gatchi gatchi gatchi, gatchi gatchi gatchi ~
The idea behind Appmon is stupid as hell, I think, but so far the series had it’s fun parts. I’m interested in where this is going. Also, it’s pretty cool to not have a dragon/dinosaur partner for the protagonist for a change


Ok, let’s spend a few words about my Magical/Digital girls au, nope, no girls, but PEOPLE! I’d really love to write about this au, in future. u^u 

There will be Ken, Miyako and Hikari doing the magical stuff and more non-magical characters, and Digimon cuties, of course. <3 And Daiken, obvious.

Aaaand I’ve just realized that this doodlepage is full of butts. I’m sorry. It’s not supposed to be a porn story.




Mystic Bastemon

Woho, activity here, beware! xD
The japanese Twitter user Zaebos999 allowed me to color his sketch of Bastemon. (Google translate can indeed help a bit.)
Had the flatcolor laying around for a while and since I wanted to shade something quick after a longer time I finally finished this. I just love Bastemon’s colors. <3
And I know that she hasn’t make-up like this, but the sketch just looked like she had and I wanted to go with it.
Also played around with some effects, my interpretation of her Attack ‘Helter Skelter’ or at least the beginning of it.

Sketch ©  Zaebos999
Colors © Pikuna/Me