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It seems like admin is a hard shipper of jinmin and taejin so how about some of it?

Jin: Jimiiiniee why would you do that??

Jimin: Hyung, you were too cute while sleeping! I couldn’t resist, sorry~

((so since i did lots of taejin stuff already i decided to just do this jinmin gif.. that im proud of instead! hope its ok.. also how did you know i LOVE jinmin and taejin??))


scifi au idea i had while waiting for the xmas special

part 2 here:

-there`s no magic

-kwami are symbiotic and share the bodies of their wielders

-transforming is really painful the first time until they get used to it, for marinette its like her skeleton is shifting to the outside like a bug`s exoskeleton, for adrien it`s like growing super dense fur

-the kwami can take over the bodies if the host lets them or if they`re very tired or something

-the symbols only appear in the right eye when the switch is very sudden like the host falling unconscious. the kwami takes over

-marinette eats cookies like theres no tomorrow and people comment on it like how do you eat so much sugar and still stay fit

-adrien can`t get enough of cheese, but sweet stuff makes him sick

-adrien gets very hairy and has to shave a lot

-plagg is not very friendly at first and the kwami don’t really understand humans

-when tikki takes over while transformed into ladybug, her hair turns red and her skin turns pink, eyes get lighter and the suit gets darker and more exoskeleton-like

-when plagg takes over, his hair just turns black and the suit`s fur gets more bristled (the tail`s always a real cat tail instead of a belt)

-tikki and plagg are a lot stronger but can only maintain control for a few minutes, and every transformation is really exhausting

-eventually marinette and adrien will get stronger too and mutate more powers the longer they are fused with their kwami

-since there’s no magic, the miraculous cure would have to be something like advanced alien tech but it only works on organic life forms so all property damage is permanent. so there’s usually construction going on to repair the damage the villain of the week (or chat) caused

-nooroo is evil and hawkmoth is not or else it wouldn’t really make sense

-and you can’t really separate a person from their kwami except by ripping it out of them which would likely be a mortal wound (unless the kwami wants to leave)

-tikki can heal, plagg can destroy, and nooroo can split off small pieces of himself which he uses to akumatize people

-nooroo wants all the power for himself and wants to assimilate tikki and plagg to become the ultimate lifeform

here’s the story i thought up so far

one day in paris theres a meteor shower and a violent alien shows up. adrien and marinette separately find their miraculouses and are given a choice to help save paris

they gravely wound the alien but nooroo escapes and finds a new host to take over. the alien takes on a smaller human like form to heal itself (its master fu) and he gives them guidance about the kwami


Hey guys! Sorry I kinda vanished for the last two month or something, I was pretty busy with, like, life in general, also with really cool comic stuff. But I’m back now, and want to try to be more active again!

I drew two Taako design ideas, pre- and post y’know-the-thing-that-happened-in-wonderland. it’s based on a neat idea my sister had, design-wise. not sure if I’ll switch over to this tho, I like my old Taako a lot, too!

also, it’s taz lady week and that rules, but I’m too tired to finish the drawing I started for today - so, I guess I’ll have to do two pieces tomorrow. welp


OTPs (in no particular order): Tsukishima Kei & Yamaguchi Tadashi

““How many did you miss?” Go on, say it to me. I only managed to stop one single spike. We played five whole sets. I’m so un―”

“I can think of a lot of words, but uncool definitely isn’t one of them!”

From Incoming call “Answer every question asked” I like to think that MC does a lot to joke around with Seven on the CCTV. Seven does say he checks on her every 2.35 seconds so she probably stays in view fairly often. Even if that means doing RFA work on the floor or arranging stuff into funny cat faces :D

Page 5 will be up tomorrow along with a master post of all 5 pages of Part 1: Day 5 <3

Want to read it all?

Day 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | All Day 5
Day 6: 1 | 2


Suga can reject anyone but Holly  (ノ・ω・)ノ

lol sorry for this, it’s so bad, i know, but my wacom isn’t woRKING PROPERLY plus it’s 2am and I’m sleepy af I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Probably bc I had to take this opportunity before anyone else did.

What is it with my aversion to being connected to people? I’m lying in bed thinking about my NYE makeup tomorrow and just knowing everyone is gonna be wearing glitter tomorrow makes me really not wanna wear it. Like I only wanna go all out on normal days and then when everyone is going all out I really don’t want to. It’s just makeup but I feel like it’s such a reflection of my life. I don’t think it’s really a good thing. I’ve definitely benefited from it in some ways like I feel a really strong sense of individuality from going against the grain so often, I have no problem doing stuff I wanna do that’s weird or abnormal. But it also causes isolation, which I’m so comfortable with and used to that I don’t even realize sometimes when it’s motivating me. Idk I’ve just been thinking a lot about that lately. Isolation sucks. We need friends. We need to feel connected. I’m still not gonna wear glitter tomorrow hahaha but I’m just thinking I don’t wanna be so far removed from everyone. Even if I dress different I still wanna act united. I wanna feel connected to something. I’m such a loner I can spend days by myself comfortably but then I start to go crazy and do weird stuff when in reality I should just be sharing myself with people and opening up my soul to other humans. I’ve never had a problem saying no to things but I do really need to work on saying yes, to life in general. In 2017 I wanna open my heart. I grew a lot in 2016 but it was just scratching the surface in comparison to what I wanna achieve in 2017 on a personal level. Like I really wanna grow in how I treat people and myself and how much I trust and share myself with others. I wanna be a connected individual cuz I really am not right now. I got a long way to go but I know I’m gonna get there.


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

27-28/01/17 || It seems like I keep posting every other day lately, anyway my exam was yesterday afternoon and it went so well, I’m so happy for everything I’ve achieved so far during this first semester, feeling super proud and motivated.

But today is a new day of studying, I have less than 20 days to get ready for my next exam so I’m already in full swing of reading and memorizing stuff. I can’t wait for this exam to be done as well (I also have another one after that but that’s ok).

I plan on reading half of my notes today and half of them tomorrow. I prepared a plan of action of how much I have to study every day. I have a lot of material to look at for this exam but I know I can do it 💪🏼.

Also forgot to mention it’s Italian literature this time and it’s always been one of my faves so I’m at least happy about that.

It’s been crazy

But I’m BACK


I wrote a lot of stuff and I’m posting it ALL tonight!!!

My requests will be opening up tomorrow don’t worry if I haven’t answered yours, it’s still in my inbox!!! I’M AM TRULY SORRY FOR BEING MIA, SO I MADE SOME EDITS TO MAKE UP FOR IT I’ll post those before all the HC I wrote

My winter break is gonna start soon, and I’ve FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life, so no more randomly disappearing ♥ hope you guys aren’t too mad!!


Kaylee ♥♥♥

PS: I hope I didn’t worry you guys too much, I feel so bad :( I’ll try to get back to everyone who messaged me while I was gone ♥

(bad quality gifs again, sorry, but I like this suitcase so much~)

Hey piporu~

This is how Virgo looks like when she’s wearing a cardinal ribbon! I’ll be posting another of those Virgo’s masterpost tomorrow with some more information on the game and about the upcoming indiegogo campaign!

Also I need to say that RPG Maker MV animator is pretty cool, you should all use it! I could do a lot of variations for my animations (mostly the ones where Virgo uses items) by only doing 1 to 3 frames of them and adding effects! Specially the sound stuff you can do mixing different sfx to create a single one :3


Hey friends! Mod speaking! I know it’s been a really long time since I last updated this blog. I wanted to let you know I am alive and well!

That note, this blog is still alive. I got busy with some stuff in real life, and now the best distraction for me would be working on asks again!

That said, I have over 400 asks to shuffle through.

What does this mean? I am leaving the ask box open. Closing it would do no good as I get a lot of my determination through new asks.

I ask for your patience, and kindness as I try and get back into my work flow. Sadly with 400+ asks I will not be able to collect all the similar ones into one ask, if you see me answering an ask that is similar to yours but isn’t yours, know that I am not ignoring you on purpose. Tumblr stinks with how the ask box functions.

Thank you to those who sought me out on my main @snoringspacegoat! By letting me know you still thought of this blog meant a lot to me.

Final Exam Anxiety

Requested: hi!! I loved your “anxiety” Shawn imagines! They were really realistic for me (I have anxiety). I was wondering if you could do another one like that? Not the same ‘series’ as the original ones, but a new one where y/n has a bad anxiety/panic attack and Shawn helps her through and loves on her and makes sure she’s okay and stuff. Thank you 💓



With your final exams coming up, you’re functioning on very little sleep with a lot of stress in your life. Stress, as you know all too well, leads to anxiety. And the pressure that you always put on yourself does not help. You’ve only got two more days left of finals, but they’re also your three hardest finals. You have your Physics final at nine am, then Microbiology at two in the afternoon, and then tomorrow at nine am you have your Chemistry final.  

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“Crap…” Mick moaned as he went off to go grab something Sara had told him to get. Of course, she then used Y/N to get him to do it. And he had to get those feelings every time they looked at him.
When he was out of earshot, Y/N turned to Sara. “Why is it you always make me ask him to do stuff?”
“The fact that you haven’t figured it out is almost adorable,” Sara answered.
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Silvia: So you technically use here as a storage for your stuff. 

Danny: A lot of my stuff is here, yes. 

Silvia: Maybe your stuff can stay here. 

Danny: Just my stuff.

Silvia: Well, if you want to join your stuff, we can do that too. 

Danny: When can I join my stuff? 

Silvia: Next week, tomorrow, today…. now…

Danny: Okay. I think I’ll join my stuff here, now. 

And that’s the story of how Danny and Silvia began living together.