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Hi! 😆 Can I have a ship with BTS, please? I'm very carefree, open and happy in general. I'm the type to say ok to anything without Any regrets. I tend to be easy to read and be able to get over lostp/sadness faster than others. Friends say I'm bubbly, funny, approachable and reliable. I'm very forgetful and pretty lazy. Observing people, arts, languages CHOCOLATE and a long nice walk are LOVE❤️ Just no bugs. I get scare easily but horror movies are my fav! Thank you!

-Strong Jhope vibes-
I ship you with Hoppie!

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You’re both easily likeable and carefree with bubbly personalities. Never dwelling on what could have been and always focusing on the present.

Hoseok would love to take part in fun activities with you, always having an open mind - as long as said activities exclude:

He’d love to just sit down and admire your artwork but would most likely steal all your chocolate when you’re not looking and blame it on Tae.

Cos you two scare easily, snuggling during a horror movie is a must!
But prepare yourself for the flailing of arms every time there’s a jump-scare.

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