Charlie Tahan - Lost boy - closed

Silence doesn’t speak to anyone except Peter and very few others because he’s very shy and very untrusting of most people. Silence doesn’t talk about his past before his time with Peter, and Peter has sworn never to speak of it. so many people know it’s bad. Silence does his best to avoid a whole lot of trouble but this doesn’t stop him from sneaking down to the pirates harbor to try and find out what’s going on with Hook and his crew.


“Put your faith in what you most believe in." "I’ve got to find my way, and I will survive some way.”

Tyler Zane ♢ Tarzan ♢ Twenty ♢ Wood Smith ♢ WAVERING

Short tempered

A small town hidden by the mask of the forest, held a population of three hundred people. For the town, that held too many people. Events would be held in the woods nearby, and meetings in the town hall. It was where everyone got together at once and met each other. Bringing the town to be one big family. But like all families, it was never peaceful or fair. Tyler, who lived with his Mother and Father. Both worked full time, left Tyler to take care of his younger disadvantaged brother who he adored. Everyone in the town knew of the special care that Charlie needed, and most had given him the special treatment. But there were a select few who made it a point to bully the younger Zane brother to tears.

Not many people in the area knew what was happening, as the other kids were rather crafty in their ways. Which brought more responsibility upon Tyler’s Shoulders to keep it a secret while protecting his brother without raising questions. Soon after he began picking fights, he was always given his space. Even though he hated being alone. No one wanted to be around the troublemaker, the rebel of the town. No parents wanted him to rub off on the other kids.
Tyler then adopted the reputation other had brought upon him. Walking around with a tough exterior no matter how much it pained him to see most of the people he grew up with afraid of him. One day when he was out with his younger brother, taking their casual stroll out in the town square. Had changed Tyler’s life and affected his brothers as well. A group of kids cornered Charlie, punching and harassing him while Tyler went to buy some lunch. When he found out what was happening, the older brother lunged onto the other guys. Easily throwing the shorter weaker ones away. And pounding on the larger, leader of the gang. Controlled by pure hate, he had knocked the guy unconscious and even then he didn’t stop. If it wasn’t for the town people hearing the commotion. Tyler would have killed the guy right then and there. With the town folk yelling at him, and with their own mother and father standing back doing nothing. He grabbed his younger brother and fled from the town into the surrounding woods. Not knowing that as he ran deeper and deeper into the deepest part of the woods. That everything he had known, everything his brother had known. Was going to change. To enraged by the situation that had happened back at his supposedly home. Tyler never noticed the slight change in the air, the blackness of the trees shimmering. Expect for when his resiting brother being pulled along behind him, had finally caught his breath to warn his older brother. That it was too late. They walked right into the mist. Confused and distorted, they walked out of the endless mist what felt like hours later to find themselves somewhere they have never seen before. Wicked World.

  • Even more protective over his brother now that they are in a whole new place. Even though his brother had come more out of his shell that he had arrived to Wicked World. Tyler is still worried others would pick on him.
  • His reputation had stuck with Tyler for many years, and he continues to walk with an air of arrogance, with his fist always prepared for any oncoming fight. Tyler has tried to become more open, but can’t find it in himself to do so.
  • On meeting Emmy, Tyler finds himself shocked over the fact that she sees past the exterior he keeps up. And sees Tyler for who he really is. He has become to respect the girl, and even started opening himself up to her.

Coul Sprouse - underlander/lost boy - open

Tweedledee’s twin brother they are alike in personality except for a select few traits, tweedledum is just a smidgen more patient than his brother and can often react to a situation faster. Tweedledum has a vague memory of their time as lost boys remember brief images of people with blurred faces that he doesn’t know but he remembers sometimes Chess being there, so that’s a start.


“Let’s assume that everyone in here doesn’t like me.” ”A fake reputation is all a man has.”

Flynn ‘Eugene’ Ryder ♢ Tangled ♢ Twenty-three ♢ Waiter ♢ WAVERING


The young Eugene is not where he’d imagined to be at this point of his life, working as a waiter, rather than the person being waited on. With a great amount of potential and a few bad choices, the darkhaired guy brought to life a person he preferred much more; Flynn Ryder. A man people had to respect, look up to and adore. Busy on the black market and dabbling in drugs dealing behind the scenes, and pretending to be either a hotshot model or actor or business man at one of the parties he’d sneak into at the venues he usually waits at.
Eugene is a dork, a kid who got bullied until high school for his thick rimmed glasses, duck teeth and silly name. It was a lame guy with no personality or even remotely intimidating. Between junior and senior year, Eugene got to work, deciding the little rural town he grew up in wasn’t good enough anymore and the appearance he had been bullied for for the past seventeen years had to change. And so it did. “Flynn Ryder” moved to the big city, with the plans of immediately hooking a job as a model for a big label from the moment he stepped off the bus. Turns out, all he stepped in was some dog crap.
Getting his hands on a job as a part time waiter and bartender, Flynn maintained his bad boy image by sneaking into parties which were held at the venue he worked at, on nights he had off. There, he’d chat up girls, pretending to be “Flynn Ryder, the world renowned photographer” or “Flynn Ryder, the up and coming actor”. He’s spend the night with these girls, until they saw through his facade and crappy furniture, leaving him to wake up in his bed all by himself the next morning.
One day, which started like that as well, only got worse when his unwanted attendance at parties got known to his boss, and he got fired as well. Not wanting to return to a home he had for good left behind, Flynn went job hunting, searching far and wide. An entire week he spent, roaming the streets of the bustling town, until a note shoved under his door, prompted him to check out one last job offer.
The blonde followed the address, which lead him to an old, seemingly abandoned chateau on the outskirts of the town. Throwing one last look at the green slip of paper, announcing an open spot for a waiter in a fancy French restaurant, Flynn let out a deep breathe. This was his last shot. If this job offer didn’t work out, he’d have nowhere else to go, no last resort.
The sun was setting, turning the blue sky a warm, yet eerie red, which hued the, probably closed “restaurant” in a swirling red. At least, that’s what he told himself. That restaurant “Le Monde Imaginaire” was located at the other side of the old castle’s semi ruins, and that the owner had closed down early today.
Two steps into the castle’s courtyard, told him differently. It was actually the rapidly moving, shimmering fog and gusts of wind which gave it away. The pink tinted mist swirled in circles around the square, stone courtyard, pushing him closer and closer to the well in the middle. As hard as Flynn tried to push back and make his way back out, he just kept nearing closer and closer to the pit until….
He woke up in another castle. But he wasn’t in England anymore. Flynn had woken up in the Wicked World. Now he had the choice; to be himself or who he imagined himself to be. To join the good forces.. or the evil

  • In the Wicked World, Flynn bumps into Rachel, a fierce girl who seemed nothing like any girl he’s ever met before. At times rather..unstable and naive, there is something in the the sheer confidence and of course, the beauty of the girl that draws him in. Of course, he’d never admit that to her. All he can possibly feel towards he is annoyance..right?
  • Butts heads with the horse of Warwick castle’s stables, Maximus, quite often, even though when time to fight comes, he proves to be a reliable companion.
  • Befriends Eric and Aladdin, feeling he has a few points in common with either of the boys.

Dylan Sprouse - underlander/lost boy - open

Tweedledee was once one of the twins in Robin’s group but after falling down a rabbit hole and hitting his head on a rock he doesn’t remember much of anything any more. Still childish he often argues with his brother and finishes his brothers thoughts which annoys most everyone. Tweedledee is short tempered and often when he gets too frustrated will hit his brother over the head, the action is repeated by Tweedledum but they only do it to each other, they often like to play a game in which you have to guess which is which.


“Now, Father, you’re living in the past. This is the 14th 21th century!”

Phil Lewis ♢ Sleeping Beauty ♢ Twenty-One ♢  WAVERING


Phil always had a care free attitude ever since he was a kid. He is the type of guy that would hang back, rather then be front and centre. Watching the scene before him, before stepping in and giving his piece. When he could form words, Phil could subtly persuade people to do what he wanted. This had increased his own lay back attitude and rather have people do his deed, then himself. Unless of course he wanted to do it himself. Living with a single father, had also given him the proper Father - Son relationship. But gave him the lack of a Women influence in his life. Which had caused him to regard girls as even more of a wondrous curiosity then most.

It had only taken one afternoon to persuade his father to allow him to be able to go out and see what life has for him. Finding that his easy life getting rather boring. Packed and ready, he drove in style, letting the road take it where ever it would lead. On the side of the road was an old mansion. Curious, Phil had pulled over and decided to see the building up close. As he stepped through the thorn covered door. A scream could be heard from far away as the floorboards snapped and let Phil fall down into the Mist that was lurking underneath. Before too long, Phil found himself in a land he had never seen on any of the maps in his father’s library.

  • Phil spent his first week quiet, watching others around him, getting a feel of the place. Assessing the situation before he began to introduce himself and find out who are possible allies, enemies and those who can be easily tricked.
  • Finding the place to be almost as inquisitive as the Mansion he and his father -Henry lived in.
  • Can work well with a sword, and is a champion in Fencing. Finding that Eric is a perfect companion in his sword practicing.
  • Makes it a point to go out of his way to show off around Andrea. Finding her constant dismissal and clear un-interest a challenge.

There’s something I know when I’m with you that I forget when I’m away.

Jake Davis ♢ Pocahontas ♢ Twenty ♢ ——- ♢ GOOD


If you wanted to find Jake, you would need to give up hours of your time. When the young boy would get an idea in mind, he doesn’t stop until he sees it through. Just like exploring. If he had an idea to travel to a certain place, he wouldn’t stop until he had reached that place. Feeling and accomplished and proud the he had made it. Years after years, he explored the depths of his town. And even past his own town. Jake would even go missing days on end and rock up back home a week later with a smile on his face and a bunch of new tales to tell to the neighbour hood kids.

Jake had heard about a new trip on sea. That there was a new island that had been made not to far away from the main land. Curious Jake set out to sea on a borrowed boat. All prepared to head out to sea with only him and two other people as his crew. A rough storm hit them and with Jakes aid they steered out of the storm, only to become off trail and into a part of the water that no man had ever been. The mist cloaked the boat and the area around them. The boat was pushed by a big gust of wind and unexpected Jake fell over board into the misty waters. He came out of the water only to find he wasn’t near his boat but in a whole different place.

  • Once he arrived, Jake settled down and found that the idea of staying long enough to explore the place. Wasn’t good enough for him. Jake found that he had found a place that will always surprise him, no matter what.
  • Taking on archery, Swordsmanship, gunmanship and even trying out Horse Riding. Finding a friend in Phil and Eric due to having a common interest.
  • Finds Dakota interesting and wants to know more about her life before coming to Wicked World. Slowly forming a friendship with the girl.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

Peter Grew ♢ Peter Pan ♢ Eighteen ♢ ——- ♢ GOOD


Peter grew up in a foster home. He was the oldest amongst the kids in the foster care. But that didn’t stop him from being the kid at heart that he was. Every Friday, was the day that he dreaded. The time that the Adults came down and choose one of them. But Peter was always lucky; in his own eyes he felt he was. His age was the only thing preventing him from being chosen. Until one faithful day when he was going to become of age, which age that if he didn’t get taken away that year. He would have to go into the world by himself. Truly afraid of being in the big world, he was saved by a peculiar woman. Claiming to him that she was a fairy Godmother.

When he left with just one bag filled with his possesions. He waved goodbye to the kids in the Adoption place with a heavy heart for a boy of his age. Peter followed the older woman out of the building and down the street passing the Zoo where he remembered spending some time looking at all the wonderous creatures, on a trip out. They turned around the corner, where the entrence was. It was his favourite part of the Zoo, it had two big Alligator heads, mouth open wide at each side of the gate. Running towards the Mouth he jumped into the jaw were he had on first coming here. A moment later, he felt and watched with horror as the mouth closed in on him. But it wasn’t dark it was just misty. Before he could even scream for help he was pushed into a whole new world where the alligator head was no more.

  • Being socially awkward, Peter spends a majority of his time exploring the depths of the Forest. Where he found many hidden spots. On his trip out exploring, Peter had found a bunch of boys who tended to stick together. Easily clicking with them, and finally found the one place where he belonged.
  • Is rather innocent when it comes to things such as relationships, teenager possessions and anything in relation to having adults as a family.
  • Trusts no one.
  • Loves to write stories, mostly the fantasy type.
  • Doesn’t find learning a high priority and always skipping classes, to explore the depths of the land. Choosing that as his learning style.