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Here's what I'm expecting (Want/Need) as an apology from Emmerdale

- Robert to get down on his goddamned knees and BEG Aaron for forgiveness.

-Prove himself again

-Once they’re all good, Robert should propose again. Properly. Down on one knee “Aaron Dingle, Will you marry me?” Style

-Rebecca White to pick up her backside and leave Emmerdale to never ever ever return

-Multiple slaps across Robert’s face from Chas, Victoria, and Liv

-Aaron to get the proper therapy he needs and for his mental health to be a) ADRESSED and b) Resolved immediately

-Then I’m going to need to see a proper blow-out official wedding for them

-And a written apology from the show.

But hey…. Thats just me

“This is the story of Sir Boast-a-lot.
Sir Boast-a-lot was the bravest and cleverest knight at the Round Table. But soon the other knights began to grow tired of his stories about how brave he was and how many dragons he’d slain. And soon they began to wonder, Are Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories even true? Oh no…
So one of the knights went to King Arthur and said, “I don’t believe Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories. He’s just a big old liar who makes things up to make himself look good.” And then, even the king began to wonder. But that wasn’t the end of Sir Boast-a-lot’s problem. No. That wasn’t the Final Problem. The end.“

I amazingly got to see Rammstein live at Chicago Open Air last night, and noticed some fun things The Boys do during live shows:

- loses his balance a ton
- swings his legs out to dance
- spins around
- holds up fist to show appreciation when people cheer Specifically For Him
- grins real big then remembers he’s ~metal~ and goes back to mean-mugging

- Keeps his hood up
- Sits down and curls up around his bass because tall
- Got all of two notes off for sound check before Richard cut back in
- generally shy bby

- Makes the crowd clap for him
- Gets grumpy until they clap loud enough
- Shows off his amazing arms a lot can u blame him
- Best hair (sorry Richard)

- Tongue out
- no more 1,000 yard stare but still rarely ventures to the sides of stage
- Till Hammer™
- doesn’t speak to crowd except to say “Let me see your hands!” In English during “Ich Will”, and thanking and farewell
- Sniffles? Poor bby
- kneels several times at the end then bows while kneeling to each part of the crowd which I didn’t think was possible but whoop there it is
- Plays and tugs at his hair

- changes jumpsuits like three times
- constantly on treadmill
- get those steps in Flake

- was 90% of sound check
- making out with the mic
- instead of saying his opening line for Du Riechst So Gut (“Der Wahnsinn”) attempts to sexy sing “You sexy mother fucker!”
- ???

who wants to spot me a 20 for my highest priority item


“C'mon, Y/N. We’re leaving.”

He helped you up and half-carried you towards the Impala. You giggled, “This has been a fun night.”

Sam stopped in his tracks and turned to you. “You think so? When did getting slobbering drunk and having your boyfriend come pry a guy’s hands off you sound like fun?”

You stumbled closer to Sam, whispering, “I kind of like you jealous.” You wiped at the blood on Sam’s face. “And roughed up. Is this yours or his?” You glanced at the unconscious man still lying in the parking lot a few yards away.

Sam pushed your hand away and stepped back. “This isn’t like you, Y/N. Why are you doing this?”

You didn’t reply. Your eyes were pretty glazed over already, but Sam could still see pain reflecting in them. He asked, his voice softening, “Is this about the last hunt?”

You clenched your jaw and began shuffling towards the Impala again. “I don’t want to talk about this.”

Sam stepped in front of you. “Y/N, I get it. Some cases are harder than others and sometimes you just want to forget-”

“He was just a kid, probably in elementary school.” You glared up at Sam, slightly swaying. Your stomach was tying itself in knots and you didn’t think it was from the alcohol.

Sam rested a hand on your shoulder. “There was a demon inside that kid. A demon that would have killed you.”

“I could have shoved him away. I could have splashed holy water on him. I could have-”

You turned to the side and vomited. You didn’t want to stop, not wanting to have to face the guilt and shame that had brought you to this point. After you were done, you began to cry.

You felt strong arms under your knees and shoulders as you were lifted off the ground. You looked up to find Sam carrying you the rest of the way. Resting your head against his chest, you sniffed, “I could have let him kill me, Sam.”

The last thing you heard before you fell asleep was a tender whisper.

“I wouldn’t have let that happen.”

Real Self Love, Day 1

2/1/16 - Day 1 - Spend a little time introducing yourself to the team today. Tell us about yourself and the people you love. Share a selfie if you feel comfortable doing so.


Hi, I’m Valencia, or Val, for short.

A quick summary of who I am:

  • 53 years old
  • Been overweight almost all my life, despite innumerable diets and exercise programs.
  • Native Floridian and love it. Have never lived anywhere else. I don’t do cold.
  • Carb/gluten addict (or carb-aholic, if you rather). I live low-carb/keto now and am sooooo much happier and healthier for it!
  • Workouts I enjoy: Jazzercise, hot yoga, beach yoga, walking, biking, aerial yoga, swimming. I also do a lot of gardening and general yard work.
  • For fun mostly I workout … that’s my fun. Is that weird?
  • I love taking photos, especially at the beach and my favorites are sunsets.
  • Where I am on my fitness journey:

I began at about 352 pounds. I say ‘about’ because no scale I had access to went over 350, so I just guessed at that number. It might’ve been as much as 360. I got down to 208, my lowest since I was in my 20s, at the beginning of 2015 and then my weight loss stalled. I tried tweaking all sorts of things, but nothing really worked. I gained back about 12 pounds since that low weight, but lost about 4 pounds in January (yay!). I’m hoping to keep that going. I’m happy with just losing about 3 pounds a month. That’s fine.

I struggle a lot with loving myself and standing up for myself in certain situations. In some situations, I’m perfectly fine standing up for myself, but in others … not so much. I hate confrontation within the home. Funnily, i don’t mind it so much with co-workers or strangers (some past co-workers might even say I was a bitch very assertive), but I’ll do almost anything to avoid it with SOs. 

This has always been a problem for me. I’ll bottle up my feelings for years sometimes, and then i just explode like an H-bomb, and usually also leave the relationship cos I’m just DONE at that point.  But, then I don’t seem to learn anything from that and just get back into the same habit again.  i have a hard time asking for things that I need if I know, or think, it will cause controversy. I’d really like to learn how to break out of this cycle and be able to speak up for myself instead of bottling things up.

Harmony, @mybigfatfitlife , is my accountability partner for this. She’s been a friend for a good while now, and is someone who really GETS me. I know I can say anything to her and she’ll understand without judging.


This is what the lace I dyed yesterday looked like before I dyed it. I got the order mixed up, oops…

This is lace for the hem of a 18th century dress. I purchased three yards of lace fabric for $13 a yard. That lace fabric was made up of two lace borders and over eighty appliques, all attached to a mesh backing.

This can be a really cost effective way to purchase lace, since as long as you are willing to cut them out, you get two yards of lace trim + lots of appliques with every yard you purchase. 

I spent a solid six hours carefully cutting out all the bits out. Not the most fun task in the world, but it’s done now!


The poppies are in full swing. Some are just about to open up and some are already finished, but they are definitely the most vivid flowers in our yard right now. The rest of the flower garden is in a somewhat transitional state with all of the early season stuff finished, and the mid-season plants still a little ways from blooming.

Going to try and get in a lot of yard work today. We need to do some serious weeding over in the vegetable garden, and the lawn could use another mow. But it looks like we are going to have nice sunny weather until this evening, so we will see what we can accomplish!

interview with Joey Belladonna (Anthrax )

what were you like as a child?
my aunt says i was as brat, i was shy and quiet, but probably sassy. I played a lot of hockey in the yard, and we broke a lot of windows.

how did you get into rock ‘n’ roll?

I like the drums, i remember looking at them in the saars catalog! I played with bands throughout high school, and I started singing and listening to beatles and old, good time rock and rool, music just took over. I was going to go into seml-pro hockey, but music was too dominant for me.

what about your early band experience?
i played clubs for six years, I’m the only guy in the band that’s paid any dues at all. i did six nights aweek, traveling all over the east coast, roadle-ing and playing, 35 songs a night. i was in a band called Medusa, and we have a song called 'Medusa.“ that wasmy first lead-singing band. then i was in band called megaforce, which is funny, 'cause we have  a company called megaforce. the first orginal band I was in was called bible black, which was the guys form the first rainbow album, I played in that band for three months.

what sets anthrax apart from other bands?
charlla has some real cool ideas with regards to artwark, everybody’s their own kind of character. I think the band is really funny in our own way. things like that really bring us together as a whole.

describe the other bandmembers.
frankie; Mr.clean, Mr. late and very itallanl charle: he’s an all-around great musician. scott’s awful smart and witty, a bright boy, he knows every data, evry situation. danny; cars and guitars. as far as me. I’m laid back and take it day by day.

have you ’'made it,” and how can you tell?

I say we’ve made it in certain areas, as tar as the fans being loyal – in that sense, I feel we’ve made it. I don’t feel I’m any bon jovi at all, and I don'treally care if I am or not. I wouldn’t mind being in a band that charted in the top 20. but if I did that music, I would do it because I wanted to make money. we do it because we love doing it.

what’s your most precious memento?
maybe my hockey mask, it cost $80, and it’s an exact replica of my face inside. I’ve had it, for so long, it’s on my bed with all the puck marks on it. it’s a face with nothing in it.

what’s your most “spinal tap” experience?
in germany, we were driving, backing out in a woodsy situaulon in our double - decker bus, and we’d had a few drinks one night – some more then others. next thing you know I was lying in my bunk, and we’d tipped sideways. we were stuck in mud. we had to get towed out. we were sitting there laughing. it was like being in the twilght zone.

In The Quiet Morning — A Hunger games fanfiction — PREVIEW

So, as you all may, or may not know, I’ve started a new fanfic. It’s Everlark, of course, though it’s taking on a couple very heavy subject matters. I don’t want to get into too much detail right now, I just thought I’d give a small little preview of what you may be able to expect.

(Also, this isn’t very edited at all, lol, just a fair warning that I haven;t revised it or anything)

I’d also like to thank Jodi ( starsmahogany ) Gillian ( ohmyjoshiferr ) Allie ( hysterical-for-joshifer ) and Christina ( hungergameshutch ) for allowing me to fuck them up on a daily basis with what I send them from this ( you’re welcome, by the way ;) )

Originally posted by digim0an

“I think you should see someone—“ he pauses. Her eyes fixate themselves on the cold, hard tiles of the kitchen floor, keeping them trained on anything but his fretful stare. “—anyone. We could even go together, if that’s what you want. I’m going to do everything in my power to—“

“No.” The voice that leaks from her throat is an unfamiliar sound. The once fluid, melodic tone has turned to stone, cracking beneath her fingertips. “No.”

“What?” he asks. “Katniss, look at me.” He’s begging, pleading, tugging on her hand until she allows her eyes to lock on his once more. “Please listen. Please be open about this. I’m trying to help you.“

“I don’t need any help.” Her voice catches at the end of her sentence, but she swallows the tears nonetheless.

“Just…maybe just think about it, alright? It doesn’t have to be right now, or anytime soon, but you need to talk to someone. We— need to talk to someone.”

“No. We don’t.”

“Please, Katniss—“

“Just stop!” Her throat begins to burn from holding back all this time. Then suddenly, everything begins to resurface, and if she doesn’t get out now, she’s going to continue to suffocate. “Please, just stop.”

She’s to her feet in record time, the chair she previously resided now falls to the floor behind her. She’s just made it through the entryway when a firm hand wraps around her forearm, pulling her back into something solid. She twists in his arms, pushing—shoving— doing anything for him to let her go. But he’s relentless in his efforts.

“Peeta, let me go!” she screams, hot, angry tears finally escaping the corners of her eyes. Biting her lip to the point of drawing blood, she continues to struggle against him, thrashing about violently before her knees give out, sending her into puddle of skin and bones. Oh, what a metaphor this is— her body lying against the cold, hard floor, matching the emptiness inside of her as her face presses against the tile. “Just…let me—go.”

“I can’t.” He drops to his knees, then, scooping her up into his arms, beginning to rock her back and forth. She wishes he would just leave, go, never come back. Leave her here to soak in self pity as she drowns herself in her own grief and sorrow. But at least she’s feeling something—even if that something is anger, pain, sadness. It’s better than the numb, bottomless void she’s been stuck in for as long as she can remember.

this pen honestly works really well. at first she was very confused but she calmed down and she sits in it now and it’s big enough for me to sit in it with her and of course I put it in an area with sun, shade, and none of that poisonous weed that grows in a lot of the yard here

#SPARKINGTHEFIRE Day 1 - January 1st, 2016


Hi, I’m Valencia, or Val, for short. I’m one of the hosts of this challenge, so i’m really hoping that I don’t fall behind!! :)

A quick summary of who I am:

  • 53 years old
  • Been overweight almost all my life, despite innumerable diets and exercise programs. 
  • Native Floridian and love it. Have never lived anywhere else.
  • Love the beach, but I also like the forest and mountains (to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there!)
  • I don’t do cold.
  • Carb/gluten addict. I live low-carb/keto now and am sooooo much happier and healthier for it!
  • Workouts I enjoy: Jazzercise, hot yoga, beach yoga, walking, biking, aerial yoga, swimming. I also do a lot of gardening and general yard work.
  • For fun mostly I workout … that’s my fun. Is that weird?
  • Audiobooks!!! 
  • I just finished watching Smallville and will probably start watching Supernatural next. I guess you could call that a hobby? Watching old series that I never saw when they were new?  
  • NFL – Go Broncos! 
  • I love sunsets.
  • I love taking photos … mostly of sunsets. Oh! There’s a good thing for the ‘what do you do for fun’ question! yay!
  • Where I am on my journey:

I began at about 352 pounds. I say ‘about’ because no scale I had access to went over 350, so I just guessed at that number. It might’ve been as much as 360. I got down to 208, my lowest since I was in my 20s, at the beginning of 2015 and then my weight loss stalled. I’ve gained back about 12 pounds since that low weight. I’ve been struggling to break that plateau, trying different things, since then. In my mind, I still have about 40 pounds to lose; I’ve lost 132 at my current weight.

Pick three words:

  • Gluconeogenesis 
  • Omaha! 
  • Bacon