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im really scared for this episode because i logged in and i see everyone really upset, even bloggers who are super chill are very upset and im scared that the crew is going to portray Jasper as a horrible monster while keeping lapis the super nice and perfect one. the one character i actually latch onto because i seem them as someone who went through things like me (abusive relationships, punishment for being them, being abused by a dainty likeable person everyone loves and cares about) and is strong when i couldnt be is probably going to get stepped on by the crew again. im so afraid go d i want jasper to be okay.just let her be okay

okay but the things that are killing me with this whole jacket thing:

• the fact that brandon confirmed our suspicions by saying that as soon as the jacket left his hand in reno he regretted it immediately

• the fact that he was playing a concert to an entire goddamn arena but then he’s spotted a dude wearing #THE™ ysl jacket and every time this dude has caught his eye he’s been thinking “that……. that guy’s wearing my jacket…… he’s weaRING MY FUCKIGN JACKET!!!!!1!”

• the fact that he potentially went on stage wearing the same jeans he’d been wearing all day which still had the $300 he’d won playing blackjack in them

• the fact that he asked an entire arena if its occupants had ever been to reno but we all know whose reaction he was really gauging 👀

• the fact that he was totally serious and expectant of this guy to remove his fucking jacket and give it to him in exchange for a few hundred bucks when the guy had clearly bought it out of his own money omg he offered a guy $300 for a $2000 jacket that wasn’T EVEN HIS IN THE FIRST PLACE

• the fact that he said “i don’t want it if it’s too big” like even though he knew it wasn’t his jacket he was WILLING AND READY to take that dude’s jacket on the basis that it was the RIGHT. FUCKING. SIZE.

• the fact that when he said “you’re not that much bigger than me” we all know he was thinking “……….I could take you in a fight motherfucker i’ll fight you for it, well dressed man against well dressed man”

• the way brandon said “nice jacket 😒” at the end HE WAS SO MAD HE WAS SO UPSET




• $300!!!!!!!!!

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how come you ship widowmaker w/ the junkers? just curious

i think the main reason is that i love polyships and since i saw the meiham ship i was like ??? holy shit the junkers would be totally into poly relation s but yeah i thnk it started because i loved the idea of junkrat and widow becoming friends cuz junkrat has these skills of make friendships with really intimidating looking people who also doesn’t like to speak too much, so then he introduces her to roadhog, the three of them start to hang out, junkrat tell her all his adventures with hog , she learns that they are actually really dangerous ppl and not only some clowns, surprisingly she starts to enjoy their company and at some point she doesn’t even know how happened but she just let these trash men kiss her hug her and compliment her appearance in front of the entire team like “holy dooley hog look at our hot gf” and mako nods