‘A Spaceship in Florence’, Italy, Florence, Piazza della Repubblica da Chris Ford
Tramite Flickr:
Portfolio | Travel Blog | Tumblr | Youtube |Contact Me Below is an excerpt from my travel blog. Cheers. I’m currently working on this photo while seated in of the bullet trains from Vienna to Budapest. I’m very impressed with the train system in Europe. I have a spacious seat with an area large enough to accomodate my laptop. I even have an electrical outlet to plug my computer into. I didn’t have to go through 10 security checkpoints to get on the train and it left on time without any dreaded delay because we needed to 'taxi’ to the appropriate runway or sit on a tarmac for an hour waiting for a line of 200 other airplanes to take off. It’s a great way to travel if you ask my opinion. The only downside to taking a train is that often it’s actually cheaper to fly from one destination to the next. It’s amazing to hear fellow travelers who have booked a flight from London to Berlin for 36 Euros or Paris to Milan for 30 Euros. What’s the profit margin for these airlines? I haven’t taken one of these budget airlines yet in Europe but I’m curious to know how many hidden fees are involved, whether or not they take off on time and if they cram as many people as they can onto the plane. I know my experience with budget airlines in Australia was not good. They’d often cancel a flight and explain to you that the next flight won’t be leaving for 8 hours and you’d just have to make do. For now, I’m happy taking the train. I hope the United States some day will get their act together and set up a sufficient train network. I know it’s easier said than done but I’m a huge fan of the comfort of train travel from one city to the next in Europe. The photo above is of a small carnival scene in the Piazza della Repubblica, located in the magnificent city of Florence, Italy.