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I know Im a couple hours early to the 11th but HAPPY 4 MONTHS!! ❤️ We have made so many great memories together and you have added so much extra happiness into my life, everything we go through together continues to make us stronger and you give me something to look forward to every day, Thank you so much for all the trips coming to see me and being there for me when I need it most, I miss you lots and, Ek is lief vir jou💕😘 @perfect-habits


150814 BTOB_6SJ

“SJ: Eunkwang-hyung Eunkwang-hyung. A question came in of Does Eunkwang-hyung watchez porn well
EK: Do I have to answer honestly?
SJ: Of course you have, but what is watching porn well?
EK: Is it asking if I watch often or a lot?
SJ: Do you watch a lot?
EK: I collect
SJ: You collect? He says he collect. Did you hear that? Eunkwang-hyung is King Eulja and collects porn”

translation by © mellostop | take out with full credits