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Halloween 2016


Today I tried to create my “dream room”, a place where I can read books in a relaxing atmosphere, listen to a vintage record player and work on my computer. The owl is definitely my spirit animal, so yes, I placed owls everywhere lol I decorated the room with the new stuff I downloaded in the last months and damn, I’m loving this cc so much ._. 

Of course, I will never have a room like this in my house, but let me dream D:

So Donald Trump crashed my birthday party, and of course I couldn’t tell him to leave because, hey, scary security guys. So me and my friends came up with a plan to MAKE him WANT TO leave. In other words we were extremely petty and somehow made a lot of anti-Trump decorations and party games, just to get under his skin (we had a “pin the tail on the Trump” game, and Bernie appeared for about ten seconds in the dream just during that game). I also remember he tried to steal my cake.

The roof is on

It’s a shame not to have detailed roofs in our game, so there is a kind of solution to that. You can actually replace roof texture of every lot (one by one) in your hood, but be aware of that it will disappear every time the lot is saved. Might work flawlessly on community lots though. Okay, let’s just start!
Things you’ll need:
— SimPE (with Nvidia DDS plugin)  
— Graphic editor of choice (I will use good old Photoshop CS4)
— Patience

Let’s choose which lot we want to see with better roofs first. Thyme has lots of them. But I’d be happy to start with this one. Take a screenshot of your lot, you might need it soon:

This old town block would look great with more variety in roof detail, so let’s proceed.

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The poster on Bitty’s wall in the final panel of 3x9 is the promotional poster for “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” - which I think is interesting in that it very directly references her relationship with Jay Z (wow, what a coincidence?). One might infer from “Lemonade” that they’ve had a bit of trouble with that relationship in the not-too-distant past, but at least the internet gossip sites seem to be reassuring me that they’re working on it, and (again according to the internet gossip sites) part of the solution seems to have been to make time for each other even as Beyoncé was going out on a large-scale tour… to not let their relationship take a back seat to their careers, in other words.

anonymous asked:

i would like to hear more of this haunted retail hell

One of three more stories I have(that I can recall my memory is shittier as I get older) is another coworker’s story. It was in the arts and crafts store that I worked at years ago. In fact, it was the first paranormal story I have in my work history. It was around Christmas and she was ringing up items for a customer. It was a lot of Christmas decor, nothing else. She was ringing along until she came across this Angel Christmas Tree topper. She reached for it and it slid away from her. Confused, she reached again and it slid away again. When she looked up, thinking the customer changed her mind, she met a confused gaze. The customer never pulled it away from her. In fact, she had her hands in her purse looking for her wallet. She asked the customer if she saw that. She did. Awkward silence.  But DESPITE THIS the customer still fucking bought the demonic tree topper. The other story I have, if anyone if interested, is personal and followed directly behind this one after I earned my keyholder status. -Abby


Also i did the $10,000 house challenge and it was the worst thing ever but i think it turned out okay??

I put it up on the Gallery (the non cc version) my ID is Mirandakaylene

Even though it doesn’t have any cc (I went through and double checked, it still says there is CC on it so you guys will have to check the “include custom content” box :/ )

If you use it and redecorate it, tag me in it so I can see your lovely homes <3