Cole hummed quietly to himself, his eyes searching the shelves for a particular book. He noticed a girl that seemed to be working there and decided to ask her for help. “Excuse me? Would you happen to know where you keep the books written by Oscar Wilde? I’ve been looking for quite sometime now and I can’t seem to find anything…”


That handwriting though …


After my great grandfather passed away, my grandfather wanted to continue on the family’s footsteps and be, along with his brothers, the caretaker and guardian of the Elijah (Al-Khader الخضر) Waqef (including the Elijah Cave). The first two documents show two pieces of paper where he prepared his request and noted important information. You can see his doodles too. The last document shows the official demand submitted to the court’s judge. I know that the Waqef was the responsibility of the family until my grandfather had to leave Haifa in 1948.

We will return!


I found this marriage contract between the bunch of papers. I can see Al-Qiblawi family name, which is a well known family from Akka (Acre), Palestine. In addition, I can see the Al-Haj Ibrahim family’s name, which was, with Al-Sheikh Hassan family, a well known Muslim family in Haifa, Palestine.

This document dates to 1943, and it seems that it was written in Akka (Acre).


To continue with the theme of the last couple of posts (1 and 2) of the series of #LostInPapers, these are photos of my grandfather’s temporary residence in Syria. It is basically a refugee card because it was issued only for Palestinians.

The card was issued in 1950, and it says that He is:

  • a Palestinian
  • originally from Haifa
  • living in Damascus, and
  • working as a teacher 

If you checked the last two posts, you would realize that grandpa had other jobs. However, the only job that I knew of was being a teacher. I remember asking how he could work as a teacher when he only had a high school degree. The answer that I received was that, in Palestinian schools, the curriculum was very advanced at the time. Regardless if this is true or not, my grandpa would had definitely be confused for a PhD degree holder. I read a lot of his books and watched videos of his lectures, and I can assure you that this guy was on another level. The way he explained words from a political perspective and the way he analyzed and predicted future events were impeccable.

The card lists his wife and children maybe in an attempt by the Syrian government to organize the incoming Palestinian refugees.

Free Palestine!