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Your mockery of White People Food is Wrong and Classist
EDIT: So it seems that this story is rapidly spreading around the internet, with 60,000 views in the last day alone. A lot of people have…
By Hillel Wayne

Basically, White People Food (WPF) is a joke cuisine, not even a cuisine, just stuff that Americans make because they don’t know what ‘real food’ is. Maybe this is widely represented in the progressive, ultraliberal bubbles I run in, maybe I just have a unique set of friends. But whatever it is, it seems that most of the millennial, urbanite, oppose-gentrification-but-still-eat-froyo people I know look down on WPF.

Which is a good excuse for me to get irrationally angry. Because I love food, and by discarding an entire class of foods we lose whatever interesting ideas they have. And because I remember a lot of these WPF foods growing up, and I remember exactly why we ate them: because they’re cheap as fuck. I compiled a list of every single specific food people sent me, and each one could feed a family of six for like five dollars. And they all were easy to make, too, because you really don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking (or washing a billion dishes after) when you’re trying to wrangle four kids and two dogs. So really, when you’re saying “WPF food is dumb and bad”, you’re indirectly saying “Poor people food is dumb and bad”. Which, well, doesn’t at all make you a bad person, any more than my latent homophobia and misogyny makes me a bad person. It’s just a thing to recognize, explore, and counteract.

Also, by thinking of WPF as dumb and bad, we don’t explore why we don’t like it, and therefore how to make it something we like. So I’m gonna rant about a few WPFs, specifically why they’re secretly awesome and how to make them more obviously awesome.


The gag is…

…this guy’s argument immediately defeats itself.  He  wants to define our hatred of White People Food among classist lines of “this is what poor white people eat” when soul food – the only great American cuisine – is based on scraps given to slaves who had to work to make food taste good. White People Food, by definition, must not be Black People Food, yes?  But Black People Food *slash* Soul Food is poor people food and it’s one of the few culinary traditions that actually exists in this country.  I’m sorry none of y'all’s white ancestors took the time to make cheap ingredients into a culinary tradition that has spread around the globe, but it has nothing to do with class or access to better foods. 

Honestly…I don’t actually know why white people can’t cook.  (We already know that’s a generalization.  I don’t need you to send me your Grandma Susan’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake to combat it.)  But what I do know is this isn’t strictly an American issue and has nothing to do with class.  I don’t want to eat at your white friend’s house in the UK either – the food is too bland.  If you give me the choice between a French restaurant with a menu priced at X amount and an Indian restaurant with a menu priced at X amount, I’m going to choose the Indian restaurant.  Brown people make cheap food taste great.  You have to really come out of your wallet before you actually hit a quality level of French cuisine or English cuisine or German cuisine.

So basically, white folks’ ancestors don’t have good culinary traditions for the average person (the Italians and the Greeks come closest, but there’s not a lot of variation in the ingredients).  The rest of us do.  So find another reason to cry about your unseasoned chicken breast.

aninoeru  asked:

Can you tell us what's the children's favorite food? Like does Mamoru love katsudon and Milo loves Pirozhki? Sorry if you have answered something similar before

mhh i talked about some fav and disliked food in their bios but i never did a complete list. i actually didn’t think about it thoroughly yet. 

mamoru indeed would like katsudon (who doesn’t like it i mean i live in japan and there’s no one i know that doesn’t like it), but his favorite food are donuts. he hates everything that has nuts on it tho, he can’t stand the taste and smell. 

i’m sure milo also likes pirozhki very much. he also often goes with mamoru in japan so i’m sure he also likes katsudon a lot (esp grandma katsuki’s katsudon). somehow I think he might be that kind of guy that likes hamburgers/fast food’s food a lot

for noah, he likes whatever has cream cheese on it, especially sweets and cookies. but he generally likes cream cheese. 

jr loves starbuck’s frappuccinos so if we’re talking about food, maybe he likes bittersweet things? i’m not sure. he also looks that kind of character that might either LOVE or HATE spicy food, depending on how cute you want him to be

for the others, i’m still unsure. i’ll think about it!

anonymous asked:

How do you keep a flat stomach?

I have a naturally slim build. Everyone in my family is p small. I honestly don’t do anything really exercise wise, but I try to eat well I guess. I avoid having sugars and sweets, and don’t eat a lot of overly processed foods.
I’m trying to get back into working out more, cuz while I’m thin I’m still really out of shape. I have no stamina and get winded easily…. I also want to build my muscle back, cuz I was a little buff a couple summers ago, but it’s all gone now :U

Guardienne Tag

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer.

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Tag more than 6 people you want : A lot of people already did this,so idk who to tag xD

Name or if they have a nickname: Alexis,but I prefer Lex

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) : Not too long ago I was reborn as a Valkyrie.I don’t really like to talk about my past,but I was born as a human,even if my parents were faeries.

What guard are they in ? : I’m in the Obsidian Guard.

Which Companion do they have ? : I just got a baby Jeanylotte.Her name is Lavender and I love her a lot <3

Favourite Food: Hmm,I really like sweets.

Favourite Colour: Purple shades

Crush(and why): I don’t really have a crush,because I have a lover.Oliver ( @foresthuntermajrach ‘s OC ) is my awesome,handsome and loving boyfriend.At first we were just good friends,but I started liking his strong,kind (sometimes vulnerable) personality a lot,so we ended up dating. ^^

Describes yourself in five words: Strong,passionate,kind,hard-working,determined.

What do they like to do in their free time ? : I usually hang out with Oliver. We train together,go on dates,piss Ezarel off,usual couple stuff,you know.But if I’m not with him,I spend time with my baby Jeanylotte or with the girls,sometimes the boys.

What do they think about the Human World ? : I don’t know.I’ve never been there.I lived in Eldarya all my life,ugh,lives?Maybe I will go there in the future to see how it is.

What your Guardienne looks like :

i was tagged by @tahyeung and @minsuga–genius to post 10 facts about myself !! here goess

1. i hate it when people initiate physical contact with me okay tbh im not fond of physical contact anyways- i dont hate them, i just dont like being touched 

2. I’m a book worm i used to spend a few hours at chapters and finish 2-3 books

3. apparently i was an excellent dancer when i was 3 . what happened ?

4. i love like adore indulge in dark humor 

5. i act like a fearless bitch but im a major softie inside 

6. i contradict almost everything i say 

7. i’m food intolerant to a lOT of foods 

8. im either extremely hyper or the walking breathing epitome of death

9. i don’t really like the term ‘best friend’ triggers bad memories oh dear 

10. my favourite color is black !!

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After taking your Orb to pay for supplies Ms. Heritage bid you all a fond farewell.

Leaving you to wonder. “So what do we do next?”

Ben shrugged.

Buttercup was thoughtful for a moment before answering. “Well I was hoping to swing by some more shops but if word of my being grounded has gotten out, we aren’t likely to get much without Bits.”

Ben looked a little disappointed by that. “I was hoping we could get a bunch of those cake things to take with us.”

“The Pancakes?” you realized, “I guess you didn’t get to eat much more that onions and potatoes on your own.”

Ben just shook his head and Buttercup was quick to give him a hug. “Don’t worry I got some pots to do some real cooking and I’m sure we can take lots of food from my house when we go.”

Heartfelt moment concluded you re-asked the question, “So where to next?”

Buttercup had a quick answer this time. “We have a mystery on our hooves and I intend to get to the bottom of it.”

Your gave her a confused look.

“Your names silly Ms. Heritage said we’d find the answer in the library.”

Once there a library assistant helped you find the section on griffons and left your group alone. The griffon section wasn’t particularly big, and the book on their names was found relatively quickly.

It had a short chapter in the beginning on griffon history. Starting with a legend about some mysterious ancient civilization the griffons were close to and got their names from before disappearing from Equestria. Bla bla bla, the griffons fractured, bla bla bla, an idle brought them back.

Ah here we go names. There was a whole list, everything from Gaarwine (an old English name meaning “friend with a Spear”) to Gzifa ( an old African name meaning “peaceful one”). There wasn’t a single T or B name in the lot, or any other letters other than G for that matter.

“It looks like Ms. Heritage was right, Sorry Buttercup.” You apologized.

“We’re not done yet! We have a new clue, The Ancients.” Determination still in her eyes.

“I doubt me and Ben are from some mysterious ancient civilization.” Ben nodded in agreement with you.

“Not that! But now I’m really curious.”

You and Ben followed Buttercup back to the assistant where she asked about books on the Ancients were. The library assistant waved them off as “Only old mare’s tails” but Buttercup stayed determined.

Do the Thing!

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The Chronicles of Jughead Jones and all the food that he has eaten so far. Since people are terribly concerned that Juggie has not fulfilled his expected eating quota…especially now that he’s homeless xD

So the rest of the world likes to shake their heads about America’s obsession with bacon

which, tbh can take on ridiculous forms sometimes.

But do you know who forever forfeited their right to judge other countries on their obsession with meat?

Germany. Home of the Mettigel.

What’s a Mettigel you ask?. Well. Mett is ground porc meat. And an Igel is a hedgehog. So a Mettigel,…

….is THIS abomination…

…that is sometimes served at German parties…

…it has gone out of style a bit in recent years…

….but you still come across it sometimes in the suburbs and the more country/villagey parts of Germany….

And yes. It is just raw meat. With a few spices. Served with onions and bread or pretzels.

Headcanon: Kara shops at stores like costco because she can buy bigger packages of food and it doesn’t cost a fortune. It started out as just her and Alex and they would pool their groceries into one kart and Alex would pay Kara for her portion. When J’onn found out that they did this he offered them a DEO issued credit card and SUV so they could make monthly trips and really stock up. After Winn started seeing the charges to the DEO credit card he tried giving a list to Alex who just raised a brow, prompting Kara to take the list. He knew his groceries wouldn’t even create a dent in the amount Kara spent, he doesn’t remember the last time he bought his own coffee creamer. 

Then Maggie and Alex started dating and her and Alex started taking their own kart. Which prompted a few shenanigans, including Maggie standing in the middle of the aisle with her hands above her head while Kara and Alex lined up their karts. At the drop of her hands Kara and Alex would push off coasting down the aisle seeing who could make it to the end first. The first time they did it Alex yelled that Kara cheated and used her superpowers to win. The next time they raced Alex broke her finger when their carts rammed into each other and told J’onn that she had broken it when she tripped in her apartment. He didn’t need to read her mind to know she was lying. 

When Lena and Kara started dating, Lena insisted that she go with them. She had never been inside a costco and wanted the full experience. Plus she wanted to help pay for the groceries now that she was feeding Kara at her place too. Maggie and Alex followed the other two around shaking their heads and sharing knowing smiles as they heard Lena trying to convince Kara that she there was no point in buying bulk if she didn’t buy the rights foods, that she needed to buy food with more substance than chips and ice cream. Kara smiled gratefully as Alex and Maggie snuck things in their kart for Kara every time  Lena had her back turned. When they got home Lena pretended not to notice the sudden addition of foods she didn’t remember them picking out letting them all think that they were being sneaky.

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nct life | entertainment retreat: a summary


The Brickery Food Market

The Brickery is an artisan food market that occupies a former brick foundry building which has been respectfully restored to preserve its industrial identity. With six merchants, including three food vendors (grill, farm-to-table, and fusion seafood), a bakery and coffee shop, a juice bar, and a craft cocktail bar, this food market is a gourmand’s dream.  After grabbing a bite to eat, shop for gourmet treats, check out a food photography exhibit in the gallery or listen to an up-and-coming DJ in the entertainment venue.  You’ll swear you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven!

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