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I love how in this scene Damian casually throws six rings at the same time and they all land perfectly on the bottles to everyone’s shock. THE DUDE THROWS BATARANGS AND OTHER GADGETS ALL THE TIME!!! OF COURSE HE IS GONNA BE ACCURATE WITH SOME MUCH BIGGER STUFF AT A TARGET 5 FEET AWAY!!!


simon lewis and the not-so-patient downworlder bros: 1.10 vs 2.02

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For your consideration:

Boromir would have been so proud of Rohan for showing up to help Minas Tirith.

Boromir, who spends the whole first book speaking out about his friends and allies the Rohirrim.

Boromir, who defies the rumor that the men of Rohan now pay a tribute of horses to Sauron.

Boromir, who advocates that they travel through the gap of Rohan because of the kindness he experienced there on his way to Rivendell, when even Aragorn suspects the Rohirrim of treachery.

Imagine for a moment how proud he would have been to see the forces of Rohan cresting that hill, to hear their horns blowing as they mounted the charge to save Minas Tirith.  A battle which, honestly, Theoden knew he might not return from.

Boromir would have been honored and proud to know that Theoden held his oaths to Gondor in such high regard.  That he was worried to think that Denethor might not expect his army to come to the aid of Gondor 

please just think about this for a moment and be sad and excited with me

funny how elves in fantasy are described as having pale or porcelain skin, high cheekbones, slanted/angled/oval/almond eyes, and (many times) straight black hair, all of which are stereotypical east asian features, but when it comes time to cast them they’re always played by bland looking white people. it’s almost like white people idealize and fetishize “desirable” east asian features while ignoring real east asian people hmmm

  • friend: are you ok?
  • me: Samwise Gamgee was a simple gardener who was violently ripped from his comfortable life in the Shire, who braved orcs, spiders, balrogs and treacherous conditions just for the sake of his best friend. It wasn't his duty to drop everything and follow Frodo to the ends of the earth to save Arda, nor was it his responsibility to ensure the destruction of the ring. Although he doesn't seem like the bravest Hobbit, it turns out he was stronger than Frodo in some ways. He had to see his best friend fight for not only his morality but his life, all because of the ring. He was the one who stopped Frodo from putting the ring on, from ruining everything and becoming corrupt, just like its previous wearer. He volunteered himself to go to Mount Doom after he thought the journey would be done in Rivendell. He thought he could go home to his Rosie Cotton and live a peaceful life, but instead he gave it up for Frodo. Samwise Gamgee had to suffer through Gollum manipulating his friend and himself. Frodo sided with Gollum towards the end, shunning Sam and telling him to go home, to forget all about his sacrifices, and the months of fighting, climbing, walking, and falling he did, all for Frodo, the very Hobbit who abandoned him out of jealousy, anger, and mental illness caused by the ring. What was once a happy Hobbit merrily drinking and dancing at Bilbo's birthday party was now reduced to a shell of his former self, and for Samwise to see that must have been heartbreaking. All the time and effort he put into helping Frodo had been lost. But Sam never gave up. He went back for his friend and when he thought Shelob had killed him, he cursed himself for not staying. He rescued Frodo from orcs and made sure they could cross safely across Mordor to Mount Doom. When they arrived and Frodo was no longer competent due to the ring's power, he carried him. He had hope that this final act of strength and love, to bring Frodo to the door of Mount Doom, would save the world. And when Frodo chose not to throw the ring into the fire, the devastation of failure was written all over Sam's face. Everything he gave up in the Shire was lost once again in that moment of defeat. Finally, after the ring was destroyed and Gollum was killed, he saved Frodo once again, asking Frodo not to sacrifice himself, to take his hand and never let go. And when they sat on the rocks of Mount Doom, lava rising around them, death imminent, Samwise the Brave finally got his best friend back, and after everything they had been through, there was no one he would rather be with than his Frodo.

Still amazed that this is an actual official LOTR postcard that I received.

© New Line, 2002, received from the Czech Republic in 2015.

So because elves are Magic they don’t get cold like Legolas was hopping on snow drifts without proper shoes even. but Elrond is half human so what if he gets… chilly. Like not hypothermia or anything, but chilly like you wish you had brought a jacket. And the other elves see Elrond shiver like one time and flip the fuck out and just imagine:

I had an idea for a Silm/LotR fanfic based on an idea that @inkstranger reblogged a while ago (though I can’t seem to find the post now and it seems like I forgot to reblog it so I don’t know who posted it originally) about how the Arkenstone has to be Maedhros’s Silmaril, and what if a dwarf were to find Maedhros’s body, but I can’t find it and it looks like I forgot to reblog it so I don’t know who came up with the original idea, sorry!

I remember reading a fic once that suggested the idea that Maglor is not allowed to return to the west even if he wanted to and that includes the Halls of Mandos, so even if he were to try to commit suicide it wouldn’t stick. What if someone were to apply that to both Maglor and Maedhros? It doesn’t make sense for only one of them (and the one who thought that stealing the SIlmarils from Eönwë was a bad idea, at that) to be cursed while the other dies. But the Valar (or possibly Eru Illuvatar if you want to go that high up the food chain with a fic) aren’t cruel enough to make Maedhros burn alive in the bottom of a volcano for eternity, so the lava turns to stone around him and he “falls asleep” in the stone for eternity, along with the Silmaril. Eventually, mining dwarves found the Silmaril, which they called The Arkenstone.

(The Arkenstone is totally Maedhros’s Silmaril in canon and nobody can convince me otherwise)

They keep running into mysterious cave-ins where the mines are supposedly stable, and other weird stuff happening whenever they try to mine there in the hopes of finding another Arkenstone, so they decide that Aulë/Mahal himself must be telling them not to mine further for some reason.

Jump to after the dwarves retake Erebor, and someone decides that they should mine there further, mysterious cave-ins and possible divine intervention be damned. After all, if the Valar don’t want them to mine there it must be because there’s something even better than the Arkenstone waiting there for them that the Valar don’t want the dwarves to find. And then they find a hand. When they dig Maedhros out, there’s a lot of confusion because why is there a very scarred elf corpse embedded in the rock of their mountain? And of course now that he’s freed from the rock, he comes out of his magic coma, and the dwarves have a living, breathing elf on their hands who’s been in a magical coma in the bottom of a volcano since the First Age and probably doesn’t speak a word of Westron.

From there I have no idea what I’d do but the idea of Maedhros ending up part of the Fellowship seems very entertaining. Maybe some angst about him looking for Maglor…

I have no idea how they’d work around the language barrier, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one scholar in Erebor with some working knowledge of written Sindarin, even with the typical Dwarrow prejudice against elves.

And someone would let slip to Maedhros that there’s a delegation going to see Lord Elrond at Rivendell and he’s all “hey, can I tag along? I haven’t seen my kid/my nephew/my brother’s charity case (however you spin that relationship, I’ve seen a lot of different authors do it differently) in ages! Wait, did you say Lord Elrond has kids? Cool! I’m a grandpa now!” and the dwarves have a massive WTF moment.

I have no clue where I’m going with this but the only fics I ever write that I like are first-person pov one-shots that are usually more psychological that plot-heavy, and my WIP folder is where longfic ideas go to die a long and painful death by plot-hole and writer’s block, so anyone is free to take this idea if they like. Feel free to pick and choose what you keep and what you don’t, I just wanted to get this out there.

I might reblog this from myself and add on anything else I come up with…

Really? Just really?

Guy comes through and we end up needing to do a price check on one of his items. He starts looking at his watch, sighing, and asking how long it’s gonna take. I just tell him I’m not sure (this guy was already being a dick, so I was not apologizing to him). When we finally get it, the guy comments, “Wow that’s a lot.”

Now I agree and ring him up, with him not saying a word the whole time. As I’m handing him his receipt and change, he says, “I didn’t want that item.”

“…. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware of that.”

“I told you!”

No. Saying it is expensive does not indicate that you don’t want it. I get passing comments like that all day, man. So I politely apologize and explain he’ll have to go to customer service if he wants a refund. His response? To slam his groceries onto the counter as hard as he can a couple of times and storm out exclaiming about how he wasted his time. Like look, I get it’s frustrating but you should say something BEFORE I ring you up then.

Bonus: the guy behind him? Came into the line during the price check, I told him it’d be a while, he said okay, then treated me like shit because of how mad the first guy was. Way to add insult to injury, dude. I’m real glad that’s the example your 10 year old daughter is going to see: you yelling at a defenceless teenage girl because some guy didn’t speak up for himself.