*Real World Post*

Run away, she’s posting from the REAL world….

Anyhow, got *kinda* tagged to do this, so…

Full Name: Myth Re-Sear Mask.

Other Names: Lost, LostSketcher, Sketch, Myth.

Title: “The Glitch of MCSM”, “The Glitch”, “Glitch”.

Age: (Books One-Two/ Season One of MCSM) 16.

Gender: Female.

Race: Human.

Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual.

Origin: Unknown beyond “her world” or “the real world”.

Current Location: “The Real World” (If RP’ing, then she exists in the Minecraft Story Mode universe and either has yet/has already and has come back from her world).

Nationality: Mythical Land of Insane People (I refuse to put the real name of where she lives, as it is never to be mentioned.)

Spoken Languages: English, slight German.

Religion: Never mentioned (if mentioned in RP’s, she is Christian/monotheistic).

Height: Five feet.

Body Type: Straight.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Hazel.

Tattoos: None.

Piercings: None.

Educational Background: High school student, not yet graduated.

Social Media: None.

Smoking: None.

Drinking: None.

Drugs: None.

Athletics: Slightly out of shape, but more fit than most others where she lives.

Hobbies: Drawing, doodling, writing, singing, dancing, swimming.

Virgin: Yes.

Favorite Drink: (MCSM Universe) Haste Potion.

Favorite Food: Cookies.

Favorite Music: Nightcore.

Clothing Style: (Book One) Comfortable/darkly colored clothing, (Book Two) bright yellow armor with light blue shoulder pads/shoes, ALWAYS WEARS A LANYARD.

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