[Tri] ANI-ON Station cafe goods, menu

Previously announced Chapter 4 collaboration Music Cafe in Ani-ON Station has updated their exclusive goods, drinks and food menu.

The menus are split into 2 different menus depends on dates.

First menu will be available between February 23rd- March 12th.

The Drink menu includes:

Taichi’s “Courage” Drink: Orange Juice with Orange and diced strawberry

Sora’s “Love” Drink: Cranberry drink with strawberry syrup and mix berry

Hikari’s “Light” Drink: Strawberry syrup with Yogurt and diced strawberry

Mimi’s “Innocent” Drink: Melon soda with Vanilla ice cream and pink jelly sugar

Second menu will be available between March 13th - March 30th

The Drink menu includes:

Yamato’s “Friendship Drink”“ Blue curren with Cider and lemon

Koushiro’s "Knowledge” Drink: Grape drink witth Cider and Blue Berry

Jou’s “Honest” Drink: Coffee with milk

Takeru’s “Hope” Drink: Pinapple syrup with cider and star shape pineapple

Meiko’s “Meiku” Drink: Blackcurrant syrup with water and kiwi

First half of Food menu (February 23rd- March 12th):

  • The plate that filled Agumon’s stomach
  • Piyomon’s Strawberry parfait
  • Palmon’s green tea fountain cake
  • Tailmon’s omurice

Second half of the food menu (March 13th - March 30th):

  • Gabumon’s Pancake
  • Tentomon’s Tomato risotto
  • Gomamon’s Gomamon Flan
  • Patamon’s Burger set
  • Meicoomon’s Orange cheese cake

The special goods are included the 9 Chosen children’s acrylic keychains and Mini pouch bags

We have the titles for the Chosen Children’s character songs!

-Taichi: The courageous puzzle (puzzle of the courage)
-Yamato: To me (to me)
-Sora: The place where dreams come true
-Koshiro: Memory Cake (a piece of memory)
-Mimi: Go My Way
-Joe: I can not
-Takeru: Kibou no Tsubasa (wings of hope)
-Hikari: Ring