10 Characters- 10 Series Challenge

If been challenged by @0ilovemusic0 to do this.

Rules are simple. You have to post 10 Characters from 10 Series you love the most

I challenge @hannahst99 @lesbiantv @supercanaries @waverlyyearp @wayhaughts-earp @lesbianarmy @lostgirlgifs @creampuff-clone @haughtofcourse @supercorpandstuff

1. Mazikeen from Lucifer

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2. Lena Luthor from Supergirl

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3. Elena from One Day at a Time

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4. Bo from Lost Girl

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5. Wynonna from Wynonna Earp

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6. Kat from The Bold Typ

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7. Hetty Lange from Ncis La

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8. Kate Beckett from Castle

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9. The Evil Queen /Regina from Once Upon a Time

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10. Carmilla from Carmilla

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So much love!

So yesterday, while I was spending my day stuck in a car, with a dead cellphone and no access to Tumblr, you guys multiplied again!  There are now over 900 of you lovely people following me! 

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I really don’t understand what is happening; but seriously, thank you so very much to each and every one of you!  The amount of love and support you show me is just outstanding!  I never would have guessed my blog would be growing in followers as quickly as it has.   

I do not plan on doing a full celebration as I believe you will keep multiplying, as rabbits tend to do, and I will probably hit 1K before I am prepared for it.  And when I hit that, we are so going to party! So as a thank you to the 900+ of you awesome people following me: I give you my follow forever (one of the reasons I didn’t do one for New Years).  All of these are amazing blogs and if you haven’t checked them out, you should go NOW!

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Did you happen to rifle through my duffel bag and scarf down a couple of yellow pills with tigers on ‘em?