside, what their relationship represented was a love that managed to bloom from a dark and hopeless place. And if they could find love, couldn’t we all?

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Thanks for reading my rant. <3

how i see bap stans through stan tumblr:

daehyun stans: 

  • love daehyun to the fullest
  • support everything he does
  • love every hair color he has. even the unicorn one
  • they all miss strawberry dae
  • agree that he would be the best father in bap next to himchan

youngjae stans:

  • general consensus that he is not straight
  • squish jae is the best jae
  • nicest legs in kpop
  • excited as fuck for his solo (arent we all)
  • underappreciated vocal
  • know that he a lying ass bitch but love him regardless
  • i dont trust them

himchan stans:

  • he rly is tho
  • would kill 10 men if it meant that ts would give him more lines and screen time
  • would also kill to see himchan in a variety/drama show
  • he thicker than a bowl of oatmeal and stans love it

zelo stans:

  • the purest
  • where tf are the zelo stans hiding
  • they all want to see his stomach tattoo more
  • i know this because i also want to see it more
  • one of them will get their hands on a zelo nude but i’d bet it would never get out bc they’re so low key
  • they rly just want the best for this manbaby

yongguk stans:

  • yongguk: *breathes*: oH my god/??? kings only i fucking cant this precious man he deserves the world
  • am 4:44 broke their hearts
  • yamazaki was the best night/morning of their lives
  • shrek/bang yongpin are cursed topics we dont discuss
  • they are all depressed and love yongguk more than they love anything else
  • someone: you look kinda zoned out whats up
  • a yongguk stan at any given moment: yongGUKGUKGUK

jongup stans:

  • lowkey, but not more lowkey than junhong stans
  • chillest stans in kpop
  • a jongup stan could literally meet jongup and just be like “nice”
  • they know that jongup lowkey got cake
  • they fr got a song about jongup fucking you in a car and honestly…. that was a blessed period for them all
  • appreciate his dancing more than ts does
  • the only stans that dont forget he is in bap

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Do you have that quote from the guy that was like you can’t tell a mans life from clues he has like tattoos or ring marks because to do so is to ignore the unique human variety and personality? I think I saw it on your blog

“Samuel Vimes dreamed about Clues. He had a jaundiced view of Clues. He instinctively distrusted them. They got in the way. And he distrusted the kind of person who’d take one look at another man and say in a lordly voice to his companion, “Ah, my dear sir, I can tell you nothing except that he is a left-handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times,” and then unroll a lot of supercilious commentary about calluses and stance and the state of a man’s boots, when exactly the same comments could apply to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he’d been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit, and had been tattooed once when he was drunk and seventeen* and in fact got seasick on a wet pavement. What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience!”
Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

If you have not read Discworld yet, I HIGHLY reccomend it becuase it’s this kind of slapstic philosophy the whole way through. And Puns.  So Many Puns.

Any Available Surface
The Mountain Goats

any available surface - the mountain goats

i waved at you when you hit the disappearing point
turned in for the night the next day around ten
i caught the sweet scent of your hair on my pillowcase
felt so much in love i felt like myself again
someday the only thing i wanna rely upon
is any available surface that you’ve rested your head on

back in the cave i traced the arc of our awakening
shimmering down in the darkness, like hidden gold
and i said my secret to myself out loud again
we may live to see miracles, if our faith can hold
someday the only thing i want to rely upon
is any available surface that you rested your head on

a lot of people are talking about how shitty the main storyline of fallout 4 is, with the all-but-mandatory Sad Dad shit, and I agree

but I think the single most fucked up thing is how they take a really cool angle and piss it away.

like, your character is from the pre-apocalypse USA, which has been explicitly established as a borderline fascist dystopia run by a shadow government. there’s no engagement with this whatsoever. the male Sole Survivor is a soldier, but never past the opening cutscene even alludes to what he actually did in war, and one can only imagine it was horrifying. the female sole survivor, a lawyer, never alludes to what sort of laws were in place – laws restricting free speech in order to save it, laws involving shipping Chinese-Americans to internment camps.

there’s a brief allusion to a catastrophic vision of capitalism in the opening cutscene. in game, the closest you get is Danse saying elevators are lazy. there’s no real commiseration with Nick about being people out of time, no celebration or regret or longing or anger; there’s no chance to really TALK to Codsworth about what’s changed, what hasn’t, what 200+ years alone actually MEANS to a seemingly sapient robot. at no point does your character get the chance to analyze the Silver Shroud or that weird story about the squirrels and say “holy shit, did I really not realize how fucked up this was?”

it’s an incredible hook with the potential to add a lot of social commentary, and a lot of depth to the main character, and a lot of lore to the history of the Fallout universe

but it’s never explored. it’s an afterthought; the plot point is solely used as a convoluted method of separating you from your shitty baby you never actually get a chance to grow attached to.

goddesstio  asked:

You know what I noticed reading your post one Mick's aphasia and relation to the team? Nearly every word that Mick's stumbled on since s1 was in direct relation to his traumas from s1. most of the words are related to time travel - aberration and the one about entering the mind - or directly related to Leonard, like hallucination and doppelganger. I remember you saying it was word that he wouldn't remember those words after being trained on them - but maybe that's WHY. Being linked to the trauma

That is… a really good point, holy hell.

Aberration, cognitive intrusion, anachronism / doppelganger, hallucination… those are the main words we’ve seen him stumble over. I’m sure there are others but time travel and Leonard (aka, trauma) are the biggest and most obvious common denominators here.

This also explains why he didn’t have these issues before season 1. Like I fully assumed it had to do with trauma and/or brain damage (and maybe the alcoholism) but just… wow. This really drives it home.

Oh, Mick. <3

Samuel Vimes distrusted the kind of person who’d take one look at another man and say in a lordly voice to his companion, “Ah, my dear sir, I can tell you nothing except that he is a left-handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times,” and then unroll a lot of supercilious commentary about calluses and stance and the state of a man’s boots, when exactly the same comments could apply to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he’d been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit, and had been tattooed once when he was drunk and seventeen and in fact got seasick on a wet pavement. What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience!
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay
Riverdale: Ethics & Archetypes

Cultural Signals and Actual Behaviors

@onceuponamirror has a fantastic meta that points out how Betty is held to such high standards as a character because she’s “literally several angelic tropes come to life, particularly in her appearance and demeanor.” And my brain went, Holy shit. That.

I’m fascinated by the intensity of some of the reactions to Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02 and how, for some, this has fundamentally changed their view of Betty as a character.

I’ve said it before, but Betty’s behavior in 2.02 is in keeping with a long track record of similar actions, most memorably breaking into Ms. Grundy’s car to steal her gun and drugging then assaulting Chuck. She’s never been an Ideal Hero who always does the right thing for the right reason. From the start of the series, she’s been a pragmatist who, while generally well intentioned, is willing to do illegal or unethical things and prone to letting personal attachments drive her behavior.

I want to focus on two of Betty’s most problematic actions as examples: Betty drugging and assaulting Chuck in 1.03 and Betty blackmailing Cheryl in 2.02. In both cases Betty is acting to protect others and to right what she perceives to be a systemic injustice. And in both cases Betty’s actions have the primary intended effect of harming someone and forcing them act against their own interests. Both, too, are illegal.

So why such different reactions from the audience?

One simple answer for this difference is that many people like Cheryl and nobody likes Chuck.

(Sorry not sorry, Chuck.)

Or that the girls Chuck hurt were blameless while FP certainty isn’t that, whatever you think of the harsh 20-year sentence.

However, I think the way Betty is presented in these scenes is the key difference to understanding this gap in audience reaction. My take is that viewers react differently to Betty doing unethical actions that cause direct harm when her appearance and demeanor invoke that angelic, good girl archetype that @onceuponamirror identified as an important factor at play. How Betty looks and the cultural signals she’s projecting at the time she takes an action influence the standards that her behavior is held to.

The problem doesn’t seem to be Betty taking harmful, ethically problematic actions. The problem is that she looked like the angelic girl-next-door while she did it.

So let’s talk about Betty when she isn’t appearing so angelic.

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I kinda get annoyed when people parallel Jon’s potential parentage dilemma with Theon’s and use Jon’s quote about not having to chose as a way to say Jon will refuse to chose between his two “identities”. I get the similarities and they do parallel in some ways but they aren’t a perfect parallel to each other. There are key differences between the two:

Theon knew his father, knew his family, knew his homeland, and knew the culture of his land and people. Theon was 10 years old when he was taken as a ward. Theon knew his greyjoy family, he knew Balon, he knew his brothers and sister. There was a bond there that he felt deprived of when he watched his brothers die and his father surrender him to Ned. Ned raised Theon at some of the most crucial parts of his life and was probably a far better father than Balon ever was but that doesn’t change that Theon knew Balon as a father, as his true father. He shouldn’t have had to chose because he was raised for 10 years of his life as a through and through ironborn child then 9 crucial years as a stark. Both identities are genuinely a part of him because he spent substantial time being raised with both families. Theon had two fathers, Ned and Balon and no matter what they will always be his two fathers, so he will always have two identities.

Jon is completely different. He knew ONE man as his father, Ned Stark. He knows ONE culture, the culture of the north, he knows one family, the Starks. He has zero connection to anything besides the north and the Starks. It’s the only identity he knows , it’s the only identity he craves, it’s the only identity he feels partially deprived of due to his bastard status. Jon learning he’s a targaryen won’t suddenly make him feel an attachment to their name, their family, and their culture and cause the same internal battle about which to be more loyal to that Theon felt. He doesn’t know shit about Rhaegar and never met the man. He knows just as much about Rhaegar as any person off the streets knows about him. He knows as much about targaryen culture and history as anyone who’s heard the stories knows. There is no targaryen connection to make Jon feel conflicted like there was for Theon. His entire life has revolved around being Ned Stark’s bastard son and a man of the north. That’s his identity, that’s always gonna be his identity. Learning that a man he never met ran off and married a woman he never met and created him won’t suddenly make Jon feel torn between Stark and Targaryen. It won’t make Jon suddenly feel like being a targaryen is inherently a part of him and feel so connected to that identity to the point where he feels like he must forsake his stark identity or embrace both as his identify. He has one identity regardless of who actually fathered him.

Part of Theon’s struggle came from wanting to prove that he was truly Ironborn and get validation from the father he felt abandoned him and from wanting to have validation from Ned as more than just a ward. That’s why Jon telling Theon he never had to chose was so huge, because Theon spent his life thinking he had to and it caused all this internal conflict, pain and betrayal when all he had to do was realize that both men are fathers to him in their own separate way and that both identifies have shaped who we is and he can be true to both. Jon won’t have that working because the only validation he ever craved was from Ned, the only people he ever wanted to prove anything to was his stark family and the north. He won’t care about what Rhaegar would have thought of him or what Rhaegar would have wanted him to do. Rhaegar ain’t nothing but a dead sperm donor to Jon. He does however fixate on what Ned would think of him, on what Ned would want him to do. The only man Jon ever wanted to honor is Ned Stark, learning that Ned wasn’t the one who shot him into existence but Rhaegar did won’t suddenly make him fixate on Rhaegar or want to honor the man. His identity is still rooted in being Ned Stark’s son and the north, Ned Stark will always be his father and will always be his ONLY father and there is nothing on the other side to override that or truly conflict with that.

If Aegon and Rhaenys had lived and Jon suddenly met them he wouldn’t place them on equal footing or above his stark siblings. Dany being his aunt will never be able to compare to the love and devotion he shared with his uncle Benjen. He won’t instantly feel like a familial connection to the Targaryens can contend with the familial connection he’s fostered with the Starks since his birth. Theon did feel this confliction tho because he loved his dead brothers just as he loved Robb as a bother, he held affection for Balon just as he held affection for Ned. We see his devotion and love for Yara and Sansa. He would die for both. His bond with the Starks could not completely surpass his bond to his true family, at best they were equal. That’s why jon’s words to Theon don’t apply to Jon himself and why his struggle isn’t a perfect parallel to Theon’s.

I do believe that Jon will have an identity crisis once he learns the truth, but it won’t be a crisis rooted in some connection to the Targaryens and Rhaegar. It will be rooted in him feeling like he doesn’t belong with the only family he’s ever known or wanted. It will be rooted in this immense burden that will come with learning the truth and how that shakes the fabric of the only identity he’s ever known. It will be rooted in him thinking he will be rejected by the only family he knows or cares about and the only homeland he’s ever cared about because his father had a different last name than the one he thought. His crisis will come because he spent his entire life feeling isolated from his identity only to learn that technically he’s further away from it than he previously thought but it makes him crave it and feel it no less.

Identity is more than a name. It takes more than just a name to make you feel that bond and feel the highs and lows that come with a certain identity. In a system like Westeros names are important, but identity goes beyond that. Theon had the greyjoy name but couldn’t shake the part of his identity that was molded by the North and the Starks. Sansa was married off to a Lannister and a Bolton on the show but her identity was always that of a Stark, not because it’s just what her name was but because her identity revolved around it, around her parents, around Winterfell, around the north and its customs and its values and its strengths. Sansa being a stark and clinging to her name is important because Starks are the blood of Winterfell, Starks are the blood of the north and Winterfell and the north symbolizes strength, unity, tenacity, honor, resilience, and power and those are all apart of Sansa’s identity and can never be stripped from her even if they take away her name. Even Cersei Lannister who spent years married to Robert Baratheon never took on that identity. She is and was a Lannister through and through and nothing could change that. You also have the opposite example of Catelyn Stark, who was born and raise a Tully, but became the mother of the North and for all intents and purposes was a true northerner. She still felt connected to her Tully name and family but once she married she took on more than just a name, she took on a culture, a way of life, values, and certain characteristics. She made the choice to take on the Stark identity even tho it’s not the name and identity she knew for the majority of her life.

Some people never assimilate because who they are is too deeply rooted in them and some people assimilate because they want to be a part of something else they see as just as valid as what they knew. Either way the identity you hold goes beyond your name. Sansa Stark become a Lannister but never stoped being a Stark, Catelyn Stark was born a Tully but lived and died as a Stark matriarch. Theon Greyjoy was born a Greyjoy and will always be a Greyjoy but he will also always carry with him the sole is the values and part of identity the Starks carried. Jon Snow has lived as a Snow under the shadow of the Stark identity, that will always be his identity. It’s what he knows, it’s what he values, it’s what he feels a tangible connection to. Finding out his biological father had a different name won’t erase any of that, it won’t erase his identity, if anything it will probably make him crave his stark identity even more because the truth will be a new burden not a relief. He won’t have to chose between the two because there is no choice. He had one father, one family, and one identity and nothing will change that.