Knowledge and Understanding

Koushiro’s primary issues deal with connecting with people. Not only does Koushiro not open up to people, others also don’t really seem to connect with Koushiro in turn. For a good chunk of the series, Koushiro keeps to himself, hiding behind his laptop screen to solve this or that mystery and never voicing any negative feelings over people or events. As such, Koushiro isn’t exactly antisocial. Koushiro is very aware and capable of social niceties, but he mostly uses these as a buffer, his politeness both deflecting conflicts and giving off the impression that he’s likeable, even when, on the inside, he feels no connections to the people around him.

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This mutant Digimon is a computer desktop trashcan come to life. Its trashcan is like a black hole and anything sucked inside disappears completely from the Digital World. It fires junk from a bazooka made out of cans. 

Do you remember being a little kid and the hand-me-down Macs in the school computer lab had a little Oscar the Grouch animation appear every time you emptied the trash can?  That’s this guy, I guess.  That’s kind of adorable.