lot of stuff to do tomorrow

tfw you remember that you had started a post-apocalyptic story months ago and probably should have recreated that in the sims instead of creating a whole new one (( aka ghost stations)) :)))

Wednesday the 25th of May 2017

Getting back on track: day 15/?

Feeling a lot better today. Went in to uni for a study date with my boyfriend before going to my French Culture lecture. Managed to get a decent bit done (not as much as I need to be doing but more than normal).

What I achieved today:

  • Watch 1.5 chem lectures

What I want to achieve tomorrow:

  • watch 1.5 chem lectures
  • chem notes
  • watch bio lecture

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I had all these plans on doing spiritual stuff on the month of ramadan and I began fulfilling my plans but while doing that I haven't prepared to my finals properly.And they are tomorrow! What can I do?

i have honestly the same issues with my deadlines and all. but there’s always time in the morning after suhoor to read quran or in the evening before sleeping. even in between you can use the time to turn on some lectures etc or you can lenghen your prayer and do a lot of dua.

i dont think any school work can prevent us from even doing that in sha Allah

I know it’s easy to keep stereotyping Yoongi as cold/lazy/cut off kind of person but sometimes i think it gets to a point where it’s wrong and hurtful in the fandom. And so here’s a list of reasons Min Yoongi is a warm, hard working individual with a personality that is multi-faceted and beautiful.

  • was a member of the student council when he was in school and was always helping people who approached him and writing them encouraging messages, contrary to popular ‘bad boy’ image belief.
  • works into late hours of the night, even goes without sleeping when he’s concentrating on composing a new song/lyrics and spends hours on end in the studio
  • on that note, it is said he recorded the way he said ‘bulteorune’ about 200 times before he was satisfied with how it sounded
  • despite not being the lead dancer, is almost never criticized for his dance skills because he clearly works hard on it, whether or not he’s the best
  • again, a side note that he spent his birthday with hoseok practicing dance that hoseok taught him
  • his stage presence is full of energy and he even kneeled down and bowed for a good minute of stage when he knew his parents were in the crowd, and otherwise also displays emotions on stage, including crying
  • gets shy and touched when members throw him a surprise birthday party
  • extremely considerate of what fans think/feel, unlike a lot of other idols. he’s responsible enough to know the effect his words have on fans and therefore constantly promotes a healthy body image, saying he doesn’t have ideal an outfit/weight/height/personality type
  • that time he spent his own money to buy personal gifts/write different messages for 300+ fans on his birthday, and then did it again the next year too
  • branching off to the time when he got asked on a radio interview what he’d do with the royalties of the songs he produced (jump/tomorrow) and he replied that he’d take the band and stuff out for lunch with his own money
  • that time he bought all the kids in bts ice cream without asking and won them toys in AHL and they were so happy about it
  • that time hoseok wasn’t eating because he lost and yoongi said he couldn’t eat if his dongsaegs weren’t eating and that he was full just watching him eat, giving him his share of food
  • doesn’t care that he’s not a good singer and sings loudly and shamelessly when he’s in the mood
  • the new years day yoongi didn’t spend with own family just because hoseok was lonely in the dorms
  • that one time jungkook jumped on yoongi and hugged him and yoongi looked like he might just die from happiness
  • when he laughs when something is too funny and no noise comes out and he claps around like a seal and it’s so so adorable
  • said he likes smart girls who he could have long conversations with/hear her stories and she was good with computers
  • actually gets super flattered and smug when people find his sass funny
  • that time they were on running man and had to run for boxes and ran so fast he was far ahead of even jungkook
  • that time namjoon was supposed to perform on stage and yoongi was deadpan the whole performance until it was namjoon’s turn, and then he has laughing and singing and screaming and being super supportive
  • once when the members were just annoying jungkook a little and yoongi sensed jungkook felt a little sad so he wordlessly reached out to him and petted him and said ‘I think he’s adorable’
  • on that note, always sensing the members discomfort/sadness and being a silent supporter and saying encouraging things to make them feel better
  • never holds back of compliments. ever.
  • he is a wonderful, multi-faceted man with emotions other than being ‘dead inside’ and loves the people around him so much and is full of appreciation and support for them and endlessly a source of strength for them.

Hey guys! Sorry I kinda vanished for the last two month or something, I was pretty busy with, like, life in general, also with really cool comic stuff. But I’m back now, and want to try to be more active again!

I drew two Taako design ideas, pre- and post y’know-the-thing-that-happened-in-wonderland. it’s based on a neat idea my sister had, design-wise. not sure if I’ll switch over to this tho, I like my old Taako a lot, too!

also, it’s taz lady week and that rules, but I’m too tired to finish the drawing I started for today - so, I guess I’ll have to do two pieces tomorrow. welp


it’s been a while, but he’s back

[my other kana stuff]


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”


All of the fighting I pretty much do. I have an awesome [stunt] double, too, so for taking falls or getting hit or being thrown across the room or something, I’m like, “Yeah, you go ahead. You do that one.” It’s dangerous. You have to jump through glass. When people jump through glass, someone has to press a button and it shatters the glass, but you’re supposed to hit it slightly first and then shatter it right away, but if it [it’s not timed right] you can really get hurt. Also, you’re going to get cut even though it’s [fake], you still end up with cuts, so there are definitely times when I need the double. But for the fighting stuff, it’s mostly me. I trained in martial arts before I even started acting. I was a dancer, and then I was almost maybe going to do stunts. And before the show, I started training with this guy Dan Inosanto, who’s a living legend … It’s been so helpful because we move so fast here, we don’t have time for rehearsals. I have to learn some of the stuff on the day, so it’s good to have that build-up of all the vocabulary already.


Suga can reject anyone but Holly  (ノ・ω・)ノ

lol sorry for this, it’s so bad, i know, but my wacom isn’t woRKING PROPERLY plus it’s 2am and I’m sleepy af I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Probably bc I had to take this opportunity before anyone else did.

someone pls do a 1x1 with me in which there’s this small town girl who lives in a small ass town by the sea and who has basically never set foot outside the town but who loves it there bc she loves the sea more than anything else and she honestly doesn’t know a lot about the outside world but she really doesn’t seem to care and then comes in the big city boy who has spent his entire life downtown and who absolutely hates nature and who spends most of his time listening to underground music and thinking that he’s cool bc he reads obscure books but then his parents catch him partying too much and doing drugs a couple of times so they ship him off to his “crazy” aunt’s house which happens to be in the small town that the girl lives in. and at first he kind of tries himself with the girl bc he’s bored and he plans on getting out of that hole as soon as possible but  she rejects him and that’s the first time that it happens to him and he gets rlly insulted so the two of them start bickering and arguing and fighting all the time and maybe at one point that turns into some kind of romance/friendship in which the girl shows the boy to appreciate the sea and the boy shows the girl a bit of the outside world and wow ok yes


scifi au idea i had while waiting for the xmas special

part 2 here:

-there`s no magic

-kwami are symbiotic and share the bodies of their wielders

-transforming is really painful the first time until they get used to it, for marinette its like her skeleton is shifting to the outside like a bug`s exoskeleton, for adrien it`s like growing super dense fur

-the kwami can take over the bodies if the host lets them or if they`re very tired or something

-the symbols only appear in the right eye when the switch is very sudden like the host falling unconscious. the kwami takes over

-marinette eats cookies like theres no tomorrow and people comment on it like how do you eat so much sugar and still stay fit

-adrien can`t get enough of cheese, but sweet stuff makes him sick

-adrien gets very hairy and has to shave a lot

-plagg is not very friendly at first and the kwami don’t really understand humans

-when tikki takes over while transformed into ladybug, her hair turns red and her skin turns pink, eyes get lighter and the suit gets darker and more exoskeleton-like

-when plagg takes over, his hair just turns black and the suit`s fur gets more bristled (the tail`s always a real cat tail instead of a belt)

-tikki and plagg are a lot stronger but can only maintain control for a few minutes, and every transformation is really exhausting

-eventually marinette and adrien will get stronger too and mutate more powers the longer they are fused with their kwami

-since there’s no magic, the miraculous cure would have to be something like advanced alien tech but it only works on organic life forms so all property damage is permanent. so there’s usually construction going on to repair the damage the villain of the week (or chat) caused

-nooroo is evil and hawkmoth is not or else it wouldn’t really make sense

-and you can’t really separate a person from their kwami except by ripping it out of them which would likely be a mortal wound (unless the kwami wants to leave)

-tikki can heal, plagg can destroy, and nooroo can split off small pieces of himself which he uses to akumatize people

-nooroo wants all the power for himself and wants to assimilate tikki and plagg to become the ultimate lifeform

here’s the story i thought up so far

one day in paris theres a meteor shower and a violent alien shows up. adrien and marinette separately find their miraculouses and are given a choice to help save paris

they gravely wound the alien but nooroo escapes and finds a new host to take over. the alien takes on a smaller human like form to heal itself (its master fu) and he gives them guidance about the kwami

  • Me, When I First Started Studying Dracula: Oh my gosh! Everyone knows more about this book than I do, and they are probably right about it being about Victorian apprehensions about sexuality and reverse colonialism and stuff. My dumb vampire feelings are probably misguided.
  • Me, Midway Into Studying Dracula: Wait! Everybody is actually wrong and ignoring a lot of useful primary documents! How dare people mischaracterize Lucy as subtextually promiscuous!? Haven't they made an extensive study of Stoker's Edwardian romances and listed sources on mesmerism!? The fools!
  • Me, Now: (staring languidly into space, possibly drinking) How do I work around the time difference so that I can ship Quincey Harker with Renesmee Cullen...? (pushes paper draft due tomorrow off of table) If I stat vampire Mina using 3rd Ed... what sort of Koldunism do I give her...? (drinks more, pulls up Thomas the Tank Engine theme on Youtube, lies on floor using unread textbook as a pillow) What if Bram Stoker was... a train?
Reggie Mantle x Reader - Loners

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Reggie imagine that’s just a lot of fluff? Please and thank you!

Reggie Mantle x reader


Word Count: 3,039

There you sat, looking across the quad. He never seemed to really be enthralled in conversations at his table. Always looked like he had other things on his mind. Maybe he followed the herd, but there always seemed more to him. There was more to Reggie Mantle.

Your back was against a tree, slowly picking at your lunch while reading a book. Your continuous lunchtime routine. It was easier to not have friends. No drama, no worries about being something you weren’t. Lonely maybe but it could have been worse. You were just too different for most people, you felt older in a way. As if you knew that there was much more than typical high school drama waiting for you in years to come. While others, like Chuck - who sat beside Reggie, thrived on their high school experience, you looked forward to a life of your own beyond the one with your family. The family that didn’t really feel like one.

You heard a giggle. Your eyes drew to another table. A table filled with friends and lovers who seemed to have it all together. A friendly blonde with a brutish outsider and a red head football star with a raven haired city girl. While you wondered what it would be like to have that, someone to get you, you figured that you weren’t one to be noticed.

You read a few more pages until you heard Chuck making remarks to Cheryl as she passed by. You saw Reggie’s face - it seemed a little mad in a way. That he didn’t reciprocate Chuck’s approach to women. He tried looking away and caught your eye. You gave a breath and went back to your book. No, there was nothing to look forward to besides the future.

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My first attempt at drawing Jaal and his weird but lovable face. I’ve fallen so hard for this dude and I don’T EVEN HAVE THE GAME YET. I’m still trying to avoid any and all spoilers too, but I HAD to try and draw him.

For… you know… future reference >u> I really want to make and develop my Ryder but it all depends on what kind of announcement Bioware will make tomorrow. I’ll either buy MEA RIGHT AWAY and play the shit out of it… or wait until it’s super cheap while I wallow in angry disappointment.

Anyway, he’s fun to draw even though his head shape is challenging, and there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but it’s actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Dude has like the prettiest eyes ever.

As for that second pic… I HAVE NO EXCUSE. He’s a cat squid alien, I had to make him do a kitty thing. :D Sorry not sorry *shot*

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"Best Arrow finale yet. Yup, even better than S2. Have the tissues ready though, because there will be a lot of emotions tomorrow night."-GATV. Ugh... this makes me really nervous. I just really hope they don't do anything to Olicity. I really hope Olicity stay together for good now! Do you think they will? Thanks.


I saw his tweets earlier and was excited to see what he said in the end. I feel the same, the bar standard for awesome finales is definitely 2x23. And I’ve felt for a while now that this one had the potential to be better. If he says so? I will trust it for now until I get to see it myself. 

I’m not sure how much (if at all) him saying that has to do with Olicity, tbh. Olicity isn’t the issue in the finale (it’s why they handled their relationship prior, with 5x20 and 5x22). I have a feeling the emotions will be about Merlyn’s sacrifice and also the flashbacks showing Moira getting the news Oliver is alive and things like that. I’m also hoping the resolution with Adrian is emotional and we get to see some beautiful (and earned) moments with William and Oliver. He’ll learn Oliver is his father, I believe. 

Hearing this helps me get more excited for the finale. I can’t wait to see it!

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It seems like admin is a hard shipper of jinmin and taejin so how about some of it?

Jin: Jimiiiniee why would you do that??

Jimin: Hyung, you were too cute while sleeping! I couldn’t resist, sorry~

((so since i did lots of taejin stuff already i decided to just do this jinmin gif.. that im proud of instead! hope its ok.. also how did you know i LOVE jinmin and taejin??))


First day of PAX East, I’ve seen a few Undertale cosplays and there’s lots of stuff to do! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ Also got to see Markiplier for a little while, it was neat to see him in person o(≧∇≦o)

[Edit] Wait a sec, apparently The Living Tombstone is here and no one told me :v Where is da Spooky Scary Skele man, I need to find him tomorrow (๑꒪▿꒪)