Emperor Chucklesworth, Dominar of the Hyderian empire and ruler of 12 star systems, demands that you all go to the ‘lost in space’ show at fuzion glass gallery in Santa Barbara cali tomorrow! support badass sci-fi and space themed art!!! do it! #hailsagan #lostinspaceshow #buymycollabs #ioglass !

These two rigs are available. I love my shops and galleries, but I’d like to sell these two direct to collectors. Im trying to make these the last available pieces until #lostinspaceshow at @fuzionglassgallery August 16th! Small blue one is crystal bliss, 6.5 inches tall,10mm, 2 hole perc. Red is pomegranate, 8.5 inches tall, 14mm, 2 hole perc. PM me if you’re interested. #glassofig #sagan #opalsbookclub #haveyoueverthoughtaboutmakingarealisticlookingmoon

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been invited to participate in a group show with @nathan_miers @universegateson @grippingtea and @jolex_glass at @fuzionglassgallery !!! ‘Lost In Space’ opens August 16th. #lostinspaceshow #glassofig