Dear Best Friend,

    I need you right now. I mean, I need you most of the time, but I really need you right now. I want to talk face to face with you and whisper with you. I want to sneak into the kitchen at one in the morning with you so that I can make food and we can eat it in weird ways. I want to tell you about all the cool things I’ve done, the people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard. Why can’t you live closer? I really miss you, and I really need you. I’m sorry I lost the charger to my ipod so we can’t talk to each other. Please teleport over here right now.

Love, Your Best Friend

cassian-anddor  asked:

So I'm writing a short story/novelette, and there's a lot of background information that is 100% necessary in order for the story to make any sense. I know prologues are frowned upon in the first place, but I'm almost certain I need one. My problem is, I don't know if having one is ok for such a short story, or if I need to work it in another way.

You definitely don’t want a prologue for a short story. 

Honestly, you say it’s 100% necessary to have this background information for your story to make sense, but is it really? You may need to just give your readers credit and let them fill in the gaps on their own. Short stories aren’t about building worlds (as novels often are) but about telling little snapshots of much bigger stories. 

If your gut is still telling you all this background information is necessary, then maybe it’s time for you to recognize you’re actually meant to be writing a novella or a novel.

cassian-anddor  asked:

I asked you a question a while ago about my short story and you said not to include a prologue. The foundation is a little bit scifi/time travel, and the story makes zero sense unless at least a little of that is established almost immediately. The setting or characters reveal nothing. Is there a way I could convey the necessary backstory at the beginning of the story? (It's definitely a short story, it focuses on one encounter.)

Trust in your readers more to figure out things as you go along. Lay out hints here and there. Realize that readers don’t need to know everything up-front and, in fact, figuring out what’s going on can be just as interesting as what’s actually happening. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but a prologue just doesn’t make sense in this context.

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1. Worst habit?

Beating up on myself when other people offend me.

2. Relationship with parents?

Eh, so so. Like, we aren’t super bad, but I’m often left alone, they aren’t very attentive a lot of the time.

3. Best friend?

I’ve got a few. :)

4. OTP? Your OTP of all OTPs. 

Ohhh, probably Karkat and Terezi. Though I like Celios a lot too, and that;s more tangible and less painful.

5. You can have dinner with one person, living or dead, who do you pick?

I have atrocious table manners. >.> Uh, Misha Collins?

6. You can sleep with one person, living or dead, who do you pick?

I’m Asexual, heh. ^^; So maybe my boyfriend? (strong maybe)

7. If you could insert yourself into any fictional universe, where would you go and what role would you choose for yourself? Bystander? Villain? Younger sibling? Whatever you want.

I am Kaiera Ai Tanay of the dark forest of Volorania. I am a bestuvarian princess warrior, a younger sister, and an aunt. I’m also a fuckin’ boss.

8. Three wishes.

I wish people didn’t have to feel pain for no reason
I wish I could talk to people better than I do
I wish everyone was a lot nicer to each other.

9. Fictional character you most relate to?

Karkat Vantas. I’m the rage monster, but I’m also very sensitive, and I understand that feeling like people won’t take the real you seriously bit, I’m there a lot.

10. Favorite book?

The Manga for Fullmetal Alchemist

11. Fuck, marry, kill. Sam, Dean, Castiel. (Thor, Loki, Tony if you don’t watch supernatural. or just do both.)

Fuck Dean, marry Castiel and kill Sam (Because Dean would probably find some way to bring him back anyways)

Fuck Loki, Marry Thor and kill Tony.


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anonymous asked:

Do you love your Lost Prince?

Why? Is he okay? Is he alright? The snake got out didn’t it? I knew he’d pull something while I’m away…ugh. Should I call him? You think he’s fine…he has to be fine…one of his children happen to be a snake. Maybe he ran out of ice pops. I should run to the store. AH! I wish he’d tell me these things…!

It’s like taking care of two grown men…I never signed up for this “mother” thing.