26 Aesthetics - A - Z, all revolving around Samifer.

This post is for you to easily find all of them in one spot, enjoy them ♥

A - Absolution
B - Blood
C - Consent
D - Destiny
E - Exhilaration
F - Fragile
G - Grace
H - Homesick
I - Intimate
J - Justice
K - Kiss
L - Lost
N - Numb
O - Overwhelming
P - Pride
Q - Quiet
R - Ravenous
S - Sacred
T - Trust
U - Undeniable
V - Vulnerable
W - Wings
X - Xenomorphic
Y - Yearning
Z - Zeal

Thanks to @heavnofhell​, @sassysupernaturalsweetheart​, @zzzett​​, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​, @satanslittleace​​ & @hideyourdemoneyes​! Without you I wouldn’t have finished these! I’m very glad you helped me with ideas and I was able to create those lovely aesthetics :)

Y: h-how troublesome

M: its hard to be beautiful

T: alright let’s gather everyone shall we :))

“Hello! We are the rest of the Chosen Children!”


PART 1: usual hair in school

PART 2: for formal activities

PART 3: for public entertainment/commercial use


Y: J-Jyou are you crying?

M: use that first aid of yours, look at that blood from your noses

Y: e-even you huh

Tk: her last one got me

Y: you’re the harem queen so its only natural i lost

M: e-eh? you don’t have to feel so bad about it

Y: it’s not that i’m bitter about losing

M: what do you mean?


M: ????

T: he’s saying he’s part of your harem too-OW! you tsundere rockstar! stop hitting me