lot decor

Halloween 2016

the signs as suburban haunts

ARIES: flattened paper boats scattered like the remains of a murdered animal along a dried up river, rundown motels with their blasted neon signs and smashed-in windows, pink streamers from some neighborhood child’s birthday party shuffling across the street like bright tumbleweed, a train rattling off into the breathless night & the trace remnants of a week old bonfire found in the middle of nowhere. 

TAURUS: chipped paint, shattered shot glasses lying across an abandoned pool table missing a few billiard balls, flyers rustling like autumn leaves against the tempestuous tides of the wind, advertising concerts & magic shows that took place in 2005, the sillage of old perfume clogging up the air, still thick as the scent of blood or wildflowers.

GEMINI: the corpse of a cigarette that hasn’t touched a mouth in months, a dilapidated playground where lost souls come out to play, threadbare curtains ripped like the wings of a dissected bird, strange red-brown stains across the hotel bedsheets, a gate grown weary with new-forming foliage & age, whining erroneously whenever maneuvered. 

CANCER: an empty casket, coffee rim imprints across hardwood tables, an old, tattered shoe lying haphazardly on the side of the road, a junkyard littered with ancient cars still soggy with stories, a pick-up with a broken windshield, a cadillac with a massacred paint job, someone’s motorcycle with blood staining the front tire, an askew portrait with eyes that follow you around the room.

LEO: a carnival horse with one eye scratched out, a daycare centre that shut down years ago, plagued with the colorful ghosts of children’s drawings still tacked to the crumbling walls, a spiral staircase that seems to shift direction when nobody’s paying attention, crunched up beer cans rolling across an empty rooftop & lichen kissing the concrete. 

VIRGO: the supermarket, flickering & eerie at night like the shadows unearthed beneath troubled eyes, owls stirring in between the murmuring trees, a single upturned grave in a cemetery that isn’t supposed to be notorious for hauntings, an old fountain still glistening with pennies that are no longer considered currency, a collapsed bottle of wine running the tiles red.

LIBRA: handprints imprinted onto fogged-up windows, red rooms crowded with developing photographs of people whose faces you recognize but cannot quite place, broken doll heads, a necklace that erupted into a sea of pearls, a deflated blow up kiddie pool collecting parched grass and critters, a busted arcade game & the laughter of people long gone still trapped inside the walls.

SCORPIO: books with grimacing yellow pages, someone attempting to sell you a cursed object on etsy, a leaky shower-head, a clock that’s stuck in time, a torn, unravelled couch sitting deserted in someone’s front lawn, candy stores that proclaim sales on expired sweets & ruddy patches of farmland. 

SAGITTARIUS: basements stacked with unwanted toys, a box of thin-mints, footsteps reverberating around the house when it’s 2 AM and you’re home alone, a burned down lemonade stand, that weird alien light in the third window of your neighbor’s house that never seems to get turned off, a certain rattling coming from the kitchen.

CAPRICORN: rain pummeling against damp ceilings, clothes ripped off the washing line, an empty aquarium, obscure little thrift stores that sell leather jackets from the eighties, gas station lights flirting with you from the distance, the alley where they say the vagabonds roam their night countries, sniffing up and dressing down and slitting the throats of angels.

AQUARIUS: those tiny coffee shops that fill you with nostalgia for places you’ll never visit, ‘JESUS LOVES YOU’ spray-painted across the sides of ramshackle buildings, an antique almirah scratched to high hell, a monster in the closet, the tunnel beneath the bridge that half the town believes is a gateway to hell, smoking up in trip mall parking lots. 

PISCES: halloween decor presented in shop windows a couple months early, visiting that lake where you heard that one kid drowned, the garage door slamming without cause or notice, storing fireflies in jars, drugstore makeup, birthday cake flavored oreos, a wheeled desk chair that seems to turn on its own when nobody’s in the office, a candle snuffed out on a windless evening.

Tumblr aesthetics are cool and all, but there’s nothing quite like making your town as you as possible. 

If you like balloon furniture, decorate with it! If you like to have non-matching PWPs, build ‘em! If you like your villagers’ houses to be helter skelter and all over the place, let ‘em be!

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

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i have a question for the science side of tumblr: how is jensen so broad and yet so tiny

BRO I KNOW Jensen’s Broadness ruins me on a daily basis. Look at this shit. What the fuck.

And yet??? Somehow???? ALSO???? He smol????

Look at that waist!!!!! He’s practically trim what the fuck. WHAT rthe fuc k. I’m insulted.

Madd can tell you more about this than I can but Jensen’s weight definitely fluctuates so I think that has something to do with it? And I have no idea what his workout routine is like but his muscle mass changes.

When I hugged him at Seacon he was also quite broad. Square. But he was also SOFT. I touched definite love handle. There isn’t a lot of decorative muscle mass on Jensen, it’s all functional. Which is why he looks like this normally:

And THIS when he’s actually pushing himself for a role:

Brick shit house, man. Functional strength and workout cycles. Fuck me up.

Lunaticavillage 1 year and 1k+ gift

Hey guys! Another toddler bedroom for your sims! I love to make them! 23 new meshes including toy, bed, bookshelf, rug, wall sticker, 3 cushions (with recolors), pillow, blankets, bench, sibis car, 2 lamps, and lots of decor. All cames with swatches. Thanks for following me! Hope you enjoy.



AND I WANT TO THANK @sssvitlans for all the sets that you’ve rebloged from me and the meshes that I use to compose my pictures too. Thank you Lana!


Please read my tou and be carefull some of the meshes are highpoly so use carefully! 


I’m always kind of surprised that in all those posts about, like, Target and Walmart being #liminalspaces, I never see anyone mention Ross, because it has that same cast-adrift-in-the-sea-of-time-and-terrible-fluorescent-lighting feel, but also some, like, legitimately weird and unnerving stock?

For instance:

This skull promised to make me King of All England. I mean, it also told me I would go mad and die within five years of taking the throne, but there are pros and cons to every Cursed Image. 

The red one wants you dead. (The blue one is indifferent to your fate.)

They have no eye sockets.

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I just need to comment how much I love the fact that they seem to now have separate spaces for filming and living!! I can't understand how weird it must've been to not have a place in their old house that was just theirs, and I'm happy to think they may get this privacy now (and if they do decide to share little bits of the upstairs part, then great. But I hope they do what makes them more comfortable!!)

They’ve made their upstairs a sanctuary and away from work while their downstairs is where they’ll record everything and I’m so happy about that because I can imagine how flustered dan and phil could’ve gotten in the london apartment having no space to themselves that didn’t remind them of making videos and to hide away IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM AND THE LONDON DUPLEX WILL BE GREAT

it’s funny how just a few lines from dnp’s own mouths about a certain issue can completely change the way you see something that you thought you’d fully thought through and had a grasp of before. i was quite certain that in this new place they would likely not film in their bedroom(s) because i thought i understood, on an intellectual level at least, how awful it must be to know that millions of people can constantly look into the places where you live/sleep and generally have all of the intimate, personal, human moments of your life. it just made no sense to me for two people who are so, so private and value that privacy so much. i’ve frequently thought about how they might have felt trapped in this house that they chose and the filming habits they developed when they were five years younger and more naive about the degree to which their audience would continue to grow and grow. but somehow it hit me in a more visceral way today, and in a sharper way, to hear dan talk about how they were going crazy in that house, not just for the somewhat silly/comedic reasons they listed in their announcement video but because their whole house was also their filming set. he talked about how the gaming office was also their actual office and their whole house is always full of cameras and lights. it made me think so much more deeply about what it must be like to live that way, in which the physical space that you occupy and that you treat as a haven and a sanctuary–the only place you’re ever away from prying eyes–is still constantly exposed to those same prying eyes all the time bc you have nowhere else to go. and shelling out money for another filming space (”an office” like many popular youtubers have started renting separately from their homes over the past few years) never seemed like a move dnp could make. they are apathetic and probably legitimately anxious in certain ways to leave their home,  and they seem to genuinely enjoy working from home and staying inside as much as they can. and shooting their vids in the place they live gives them a ton of flexibility– like the ability to film at 3am, which seems to have become habitual for them. 

basically. without rambling about this for too long. i’m emotional in the best way that they’ve found a place that presents a perfect solution to these issues that they’ve had to live with for so long. i’m just so so happy for them. they’ve created a way to continue working from home but to also have an actual home where they can be fully and authentically themselves and never have to worry about the fact that millions of people know everything about how they live. they can still show us that truer part if they want, but only on their own terms–through photos and very brief or occasional filming,,, whatever they want to do basically. but they are setting the expectation and standard from the get go that that portion of the house is theirs. and this speaks volumes to me. it’s such an immense show of commitment to their relationship and to their future–it shows that their life together (their personal life, not their professional one) is something that they think needs to be protected and nurtured and cherished and everything about that is so lovely <3  at the same time they have gone to great lengths to also ensure that we feel comfortable with this change–they’re making sure that their filming locations are set up in ways that we are familiar with, utilizing a lot of the decor and tidbits that we’ve grown to love and that also mean a lot to them. they’re not filming in some sterile location that is stripped of everything personalized and human. things like the sofa crease and the muse poster and phil’s bedspread and whatnot–items that were originally bought bc they meant something to dan and phil but that eventually also took on great meaning to the audience–those things will still form the backdrops to the content they make. but upstairs they’re giving themselves the chance to fill a new space with presumably new things and new memories that are all for them. i don’t know how anyone could think about that and not just feel a little bit faint about how much dnp clearly value each other and this life that they share. it’s enough to make my head spin haha :) i’m so happy for them, and so content when i think about the peace and promise that this move might be bringing to their lives.

LV SKY ADVENTURE (Toddlers bedroom)

Hi!! Here is a new set for your toddlers! The bed works in game! There are 30 new meshes including Wall paper, floor, curtain, rug, bed, wall lamp and ceiling ballon lamp, dresser, lots of decor and some toys. 

Please read my Tou! You need sims 4 luxury party stuff so the floor can works properly. 

Be carefull some of the meshes are high poly so if you use, do it carefully. 


@yumiaplace @daer0n @sssvitlans @dreamteamsims @minc7878

Have fun!


Send a symbol for headcanons on my muse's bedroom!

🔒- Are their doors typically locked?
📐- Do they keep things neat and orderly?
🎨- What color are the walls?
🌸- Do they keep any plants?
⚫️- What kind of floors do they have?
📚- Do they have lots of books?
📅- Are there lots of wall decorations? If so, what kinds?
🗄- What kind of furniture is in the room?
🛏- What does their comforter look like?
🔪- Are there any weapons in the room?
🗑- How full would their trash can typically be?
🖥- Are there any electronics in the room?
🏠- Is it a room in a house, apartment, castle, mansion, or anything else?
🌃- How many windows are there, if any?
🏆- Are there any awards or trophies on display?
🎸- Do they have any instruments in their room?
⚽️- Is there ever any sports equipment in their room?
🍔- Typically, can food or remnants of food be found in their room?
🐶- Are you likely to see a pet in the room?
👕- Are they organized with their clothes, or can they be found on the floor?
◻️- Any mirrors? If so, how many?


Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge 

This was SO hard! No one tagged me but it seemed like a really fun challenge.

I couldn’t help myself and had to decorate it, so it’s $19,6-something but anyway! I tried this challenge 3 other times and couldn’t build something under $20k that wasn’t butt ugly, but inspiration struck tonight!  I totally stole @mlyssimblr‘s brilliant idea to use photos/paintings that your sims make on the lot for more art/decor options. 

some features:

  • fake campfire (I couldn’t believe campfires weren’t BG!! But duh, outdoor retreat)
  • curtains as doors
  • cozy outdoor candlelit reading area
  • space for like 5 sims to dance
  • an unnamed bass fish who I think should be called lance bass
  • some clutter that might be floating/clipping through things
  • originally I had part of the truck in the house as if it was an RV camper thing but it looked weird so now there’s just some empty blocked off space in the house hah

it’s up on the gallery if anyone wants it! origin id: bottsbotts 

place with bb.moveobjects on in build mode and not from the map!! 

One of These Nights (4/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

part 1 - part 2 - part 3

and here’s part 4! ^^ i’ll try and get this whole fic up on ao3 sometime soon as well. this part goes through hello era, up to swc 1, and ends with jongyu having to say some goodbyes for a while since shinee is beginning their japanese debut (2011).

also, fun note maybe: i imagine that in this au, jong got the inspiration for one of his early songs from the last scene – i kinda wonder if it’s obvious which one, but hopefully y’all can enjoy it! there might be a bigger gap between this part and the next than there was between 3 and 4, because i haven’t started editing the next bit yet. ^^; but i’ll try to keep it MUCH shorter than the gap between 2 and 3 was, lmao.

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Today I tried to create my “dream room”, a place where I can read books in a relaxing atmosphere, listen to a vintage record player and work on my computer. The owl is definitely my spirit animal, so yes, I placed owls everywhere lol I decorated the room with the new stuff I downloaded in the last months and damn, I’m loving this cc so much ._. 

Of course, I will never have a room like this in my house, but let me dream D: