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Okay, I’m finally on and about to start working on chapter 5…this thing may or may not be up tonight, so don’t wait up too late on it, I know some of you have work in the morning.

I’ve got a lot of shuffling to do on written stuff and a bit more actual writing to do, and then the painful task of deciding where to cut this thing and what to move to chapter 6 (sorry, it will likely be a big chunk of the smut, like I said Molly talks WAY.TOO.DAMN.MUCH.)

But…the good thing is, that means a decent bit of chapter 6 is already ready to go and it won’t be a long wait between now and then.

So - chapter 5 either tonight or tomorrow, chapter 6 in a few days.

Also, feel free to message or inbox me at any point tonight if you want to get sneak peeks or headcanons or ask questions, it helps me concentrate better if I stop writing every 20 minutes or so and send my brain elsewhere.

For now, meet Lemmy:


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


“She’s been ignoring me a lot, Jack! She refuses to talk to me, or look me in the eye and stuff -”
“Hic, relax, she’s not mad at you.”
“Are you sure? Cause it really seems like she -”
“Hic, she probably can’t take her eyes off of you.”
“Wait - what?”
“… Dude. Have you checked yourself out lately?!”

Mericcup for timebenderss. Hijack is you squint. ;) *She’s coming over tomorrow, and we’re doing a Tumblr Asks thing so feel free to ask any questions! (Special thanks to my friend Acee who did the typography!)


femslash february day 9: max/chloe (life is strange)
requested by @frostbite883

au in which chloe and max trained together to be jedi.

sunday, april 5 // 2:19

stayed up late tonight to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep, woohoo! gotta love days off from rehearsal. got a little work done today, but i really want to tackle a lot tomorrow. have another day off from school on monday, but i do have rehearsal in the evening, so i want to take advantage of my wide open sunday!

i love writing out to-do lists the night before, makes for a tidier mind in the morning i think. good night, y’all! xoxo

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10 AM, Gare Du Nord


Words: 1,485

Summary: “But imagine, really imagine your OTP waking up together after their first time” (basically a 2009 phan drabble all about how ridiculously in love they both are with each other)

A/N: Yay surprise fic! I sent out this post and said if anyone wants me to write any of these let me know, and quite a few people asked for this specific one, so I gave it a go. This is basically disgusting mushy fluff, and I really love the song the name of this fic is from, and figured it was quite fitting. Hope you like it!

* * *

It was mid afternoon, and Phil was still in bed. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be so, but the circumstances were a little different this time. The sun was melting into the room, casting soft shadows across everything and warming Phil’s bare shoulders. Phil sighed and hauled himself up to sit against the headboard, and then he smiled down at the person beside him.

Dan was still asleep, face down with his hands folded underneath the pillow. He had his head turned towards Phil, but Phil could see that he was still totally out for the count. His eyes were shut and his jaw slack, and he was letting out little sighs with every other breath. Phil reached his hand out and trailed his fingers across the exposed skin of Dan’s back where the covers had been kicked down. He trailed his fingers across the bumps of Dan’s spine, and down to the small of his back and his hips, where faint finger shaped bruises were starting to show. The sun was shining across Dan’s face, causing his eyelashes to cast long shadows across his cheeks. Dan looked absolutely gorgeous like this. He looked gorgeous in every way, but this way was special, because Phil got to keep it all to himself. He got to keep this memory of Dan folded away in his mind for his eyes only. Phil got to share a lot of things with Dan, they were the best of friends, and so much more than that. Phil knew that Dan had different laughs, and his favourite was the one in which he was completely unreserved - it was loud and obnoxious and went on forever, and Phil loved it because of the way Dan’s eyes crumpled up and how he practically glowed with joy.
Phil knew that Dan always had to be moving in some sort of way, whether it was tapping his fingers rhythmically against a table top, or rolling forwards and back on the balls of his feet, or just bouncing his knees up and down. Sometimes it annoyed Phil, but instead of getting mad he would just take Dan’s hand so that Dan could draw patterns in Phil’s palm or play with his fingers absently instead. 

Phil had collected all of the little pieces that made up Dan and stored them inside of himself. Each part was special, they made Phil’s heart glow and made him smile brightly and Phil had never been so utterly head over heels in love with anyone like he was with Dan. Phil had more to keep now, he had marks bitten across his neck and shoulders that he wished would stay for a little longer, even though they were already fading. Phil’s skin still burned from Dan’s fingers running down his ribcage and across his torso in feather light touches that made him shiver and made bumps rise on his skin. Phil wanted to stay in this moment forever, with Dan breathing softly beside him, his skin warm from the sun’s rays as Phil took in everything that had happened and all that had changed.

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Traits and Habits of Organized People

1. They avoid hanging on to needless stuff, and discard any clutter before it can pile up.

2. They designate a place or a home for everything – so it’s easy to know where to look for things.

3. They write things down, and make a lot of lists - so they don’t forget appointments, or important events.

4. They plan and schedule deadlines for completing tasks – and they give priority to what matters most.

5. They don’t procrastinate – they do what they’ve planned, and don’t leave for tomorrow what they can do today.

6. They clean and tidy throughout day so they rarely have to tackle a huge pile of stuff.

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Bet on It (Luke Hemmings smut)

Originally posted by justinbieberaf

fuck its like 4:50am and i wrote this on my phone, so theres probs a lot of mistakes

p.s theres not like a full on sexy times but it still pree smutty

It was a stupid bet. But you guys were always doing stupid things so this came as nothing new. You had bet Luke that him and his nerd band wouldn’t win an award at the TCAs. He had taken you up on that bet, and said that if you lost you had to do whatever he wanted. And you stupidly agreed.

You and Luke had an interesting relationship. You guys weren’t together, no. But you weren’t friends either, unless friends made out a lot. Maybe even a little more than make out sometimes. Still though, you both were pretty laid back about it. You knew very well that one day you would have to talk or do something about it but right now you just enjoyed his company.

You weren’t attending the TCAs of course, you were just the friend of a nerd band. So you watched on the TV from the hotel room (since you were a long way from home). You actually hadn’t seen them before they left, except for an unflattering selfie Luke had sent you. Somehow though, he managed to look still look good. It was so effortless, you don’t know how he did it.

You watched the entire, two hour long show. Their performance was. amazing, you felt proud of your friends. So in the end 5sos won more than one award, making you the obvious loser of the bet. Luke had texted you immediately after, basically making fun of you for losing. You told him to fuck off, hoping that losing the bet wouldn’t turn out too badly for you.

So almost two hours later, you were actually a bit surprised to hear a knock on you hotel room door. Opening it up to see a grinning Luke, jacket in his hand and hair looking messier than earlier, a gleam in his eyes as he walked past you into the room. You thought that you guys had agreed to see each other tomorrow rather than after the show, but you guess that Luke planned something different. “Hey.” He grinned after putting his jacket down and turning to you. “So I don’t know if you’ve heard but me and my ‘nerd band’, as you like to call them, actually won some awards tonight.”

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A wee WIP to share as I’ve not done much lately. Why are they so hard to draw young? I’m not even posting young Hux yet as I’ve tried 3 times already to draw the cocky little shit, maybe tomorrow.

Also noticed I’m drawing a lot of AU stuff lately. If anyone has a good canon based idea I’d be up for.


Billie Piper

-As alwaysI do have a step by step for this one so if anyone’s interested just ask:)


Spn Hiatus Creations; week second