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DeanCas prelude to Season 13, based off of this.

Dean will not stop taking pictures of him.

When Cas first returned from the dead, he was to busy being coddled and mothered and cared for to notice, but now, it’s endless: Castiel will be eating lunch and a flash will go off, or in the library and the shutter sound of a phone will be muffled from behind a bookcase, or Dean will catch him unawares en route to the coffee, or, or, or.

Eventually, Cas gets fed up. Eventually, he decides to confront Dean and ask him what’s going on—after all, it’s not as if he’s begun obsessively taking pictures of Sam—but when Castiel barges in on Dean in his room, what he finds is… not what he expects.

Pictures; a few that Cas hadn’t even realized Dean had taken propped up on books, proudly displayed with those of the rest of Dean’s family; a large stack of them on Dean’s desk, with the hunter caught in the act of looking them over. 

“Dean, what…?”

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Accidental Confession AU Interlude

Hey all, in honor of hitting 100+ followers today, here’s a little blurb, or interlude if you will, before we get to part 3. Enjoy! 

Todoroki Shouto (12:29)

I have a question.

-Read 12:29-

Yaoyorozu Momo (12:29)

Which is…? 

-Read 12:29- 

Todoroki Shouto (12:29)

What does OFC mean?

-Read 12:29-

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been thinking about this for awhile


I have something I must ask you. Because I really like you, we build a farm together, have a baby, and want to live as ordinary citizens, would you want to live with me?

From one girl to another: nobody cares if you’re a girl and play League. We play for the game, not for someone to throw their gender identity around. If I wanted to know about you, I’d ask, but I really don’t care. The only reason people actually respond to the “I’m a girl statement” is because they’re fucking tired of it, even I am tired of it. We just want to play the damn game and hopefully win.

Artwork by @mcdobo


The Good Wife || Suspicious Partner [1/?]

“I want to be someone who is good for you. In case I made things harder for you…in case…I couldn’t be near you the way I am now, I tried to keep it to myself. But I can’t do it anymore. You wanted a plan:

My plan is to love you. I’ve loved you for a while now. If that stresses you out at all, just ignore this message. I’ll be fine. We’ll go back to being friends. I swear nothing will happen. But if you care for me at all…or if you want to see me, call me.”                         

                                        –Seo Joong Won, The Good Wife

“First, I want to apologize. For many reasons, I realized my feelings too late, and I was scared. This might sound like an excuse, but I was also afraid that I wouldn’t be enough for you.It seems like you got over me while I ran late figuring things out. And that’s fine, I respect your intent. 

I’m not telling you to change your mind, or like me again. I’m just asking you to let me like you. I won’t give you a hard time. I won’t disrupt your peaceful lifestyle. We’ll just continue like this, but if you change your mind…return my feelings for you, then. Look at me then. I’ll be waiting. Take your time.”

                                       –Noh Ji Wook, Suspicious Partner

Accidental Confession Part 3

Here’s part 3 for y’all! If you haven’t checked out parts 1 & 2 you should before reading this. Also, while not as vital, you should read the interlude for a good laugh. ALSO in writing this, I realized that I got my times messed up; like royally messed up. So we’re just going to pretend like I know how to use military time ha. Enjoy~

-Call from Todoroki Shouto-

Midoriya’s heart practically leapt out of his chest. Finally alone, he grabbed his phone and hastily held it up to his ear, “Hello?” 

“…” silence was never a good sign.


“Yes. Hello Midoriya.” thank goodness.

“Are you almost home?” he picked at his nails, a ‘gross habit’ as his mother would call it, and flicked dead skin onto the floor of his dorm room. He already had enough scars, what were one or two more on his fingers going to do? Besides it helped to calm his nerves in this tense situation.

“Yeah, I am. I’m walking from the train station now.” Todoroki sounded out of breath, almost like he was rushing to get back, it made Midoriya’s heart jump even more.

“O-oh, okay… Uh, where do you want to meet?” 

“Somewhere we can talk and not be bothered.” 

Midoriya squirmed. He knew just the place, but also understood the implications of offering it, “We could just talk in my room?” 

“That’s perfect.” he swore he heard Todoroki’s breath hitch, but decided he was imagining things. 

“Great, I’m here.” 

“I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

-Call with Todoroki Shouto ended-

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I’m a diamond player and I switch to my unranked account, then go into bot games. I only own support champs on this account, and I just support low-level players. I usually throw in nice things to say and sometimes tips if I know the champ well enough to offer them.

Art by @franchesssss