So I still cannot quite believe that I am teaching now. Even if I am student teaching. I am teaching. I am leading students in their education. Assigning work, leading lessons and instruction, grading work. I am becoming Mr. Buck their teaching.

I cannot believe that the kid I was in high school and college is the man I am today. Balancing Post-Baccalaureate education, a job, student teaching, and a girlfriend 2000miles away. It is amazing that each day moves closer to my dream. A dream I didn’t know I had until almost too late. I am becoming a teacher!

And discovering Adam Young’s side project Windsor Airlift is adding to this reminiscence. It makes me think back to people who are important in my memories. Jackie, Kime, Austin, Akbar, Tom, Alden, Jenny….

And those who have met me later in life which is namely…Katelynn. Who gets a special call because she has seen me at my best and my worst. And carries a similar dream. Heidi, my beautiful girlfriend who has grown to mean so much to me in such a short time and great distance, and for whom I am so important to as well. You mean so much to me and I miss you. I cannot wait for both our dreams to become our reality. We’re almost there.

All but one that were there and are still there for me through so many years and changes and growth. People for whom I would not be sitting here being able to be amazed that I am becoming so close to my dream!