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Yet Another Aching Thought about Duck Tails

I’m now absolutely obsessed with the idea that Runts are definitely looked down upon in the duck tails world. The idea that they’re the weakest of the flock, and somehow that makes them less able to help the rest of them move forward. That there’s still a lot of instinctual issues with them. 

So Huey could go to school one day ready to learn about math and science and come home in tears because they had to learn about runts and the ways that most of them died out so society could become big and strong. 

The way Gosalyn might hear in history class that Runts were generally left out of every equation. 

The way that the two of them might consider themselves lesser, before their respective parents (either separately or together) put a stop to it, holding their children and. telling them no absolutely not you are not lesser you are not weaker you are wonderful and worth every bit of love and care

Which also brings me to the face that Huey has siblings

And although he’s the eldest, they are absolutely so protective of him, it hurts. He’s the oldest. He’s supposed to protect them. But they’re hellbent on making sure the smallest of the three of them gets every bit of their brotherly love.

So if a teacher talks about runts, one of them will quickly snap to attention. 

If a kid picks on him for his downy fluff, you can bet they’re getting a fist to the face.

Louie and Dewey spend a good chunk of school in the principal’s office because they either talked back to a biology or history teacher, or they wailed on some kid at lunch. 

And they don’t give a single fuck. 

Donald and Drake do so much for their kids in terms of medication and schedules and lunches and doctors visits. 

But let’s not kid. ourselves. Those two brothers take ahold of the situation. When he’s sick, they’re in the car first, ready to go to the hospital, his favorite toys already in their pockets. When he’s crying, they’re forming a little penguin circle around him, doing whatever they have to until he. stops. When he’s being talked down to by a teacher or a bully, they’re sticking up for him until they’re sent away. They’ll push every limit, every button, every single stop, until they know he’s going to be alright. It’s scary, sometimes. Watching him go from fine to sick in what seems like lightspeed. But they’ve figured out how to work around their fears just enough to put him first. 

At the end, they can’t fill out prescriptions or drive the car to the Emergency Room. 

But they can give a teacher a hard time and slug a bully in the neck. 

And that counts for a lot. 

Now I have to figure out how to look at this from the Darkwing part of the Duck Tails universe. Because good god, Gosalyn interacting with the triplets must be her type of heaven. Having two defenses besides her dad… She’s a. spitfire, but she’ll watch a bully get clobbered any old day. 


How can I achieve this kind of freedom?

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Prompt: Carver Hawke holding a baby.

“Okay, okay, easy now,” Dev says, carefully cupping his hands over Carver’s. “She’s not a sack of flour, Carver, now– Look, support her head, alright? There you go…”

Carver has never felt fear like this. He’s in his thirties, he’s been hunting down darkspawn since he was barely a man, he’s seen things he could never describe, horrors he’ll never forget. He’s cut down ogres, dragons, gone toe-to-toe with forces easily double, triple, his own. He’s seen friends and compatriots fall long before their time, heard the darkspawns’ haunting song in his nightmares. His heart’s never pounded like this, his hands never shaken or his palms sweated like this.

He has to hand the infant back to his brother so he can furiously wipe his hands on the coarse material of his pants, and he glares at Dev when he laughs.

“I can’t believe you’ve never held a baby before,” the elder Hawke teases, cradling the tiny thing in the crook of one bulging arm, her head pillowed comfortably on his bicep.

“Shut up, Deveraux,” he snipes back. “Unlike you, I haven’t been vacationing in Rivain playing nursemaid for the last six years.”

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Just thinking about how accurately, despite being a gag anime, osomatsu-san portrays sibling relationships. It’s like how you have some siblings that are super undeniably close, and other siblings who wouldn’t hang out together unless there were something they absolutely had to. Some siblings are completely unreliable while another has to shoulder all the expectation, and, best of all, they’re all just really shitty to one another when it comes down to it.

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Heeey, can i request a smile from you because you are the best, cheers!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Awww and you’re a cutie anon! I’ll be happy to show you a gif of the time Optimus Prime gave me pat-pats on the back-

Please enjoy my sharing of such a cherished and treasured memory. )

This isn’t a generalized statement about a website bc I honestly don’t think any are particularly more guilty of this than others, it’s kind of a general human thing but uhh, I feel like if someone has properly apologized for something they did (and I do mean properly, the whole way), clarified it was a honest mistake and also, most importantly, already taken steps to correct their wrongs, then maybe it’s time to lay off a lil’.

That means stop vaguing about them, stop trying to paint the situation like it was much worse than it actually was, and I think the creepiest part is when people sorta imply that they “know” this person will fuck up again, and almost act a bit gleeful about the prospect of it.

I promise you that you’re gonna fuck up too. I fuck up, they fuck up, you fuck up… I bet you don’t want your fuckups to be in the spotlight.

It’s different when it’s something of a really big magnitude that can never be fixed, and I also by no means think one owes anyone else forgiveness, that’s incredibly entitled and icky, but let the punishment fit the crime. If you’re already outright removing the possibility of someone learning from their mistakes then… what do you even hope to accomplish.

so my english teacher always puts on some background music when we’re working on exercises and today all of a sudden dna started playing?? our boys have even made it to flemish schools i’m so proud 👏👏

I really take issue with tumblr’s whole thing of “one strike and you’re out” AKA “it is impossible for anyone to ever learn and grow as a person and here is a callout based on stuff this person said 3 years ago and even though they don’t believe that anymore and apologized it is indisputable proof that they will always be an evil person so let’s all harass/shun them”

I’m not saying you have to interact with or be cool with people who did or said things that weren’t ok in the past. You never have to interact with or be ok with anyone for any reason, stuff like that is totally up to you. But if someone is really making an effort to learn and grow and move on from who they were in the past constantly undermining them with “well you say that now but on September the 25th of 2011 you said _______ so no matter what you do you’ll always be a horrible person” is not good. You don’t have to accept an apology from them or ever speak to them, you don’t have to trust or like them but please give them the chance to grow. I promise that when people want to and are given the opportunity they absolutely can change for the better. How do I know you possibly ask? I feel like the set up here is probably too obvious for a surprise reveal or anything but I know because I did.

I used to be a pretty awful person. I’m not saying I’m great now or anything, but I’ve definitely made progress from where I started out. I’ve mentioned before that I was raised in a very conservative Christian family and environment. I haven’t mentioned that it took about 18 years for me to start to question all the stuff I was taught at church and by my family. I thought abortion was wrong. I thought being gay was wrong and totally bought into the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing. I went right along with my family in looking down on a relative who, horror of horrors, moved in with her boyfriend without getting married. I freaking tried to evangelize kids at school when I was 7 years old, focusing particularly as I was taught on any kids of different religions to my own and I live in fear that I said something really hurtful to any of them. I volunteered for the salvation army another thing that makes me shudder in retrospect (never donate to them ever) and worked for an organization that is stubbornly and horribly anti LGBTQIA+. I was a judgmental holier than thou brat who blithely parroted my parents rhetoric in pretty much all aspects in an attempt to win approval and never stopped to think about how any of this could be hurting others.

You know what really helped me stop being that awful? Tumblr actually. I forget how exactly I found the blogs I used to lurk on before I actually made my own account, I think it was something to do with me searching for advice on google (I had finally started to realize that my crushes on girls were not just “I think she’s a really really really great person and I would love to be best friends with her” when I got crushes on boys too and the feeling was the exact same) However I found them I found blogs that helped me learn and gave me the space to actively find out more and see that I was wrong about so much and I learned that I wanted to change and more importantly that I could change. Since tumblr is tumblr I did see people with their “once a bad person always a bad person” thing but luckily I decided not to listen to that, I decided to believe the people who said trying to change was a good and possible thing not a pointless endeavour that would make no difference in the long run.

So yeah, people on here seem to think I’m nice and I really hope that that’s true. But I definitely wasn’t in the past. It’s up to you whether you think I actually changed or if I’m just pretending to have for some reason, and I’m not saying “look at me I’m so much better than I was before, what a success story, give me praise” because that’s really not the point of this and if it comes off that way I’m sorry, the point is I think I’ve made progress and so I would be a hypocrite if I did not believe unequivocally that other people can do the same, no matter how much I dislike how they have been in the past. I’m still learning and I always will be. I mess up and I always will. I am so grateful that I had the chance to learn so much and unlearn so much of what I was taught, and I truly hope that others get the same opportunity. So please, please if you see someone making an effort to grow and change don’t tell them they can’t. I will never tell you that you should forgive them or like them or encourage them or have anything to do with them, but please believe that people have the ability to change and don’t try and stop that process.