Tamersonaweek day 7: Share the love!

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A HUGE thanks goes out to anybody and everybody who participated in the first of hopefully many Tamersona weeks!!!!!

I drew up a few great participants, but I WISH I HAD THE TIME TO DO MORE, I promise I will, they’ll come out slowly but more will be made as genuine thanks for helping to make this project such a fun hit!!! (dont be surprised if I randomly message you and ask how to draw your hair or if I’m drawing the right clothes lol)

You all had such great stories to tell and such great art to share, I legitimately cannot thank you all enough from the bottom of mi ding damned heart

I rewatched Saikai!

Just to get hyped for Soshitsu and tweeted a bunch of stupid stuff.

Here are all my tweets from the recap.

  • the egg scene at the beginning of saikai is so weird 
  • seeing the 02 kids being defeated HURTS LIKE HELL
  • why is hikari so specific and complicated with her ice cream order, she’s such a white girl
  • i can’t believe that first scene of saikai is the most Sorato we’ve seen in tri so far
  • knife of ramen is still the most iconic quote of these films
  • koushiro reading all the specifications for mimi’s plane trip agdiwbfj he’s so weird
  • jou really looked miserable on the first film it’s sad
  • i love sora’s monologue scene so much she’s such a queen
  • i love how she called koushiro to ask for boy advice IT GIVES ME LIFE
  • taichi’s soccer teammates are such pervs how can taichi ignore it
  • how can takeru have so many girlfriends if he’s so gay
  • rip Taichi’s cute little bicycle
  • has kuwagamon always been so huge tho
  • the first time agumon appears is so epic don’t even @ me
  • it still makes no sense how when greymon and kuwagamon started fighting it was the afternoon and out of the blue it became dark
  • forever salty that they didn’t show everyone’s reunion with their partners #IWantedToCry
  • daigo literally pushed taichi in the middle of a fight between a FUCKING DINOSAUR AND A GIGANTIC BUG TAG YOUR ADULT GOALS AYCIWBF
  • seeing piyomon clinging into sora’s leg hurts much more now that we know AH 
  1. but how did the secret organization got to contact the Digimon and did they contact Agumon as well? 
  2. Sora and Koushiro make the best team I love my redhead children
  3. isn’t it funny how joe and mimi were missing from the Haneda fight and they happened to be the next protagonists
  4. i love the way Birdramon shines
  5. lol @ Mimi talking non-stop to Maki, a total stranger who kidnapped from the airport
  6. tri. staff really managed Mimi’s return to Japan in such a poor way
  7. Jou and Gomamon’s reunion makes my heart go warm
  8. how did Mimi know in which class Koushiro was anyway
  9. Meiko is so awkward hahahaha
  10. Two guys were saying bad things about the Digimon and Yamato APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE WANTING TO KILL THEM I’M SCREAMING
  11. i still love how Sora was watching everything from the window she knows she can’t leave her boys alone not even one second
  12. I still can’t believe how Koushiro was sharing very important information and everyone decided to IGNORE HIM
  13. “I’ll ask my dad to interfere on the media” YAMATO IS SUCH A MALFOY
  14. Yamato is the number one diva I will not accept a different opinion
  15. Takeru and Hikari: don’t worry Sora, we’ll both talk with your crazy boyfriends
  16. Mimi teasing Sora about Taichi and Yamato just convinces me 100% that the three of them are in a relationship okay
  17. I ship Daigo with donuts
  18. “Gennai gave us all the information about you and the Digimon" 

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  • koushiro’s scene with Takeru’s still my favorite I LOVE THEM TO DEATH 
  • Tentomon crying because Koushiro’s a weirdo RT if you agree
  • Taichi admitting that he’s scared breaks my heart
  • It’s still super weird the fact that Koushiro owns a fucking condo by 16
  • Koushiro easily creates a cyber space and everyone acts as if that was the most normal thing in the world
  • Koushiro is a fucking genius why is he still hanging out with a bunch of losers
  • Sora is the sweetest with Meiko I love girl power
  • Taichi feeling hungry all the time is literally me.
  • Imagine if Alphamon had killed Meicoomon in the first OVA lol
  • I love how Koushiro has a Pokedex on his laptop
  • Here we have Yamato saving Meiko pt 1
  • Again, Koushiro and Sora make the best fighting duo in history of fighting duos
  • I wonder if Meiko had seen Alphamon before… otherwise, how did she not shit her pants
  • Taichi and Yamato are so gay
  • I still don’t get how Omegamon could appear so easily
  • Omegamon and Alphamon’s fight is still the most epic fight from tri. like wow
  • Daigo looks so good in a suit dayum

Meiko: I have a Digimon partner 

Everyone and their mother: 

  • I lowkey thought Jou was gonna become evil after watching the post-credit scene the first time. I even made theories and shit. 
  • The very last scene of Saikai SCREAMS TAIORATO SO LOUDLY i honestly don’t know how I’m still alive.

If you read all of these wow kuddos, friend. Hopefully I’ll do the same with  Ketsui and Kokuhaku.




first of all, i hated having to choose just a few of you to draw so much. I wish I had the energy, talent, and time to draw every single one of you, but i had to pick just a few due to natural human constraints lol. i loved reading and seeing everything you produced and tamersona week is literally my favorite thing

anyway, i hope i was able to do you you all that i DID draw justice. you all kept me captivated by your stories and your drawings, and the detail you put into these!! thanks for participating in tamersona week, i am glad i got to be a part of this.

thanks @elecmon for putting on this event!! it was great, and i loved being part of it. if you need any help for any future events, let me know!

and seriously guys - if any of you ever wanna roleplay your self inserts hit me up. i would be more than stoked to join in, start a discord thread, whatever.

happy tamersona week!!

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Tamersona Day 7: Share the Love

Well I usually hate these kind of thing because I don’t like leaving people out but here we go. Obviously a huge shout out to @elecmon, can’t even list how wonderful she was this week!

@1ggyness@beelko, @lighdramons, @punkrockpan, for being supportive to everyone!

@icewolf741@knifeoframens, @ladykiradevimon, @mametyramon, @nekoharuko, @partiallyaquatic, @pasteltamago@tangy-sweetlove, @thenotsomagnificent@thepastyman: for having original digimon/clothing styles etc. because those are the best (if you had an unique style/digimon and I didn’t see it let me know)

also @everyone else who took part in this week it was fun!

Am I too lenient with 02???

I mean I fully acknowledge may of its flaws I can think of so many things it could do better, like I have a list

But I still think it did a lot of things really good??? I’m not as angry about some things as a lot of other fans are??? I’m not salty about 99.9% of things in 02 which is interesting because I’m really salty about everything??? I don’t know???