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List of people who d*ed in the Phantomhive manor + Yana’s comment on ch134

December 14, 1885

  • Rachel & Vincent (front room of the master bedroom)
  • Sebastian the dog (front room of the master bedroom)
  • a lot of servants (hallway, dining room, kitchen, everywhere)

January-March, 1886

  • a lot of assassins (front yard)

February, 1889 (Circus Arc)

  • Jumbo (front yard)
  • Wendy (front yard)
  • Peter (hallway in front of the guest room)
  • Dagger (kitchen)
  • Beast (kitchen)

March, 1889 (Murder arc)

  • Sebastian (guest room)
  • Siemens (wine cellar)
  • Phelps (master bedroom, literally on OC’s bed)

Bonus: Yana’s comment on chapter 134

While drawing this month’s chapter:

Assistant 7: Now that I think about it, young master lives in a house with a long murder history, doesn’t he?

Toboso: Another murder occured there just recently (Murder Arc), so if there was a *’stigmatized property’ website [in Kuroshitsuji], [the Phantomhive manor] would certainly be *blazing…

Assistant 7: I wouldn’t want to sleep in [young master’s] room…

Well, in UK a haunted house sometimes sells at a higher price [than a normal house], so… -Toboso

*Note: There’s a famous Japanese website called “Oshima Teru” where they list every property that comes with a dark history, i.e. where things like suicide, homicide, etc occured. The so-called ’stigmatized property’ (’jiko-bukken’) is shown with an orange ‘fire’ mark on the map (see below).

dog gothic

your human threw the ball. but you can’t see the ball. perhaps your human didn’t throw the ball. perhaps there never was a ball.

there’s half an hour until supper time. there is always half an hour until supper time. you will spend your life waiting the last half hour til supper time

you get a treat. but you know there are more treats. you can never find them. they appear from nowhere, and yet they are always just out of reach

you lick the pan. somehow, it never loses flavor

whine for pets. you get petted. it’s not enough. you whine more. this only draws annoyance from the human

you used to catch lots of animals in your yard. they’ve all disappeared as of late. you don’t know where they’ve gone

your human tries to give you medicine. you don’t take it. your human gives you peanut butter. you don’t know where the medicine’s gone


“Laing reached the centre of the parking-lot, only two hundred yards from the neighbouring high-rise, a sealed rectilinear planet whose glassy face he could now see clearly. Almost all the new tenants had moved into their apartments, duplicating to the last curtain fabric and dishwasher those in his own block, but this building seemed remote and threatening. Looking up at the endless tiers of balconies, he felt uneasily like a visitor to a malevolent zoo, where terraces of vertically mounted cages contained creatures of random and ferocious cruelty.”J.G. Ballard, High-Rise   

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names


A ballet of sorts

another day of sun

Pairing: Sam Holland x Reader

Requested by: @peachyyvibes

RequestGIRLLLLL all of your imagines are amazing!!!!!! I love them sooo much! But I have an imagine request/idea, but if you can’t do it then that’s fine :) but anyways the idea is a sam Holland x reader where he basically teaches them how to play piano. (If you couldn’t tell, I’ve fallen in love with kid.) there’s literally a vid of him playing “another day of sun” from la la Land on the piano and it makes me sooo happy . So if you could do this it would make me soooo happy :)❤️❤️

*Note: 1. thank you so much :-) and 2I liked how this came out also it’s v fluffy i hope u like it! xoxo



“You got the invitation.”

“You got the right address!”

“You need some medication?”

“The answer’s always ‘yes’!”

You and Sam danced around your living room as ‘Someone in the Crowd’ from La La Land played, screaming the lyrics a lot worse than you both usually sang. You jumped on the couch, pointing at your boyfriend. “Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know-”

“The one to finally lift you off the ground.” Sam placed his hands on your waist, lifting you off the couch and spinning you slightly. Your foot knocked against the coffee table, sending the multiple DVD’s you two had gotten for today to the ground in a loud crash. Harry came in, shaking his head at you two.

“Complete nut cases, you two are.” You laughed as Sam placed you on your feet, keeping his arms around your waist from behind. He pulled you in, your back against his chest.

“You’re just jealous that we’re better dancers than you.” Harry blushed, walking past his brother and punching his shoulder. “Where are you going?” His twin stopped at the door, keys in hand.

“There’s this lot down the street, a yard sale kind of. A bunch of old junk people from the neighborhood didn’t want, I was just gonna go check out if there was anything good there.” Sam nodded at him, glancing at you. “Did you lot want to come?”

“Want to get out for awhile?” You shrugged, smiling at Harry and nodding. You took Sam’s hand. He paused the still-playing movie and shut the television off, pulling you along with him to his brother’s truck. You both squeezed into the front seat, Sam letting you sit in the middle while he leaned his arm out the open window.

“Uh-uh,” Harry said, playfully slapping your hand away, “I pick the music. Only you two listen to musicals for fun.” Your jaw dropped in feign offense.

“That’s not true!” Harry shrugged, turning on the radio to an overplayed song.

“Fine, I don’t listen to musicals for fun.” You pouted, turning to look at your boyfriend. He smiled at you, grabbing your chin with his left hand and pulling you in, kissing your pout away. “Ugh,” Sam and you pulled away, looking at his older brother. “You guys are so cute, it’s disgusting.”

“Keep your eyes on the road, then,” Sam teased, grabbing your face and pulling you in for another kiss. He smiled against your mouth, pecking you a few times before pulling away.

“You were right,” Sam commented, picking up a theatre mask, “there is a lot of junk here.” He placed it over his face, pulling it down again showing you a funny face. He did this a couple of times, making a new face each time. You giggled, changing your face every time he pulled the mask down, too.

“Hey, Sam!” Sam put the mask back on the table, taking your hand in his again and walking toward where his brother had gone off to. “They have a piano,” Harry lifted up the keys’ cover, letting his fingers run along the keys, “still remember how to play?” Sam scoffed, placing his hands on the keys.

“Like riding a bike – you never forget,” he mumbled, letting his fingers play the familiar ‘City of Stars’ tune.

“On a La La Land kick, I assume?” He smiled at his brother’s question, looking back to look at you.

“It’s my favorite,” he winked at you. You smiled back at him – La La Land was the first movie you two had watched together, on your second date. On your first, you had mentioned your love for musicals, which led to you and Sam telling each other your favorite songs from certain soundtracks.

You listened to the tune, humming along to the song. You walked up to him, watching his fingers effortlessly glide over the keys. The last time Sam had played the piano was almost three years ago, he had told you this on your fourth date. The way it looked so easy, so natural, to him almost made you jealous. You had loved the piano since you were small, wanting to learn how to play but never being able to afford lessons and always being intimidated.

You smiled when you heard the tune for Another Day of Sun play, Sam knowing it was your favorite scene in the movie – even if it was only the opening credits. You pulled out your phone, capturing how at peace Sam looked while playing, his smile wide as he looked at you.

“Wanna give it a go?” You put your phone away, shyly shaking your head. “Why not?” His fingers stopped, his eyebrows pulling in as he looked at you in confusion. “It’s not as hard as it looks.” You smiled sadly at him, shaking your head again.

“I won’t be good.”

“Hey,” he walked up to you, grabbing your hand, “you’re good at everything.” He smiled at you, bringing your hand up to kiss the back of it. He pulled you toward the piano, standing behind you as he took both your hands in each of his. “Ready?” He whispered in your ear, causing you to shrug slightly. “Just follow my lead.”

He strategically placed your fingers on certain keys, adding pressure to different fingers at different times to create a rhythmic sound. He moved them again, in different positions, and repeated his actions. He did this again and again, slowly having you remember the different hand positions and keys. He picked up the speed each time he repeated his steps from the beginning.

“You’re doing great, baby,” he whispered, “listen.” You listened intently at the sounds the keys made – in all honesty, you were too distracted by Sam’s breath in your ear and on your neck, too preoccupied with his body pressed against you, to listen to the song that he was teaching you. You remembered the positions and timing, knowing what to play and when to play it, you just hadn’t realized what song it was. “Okay, ready?” You nodded.

He let you move your fingers along the keys yourself, you finally listening to what Sam had been teaching you – it was Another Day of Sun. You smiled, listening as your fingers played the beginning notes. You heard Sam silently singing the words behind you, realizing that you were playing the chorus.

“Sam!” You smiled, turning around and throwing your arms around his neck. “I did it! I played the song!” He laughed in your ear, lifting you up and spinning you around.

“You did it, you did it! I knew you could.” He placed you down, keeping his arms around your waist as he pulled away slightly. “I knew you’d be good at it.”

“Well, I had a good teacher,” you smiled, pulling him in to kiss you. His hands tightened around your waist, pulling you flush against him again. Your hands cupped his face, tilting his head slightly for a better angle – you both completely forgetting you were in public. Sam had backed you up, accidentally sitting you on the piano. You both pulled away, hearing the disastrous sound your butt made from sitting on the keys. You both laughed at each other, Sam helping you down.

“You guys are gross,” you looked at Harry, smiling at him as you took Sam’s hand and pulled him back toward the truck, his hand squeezing yours slightly, his hand in yours keeping the wide smile on your face the whole ride home. 

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The other day, we saw a bunny in this yard while walking our neighborhood. It was fairly close, as you can see from the first picture. Eevee saw it, but Fennekin and Carson never realized what we stopped to look at. It just sat there frozen until we left.

Is it just me or do fanfic writers have an inside joke surrounding ‘having a fistfight against Zarkon or Lotor in a Denny’s parking lot at three in the morning’? 


Flapjack is the cuddliest animal I’ve ever met, and that is no small feat. To the point that I’m worried it might be a wash factor for him.. he can generally ignore people when he’s on-task but if someone starts actually petting him it is all over, he turns from working dog in to a wigglebean who wants all the love you can give, and I know damn well not everyone is going to ask before putting their hands on him. He just hit 6 months though. We have lots of time to keep working! He’s much bigger now but still a baby, after all.

Giving him lots of pets and fawning over him is the best re-enforcement for him but it doesn’t go well with the flow of a training session. I can use it for in-the-moment stuff very well (like here ignoring jets flying overhead; we live near an airbase and when they run drills over the neighborhood we have to deal with some incredible noise) a lot easier than how I do actual focused sessions. 

My Impression Of You (Part 2)

A/N: Here it finally is, the second part to my Archie imagine! You can find the first one here: x. Thanks so much for giving me all the feedback! I am not sure if I am finished with this yet, so it would be amazing if you could tell me once more what you think about it and if you have any suggestions for it. Enjoy! xo

Plot: You are feeling weird about what happened between Archie and you as he approaches you to talk about it and makes you an offer that requests from you to prove yourself.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

After that, you didn’t have contact to Archie for five days. Well, at least not really. He now usually waved at you in the hallway and seemed to notice you more often but you didn’t talk to each other. In your case, you had a good reason for avoiding it because you felt a little bit ashamed about everything you had thrown at his head. It had been really personal and kinda rude and you just couldn’t recall why you ever felt authorized to talk to him like that. It was astounding that he didn’t shoot you glares instead of little smiles, he would definitely had reason to do so. You had to give him credit for that.

Maybe that was why you were so surprised when he suddenly stood next to your table at lunch. You usually ate alone. You enjoyed the silence, read a book or listened to some music. But now he put his tray down, grinned at you and you suddenly didn’t feel relaxed at all anymore.

“Is it okay if I join you?”, he asked friendly. You couldn’t find any trace of antipathy or reproach in his voice that would have been a sign of a possible uncomfortable encounter, so you nodded slowly. You had totally forgotten the sandwich you just wanted to take a bite off. Instead, you were focused on the way he sunk down opposite of you, grabbed his apple and looked at you with those warm brown eyes.

“You know, I thought about what you said last Friday”, he broke to you, tossing the apple from one hand to the other.

You swallowed hard. Great. That was exactly what you had dreaded.

“Is that so? And to what conclusion have you come?”, you retorted, trying to keep your voice as carefree and calm as possible.

“That you are right.” Well, you didn’t expect that. “I really depend on others too much. And it won’t get me any closer to what I want if I don’t manage to trust in myself a little bit more.”

You watched him for a moment as he shrugged, looked down at his tray and threw a fry into his mouth instead of biting into the apple. While you never really thought much about Archie Andrews, he suddenly seemed quite extraordinary to you. Usually, nobody ever took much interest in your advice.

“Okay. And what are you planning to do about it now?”, you questioned, leaning in a little with an amused smile on your lips. He glanced up to you through his thick eyelashes and returned it cheekily.

“Well, first of all I’m gonna stop to always run for help. Then I will continue writing songs, putting a little more confidence into it. I think I’m even gonna write one about you and I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“About me?”, you laughed. “and what would that be about?”

“About this mysterious silent girl that gets me better than many of my friends, although she never did more than watch me in the hallways and simply listen. And that has a passion that is worth sharing, which she sadly never does.” He winked at you but you still had the feeling that he meant what he was saying. You felt your cheeks getting a little hot and quickly lowered your head and finally took a bite of your sandwich to hide it.

“I’m looking forward to the show.”

Why had you been scared to talk to him again? This was easy. Wonderfully easy.

“What about you?”, Archie inquired after you both ate in silence for a few minutes.

“What do you mean?”

“I am just hoping that what I said was also a little helpful and not just…offensive. I heard you spoke with Betty yesterday.”

He observed you attentively, trying to look indifferent but he totally failed. It was obvious that he hoped for a positive answer and that it was important to him. You couldn’t keep back a smirk.

“Yes, she approached me. And I kinda get the feeling that you had something to do with it”, you accused him playfully.

“No idea what you’re talking about”, Archie objected. You didn’t believe him a word.

“Well, she was nice. No surprise there. She asked me about the play and promised to come.”

“That’s good, right?”

“If she actually comes, yes. I refuse to believe that until one of you actually shows up”, you laughed.

“I’m a little bit disappointed that you’re still thinking so low of me”, he said, not without shooting you a lopsided grin, though.

You held back a sigh, opened your bottle of water and slowly took a sip. The problem was that you were not thinking low of him. Not anymore. You just didn’t want to get your hopes up. But he didn’t have to know that, it would only have heightened his ego.

“By the way: I examined your tree and it was good work. I think I can actually use it”, you changed the subject into less risky fields.

“What an honour! Does that mean that I will be allowed to work on something that’s not supposed to stand in the background next?”

“Maybe. We’ll see what I come up with.”

It seemed like he really planned to return for another session. Only days ago you would’ve been annoyed by that prospect, now you were taken by a feeling of pleasant anticipation. You were starting to understand why so many people liked him. He really was a sweetheart, despite of his flaws. And he even looked happy about your snarky comment that others would’ve found mean or inappropriate.

As the ball rang, you were a little shocked that it was already that late. You had been so focused on Archie that you didn’t even eat half of your sandwich and time flew by. Again.

“I should go. Coach will kill me if I come too late to practice”, Archie told you apologetically and got up from his bench, grabbing the tray. “But I wanted to ask you something. I know it’s not really your thing but it would be the perfect occasion to work on yourself. Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Reggie, Jughead and me will meet at the beach at the sea tomorrow evening to have a little bonfire party. It would be great if you would come.”

For a moment you were dumbfounded about the request that came out of the blue. Then you realized that you had to give an answer. Archie was looking down at you expectantly but you didn’t know what to say. This was a whole new situation for you. You didn’t receive many invitations.

“Ehm…are you sure the others are okay with that?”, you asked uncertain and a little nervous.

“Course. I promise you, it will be fun.”

“Will you bring your guitar?”


“Then I’ll think about it.”

He shot you a last quick smile before he turned around and walked away. You followed his red shock of hair for a while, then turned your head and suddenly noticed that a lot of people in the yard were shooting you glances. Wow, that was new too. What happened to your invisibility? Maybe it naturally evaporated when you hung with Archie Andrews.

You decided to go, although you felt a little uneasy about it. Not because of Archie, Betty, Jughead or Kevin, they were cool and you knew them since forever.  But you never really met Veronica Lodge, muss less talked to her and Reggie was one of the popular kids that thought their social status in school was very important. However, Archie had asked so nicely and you didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Also, he was quite right about you being a little antisocial and maybe it was time to change that.

So you climbed into your mom’s car and drove to the beach, making up pieces of conversations in your head that would never happen in real life anyway, but it was kinda soothing. As you arrived at the parking lot, you were relieved to discover that there really were only a few cars and it hadn’t turned into a huge party. If that would’ve been the case, you definitely would’ve run.

You killed the engine, waited for a second and took a deep breath, then you slowly left your car behind and headed to the beach, trying to ignore all your stupid doubts. The beautiful view in front of you helped a bit. The sky was dipped in the different shades of orange caused by the sinking sun, making the sea underneath look like a flaming ocean. The beach was perfectly empty except for a small bonfire, trunks around it to sit upon and the people you were supposed to meet.

Archie discovered you as soon as you approached them with a shy smile on your lips. At first his eyebrows shot up and he was not quite able to hide his surprise about you really showing up, then he beamed at you and immediately came over to greet you. His surprise seemed pleasant, though, so you didn’t mind at all.

“You came!”, he exclaimed happily. You got calmer the second he stood in front of you and wondered why that was the case. When did that happen? When did you start to feel good when Archie Andrews was happy to see you?

“Of course. When you’re working so hard on yourself because I couldn’t shut up, I can at least return the effort”, you said.

“I’m glad you do”, Archie answered sincerely, his brown eyes glimmering in the dim light of the sunset. “I’ll get you something to drink. What do you want? Coke?”

You nodded, grinning to yourself because he was so eager to make you feel comfortable. Archie hurried to grab a can from the ice chest and even opened it for you, the little gentleman. Other people needed alcohol to get relaxed but caffeine worked just fine for you.

“Let’s get to the serious business of life, Archie”, you demanded, looking up at him a little bit too sternly. “Did you keep your promise and bring your guitar?”

“I did, but the song about you isn’t ready yet, I am not satisfied with some of the lyrics. I don’t think I got your sassy persona right”, he teased you with a bright grin.

“Sassy?”, you retorted. “I like to think of it as charmingly shrewd.”

“Well, if that makes you happy.”

You punched him in his shoulder, making him laugh and seemingly not feel any pain at all. He had a really nice laugh. It suited him much better than the constant brooding expression he had worn so often the last few weeks.

“Archie! Can you come over, please?! Reggie is killing the music!”, Jughead suddenly interrupted your little interchange, impatiently waving at him from the stereo that he and Reggie were obviously fighting over.

Archie sighed and rolled his eyes at you. “Typical. Can I leave you alone for a sec?”

“Of course, I’m a big girl”, you claimed more confident than you felt.

You looked after him walking over there, thinking to yourself how good he looked in those jeans before you pulled yourself together and scanned the beach for somewhere to go without making it look awkward or like you didn’t belong. Betty was occupied, she had a serious conversation with Kevin down by the water. So you just sat down on one of the trunks, nipped on your coke and stared into the dancing flames.

“Can I sit here?”, an unfamiliar voice ripped you out of your contemplations. You looked up and discovered Veronica Lodge standing next to you, her lips graced with a sweet smile and beautiful and perfectly dressed as always. You quickly reminded yourself that she was a friend of Archie’s and therefore couldn’t be that bad and definitely didn’t deserve a negative answer.


“You’re Y/N, right? The props department girl?”, she carried on, sinking down next to you and looking at you expectantly.

You couldn’t hold back a smirk. “Is that what they call me?”

“Naw, that’s just how Archie introduced you to us. I’m Veronica, by the way.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Right, the new girl syndrome. I wonder how long it will be until that one wears off.”

“In a town like Riverdale? Forever.”

She laughed softly at your words and you decided that Veronica wasn’t too bad for a rich girl. You had expected a second Cheryl Blossom but she didn’t seem to be one. Thank God.

“You know, Archiekins also told us that you are doing quite amazing things in that department. He said you’re really talented. He’s crazily excited to take us all to the play. To be honest, he’s so enthusiastic that it’s almost annoying”, she joked, probably simply to make conversation. For you, though, it was so much more than that. Nobody ever talked about your work passionately to others except for yourself. You felt a weird knot in your stomach that you couldn’t quite figure out until you realized that what she had said meant a lot to you.

“He really did?”, you mumbled. You turned your head and looked for him. He was still standing next to Jughead and Reggie, not really listening to them while they were having a heated discussion. Your eyes met and he winked at you, his lips forming that lop-sided grin once again. Almost momentarily you felt a little warmer and quickly returned to Veronica.

“Yeah, he did”, she assured you, also looking at him but with a little, contemplating frown. “I actually think he changed a bit. I don’t exactly know why, but he seems a little freer, less worried. Maybe he’s finally growing up.”

She laughed again and you chimed in, although a part of you in the back of your head wondered if she was right and if your unintentional influence could really be responsible for that. It was a good feeling.

At some point, the boys understood that they would never find a tune Jughead and Reggie both liked and Archie fetched his guitar from the car. You all sat around the fire while it was getting darker around you and he began to play. You never heard him play in such an intimate situation and it hit you hard how beautiful it was. You observed him and there was no trace of self-doubt to be found in his features. He looked like he was soaked into another world, his own little world that couldn’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. The music carried you away and you let it, just enjoying the moment and that he shared it with you. Yes, now you understood what he meant with sharing the passion.

All this made you feel genuinely sorry when you had to go. Archie brought you to your car, which you were thankful for for two reasons: because it would have been creepy to go there alone and because you didn’t really want to separate. As you arrived at your mom’s Toyota, you turned around and shot him a little smile.

“Thanks for inviting me, Archie. This was great”, you said and you really meant it.

“Yeah? You enjoyed it?”, he asked nevertheless to make sure that you weren’t just saying that to make him feel good.

“I did. You know, I think we are good team, making each other see beyond our own noses. Who would’ve guessed?”

“Yeah, who would’ve?”, he mumbled. For a moment you simply looked at each other and you felt yourself becoming a bit nervous until he stepped closer and hugged you tightly. “I’m glad I decided to do some extra credit.”

You chuckled but at the same time enjoyed how close he was. Man, he really smelled good beneath the smoke of the bonfire. And he was a good hugger. It was one that made you feel all warm and protected. Okay, it was definitely time to get away and to drive off. You didn’t tell him to be confident for himself only to suddenly wish you could be the one who made him feel confident. No, that was all messed up. And still, your heart jumped a bit as he said his goodbyes by mentioning that he’d see you tomorrow.

Between the Sheets

Chapter 1

This is based on an imagine that I came across from @painfullythickimagines   and you know how my mind wanders…… Anyways, she was so gracious to let me steal her brain-bunny. Thanks, Doll!

Here is a link to it

Warnings: Nothing really, pretty tame! Some language.

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