Are you bored of this lovely thing? Well, sorry then for tagging, but this my first one :D

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1. Your favourite cuisine?

- Well… Mom’s  dishes are always the best for me. :)


- That’s really rough… Uhh… I prefer a bit more “INTO THE SUPERMASSIVE” :D

3. First Muse song, which comes to your mind?

- Hysteria \m/

4. Have you ever been to a Muse gig?

- Unfortunately, I haven’t been yet :( But I fucking will!

5. Showbiz or Uno?

- Showbiz.

6. Your favourite Muse album?

- Love them all but Black Holes and Revelations <3

7. Wolstendaddy or Wolstenhubby?

- Wolstendaddy :D

8. Ears or eyes? (I mean which is more important: to hear or to see?)

- I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I’d be fucking scared living the rest of my life in full of darkness but I could bear it if I’m still able to listen to Muse-ic ^^

9. Continue this: “You can’t confuse yourself, mimicking no one else”!

- “You can’t fake it, you will never make it”

10. Are you waiting for the 6th studio album impatiently? (I know, it’s a stupid guestion.)

- I’m waiting for it but… I’m so scared that I won’t like it and I’m gonna be a hater and ASDFGHJKL… GOD PWEASE NO!!!

11. Matty or Maffoo?

- Maffoo <3

And here are mine as well. I can go crazy but hope they’re not that bad.

1) Coca Cola or Pepsi?

2) Do you believe in Zetas?

3) What’s the last Muse song you wanna hear before you die?

4) Map of…?

5) Your last text message, sent or received?

6) Are you over the Moon?

7) On the doms we have…?

8) Something (or someone) that you are truly addicted to?

9) Do you think the world’s weally going to end this year?

10) Have you ever caught a pwoper fish?

11) Do you wanna have kids? If yes, how many and what their names would be?

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  • Rule 1- Post the rules
  • Rule 2- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new 
  • Rule 3- Tag 11 people and link them to your post
  • Rule 4- Let them know you tagged them

a band you hate and why?

um i don’t know doesnt come to my mind at the moment:/

do you like Nirvana?


favourite city?


favourite colour?


chocolate or vanillie?


how many hours do you sleep

6-7 hours..


drawing, playing guitar.. well i think all is that:D

favourite blog on tumblr

oh there are so many i can’t decide:D  so let me write my tumblr crushes:D










are you happy?

uhm.. no. but i am not sad idk

do you prefer pasta or bananas?

pasta. because it is more filling:D

favourite song?

i have not a favourite song, how can i chose between them?:D

My questions~:

1) 3 favourite bands?

2)do you make-up?

3)have you ever dyed your hair?

4)whose posters do you have?

5)dream job?

6)can you sing?

7)have you ever been to diffrent country?

8)winter or summer?

9)coffee or tea?

10)favourite tv shows?

11)a fictional character you would marry?