“ Beauty isn’t ‘How we look’. Beauty is in the inside. Everyone has beauty, so don’t give up, EVER. Everyone has beauty! It’s how you make friends, it’s how you act, it’s your likes, your dislikes, it’s just all you! It’s what makes us special. So don’t ever think you don’t have beauty, it’s not true! God gave us all beauty. And the way you respect it, or not, is deciding if we go to Hell or Heaven.”


psycho Jungkook


Hi everyone,

I’ve done a little coding on my blog to block out the person who originally complained about the Gilded Cage epilogue. I don’t know if they sent me more messages or not. However, they’re logged as hitting my page in excess of a hundred times a day to check the notes on various posts relevant to the issue.

Hopefully, this won’t affect anyone else.

Edit: They’re now using anonymous proxies to bypass the code. I’m not sure whether to be flattered by their interest or annoyed by their persistance.