The flame projected by the drawn bow makes the entire night sky freeze. 
Gallantly with a blue poem of departure, I shoot you down, my love…

Something long-forgotten, a torn-open scar, 
you have been bearing this cursed promise in your heart: 
“If it’s an inevitable demise, at least I should die in your hands, my love…" 
The darkness of the irresistible impulse completely engulfed him… 

The spiral flame pierces through the endless cycles of this distorted world. 
Gallantly with a crimson bloodstained kiss, I shoot you down, my love…

(Anything forgotten?) 

"It’s an ancient legend: He who has been injured by that beast 
will have a curse running through his entire body, 
and eventually he will become just like the beast…”

(When was that injury sustained?)

“It all goes back to that day when the two of them met." 
He was injured trying to save the girl. 
It all began when they encountered each other…”

(Their encounter turned out to be a promise of demise.)
“The parched tears bear a blue flame of grief; 
they fire at him lustrous silvery arrows, many times… 
until he is no longer breathing…”

In a world where I have lost my lover, 
of what color will the flowers bloom?

The moon-embracing cross-shaped flame wreathes around the briers. 
Gallantly with a white arrow of death, I shoot myself down…

“In a world where I have lost my lover, 
 of what color will the flowers bloom?”

Koibito wo Uchiotoshita Hi (The Day I Shot Down My Lover), Sound Horizon