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Derek + Casey + a Fake Baby (Part 6)

If they thought dinner was awkward, the next two days are basically hell. Casey and Derek won’t even look at each other, even when they’re passing the baby back and forth. Lizzie and Edwin are perpetually tense, ready to duck and cover at a moment’s notice. Marti is just generally disapproving, sometimes throwing sad looks at her siblings and sometimes huffing and glaring at her father and stepmother as if to say ‘fix it’.

And they would love to, if they had any idea how.

Should they let Casey and Derek be together?

They aren’t exactly forbidding it now, so why aren’t they together?

It’s not like they can force them to get together.

Can they? No, no, they definitely can’t. That’s insane. Strike that from the record.

But what if they break up and it hurts the family?

But them not being together is already hurting the family.

And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

But then it’s Friday, and while George and Nora are at their respective jobs, agonizing over every detail of the situation, Derek is staring at Casey from across the cafeteria. She looks miserable, and he is miserable, and he never made a move before because he was afraid it would ruin everything but their parents already pretty much did that, so what does he really have to lose?

And the baby project is over and he doesn’t even want to start thinking about going down that road for another ten or fifteen years at least, but when he pictures things that far ahead (which, if anyone asks, he never does) he sees blue eyes and his smirk and hockey games and dance recitals and a lot of ‘Der-ek’ and that stuff doesn’t just happen, and his dad got a second chance but Derek would kind of like to get it right the first time, so.

Screw it.

He gets up. Sam and Ralph ask where he’s going but he doesn’t bother to answer. It feels like it takes longer than it should to get to her table, like he’s moving in slow motion, and her eyes are wide and locked on his and when he finally gets to her there’s an awkward moment where he’s standing and she’s sitting and she’s waiting for him to sit down and he’s waiting for her to stand up but eventually they’re both standing and he’s trying to will himself to pull the trigger and kiss her already.

She beats him to it. It’s an innocent (as innocent as kissing your step-brother in a cafeteria full of people can really be) press of her lips against his, which is very sensible given their current situation but the thing about that is that Derek doesn’t care, so he pulls her back in and then there’s nothing innocent about it.

Someone clears their throat behind him and he doesn’t care. Someone taps him on the shoulder and guess what? He doesn’t care. His plan is pretty much to keep kissing her until he suffocates and dies.

And then a teacher is yelling and Casey is pulling away. People are staring at them. A couple of idiots whistle. They’re being more or less pulled to the office and a few more idiots make noise and Casey’s entire face is bright red. But she’s smiling.

So Derek really, really doesn’t care.

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While it's not inherently a bad or problematic ship or anything, Cre///ek makes me really uncomfortable, as a gay man, because of its origins and how they got together. I read fanfiction and shit, but I'm just not feeling it. I get vagued and unfollowed all the fucking time just for saying I dislike it and it's the worst.

i like cr/e.ek a lot, however you’re not the first person to express this exact opinion?? and it definitely shouldn’t be met with the amount of backlash you’ve gotten.

there’s still an ugly expectation that marginalized people have to wholly like whatever little canon representation we get in media, that we’re not allowed to have criticisms or taste preference. and in the case it rubs us the wrong way and we express such it’s taken as x-phobic and it’s counterproductive and not good, at all.

Konoene/Harutaka twitter bot translations! ;v; someone told me they’d like it so it’ll be the last thing I translate for today!


“I…think…girls look pretty when they look and act cute…”

“Aah, O..Okay.”

“Most of all, the ones who don’t shout a lot…and are kind.”

“Ek, the description doesn’t fit me at all!”

“Yes…I hope our baby’s a bit different from ene”



“Ene…wake up, it’s something important…!” “Eh? W…what could it be?…” “Look…when you look at boys from the side…their torsos are flat…but girls aren’t…they have something round that pops up I heard. So…ene’s a boy…!”

‘Please stop…!!!’

3. 「Aaah, these people, they made a weird update again!」「Hmm? Takane, what’s an update?」「It’s the type of thing where they add and fix the contents of the game!! Ugh but they keep adding unnecessary things these days…」「Ah, so it’s like how Takane looks prettier with hair down!」「Hey you」

4.「Stayed up the whole night-hooray for holiday season-」「Takane, did you pull an all-nighter?」「A-Ah-I’m alright I’m totally under control-」「…」「….Takane, are you…sleeping? 」「…cute」

+bonus: shinaya in the

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