Links to Solider John fanart

I have a huge thing for Solider John and earlier today I posted looking for more art or fanfics.  I had a conversation with Kryptaria and one thing led to another…and this list was created.

Here is a list of all I’ve been able to find.  Please let me know if I’ve left any off.  I will queue all these up to post, so enjoy them on your dash as well as here.  I prefer to reblog from the artists, so while I may have originally found them on blogs I follow, these are links to the artists’ works themselves.


Afganistan or Iraq?



Solider John (yes this was a request I made so it had to be included)


Watson in the shower

Sexy Solider Watson

BlackMorgan aka teetotally:

You want to remember I was a solider


Fan art of Two Two One Bravo Baker

Captain Watson and Doctor Watson


Sherlock x John


Afganistan (this is the piece of art that inspired Two Two One Bravo Baker by AbundantlyQueer  If you have a thing for Solider John, go read this right now! And it’s got some amazing smut times too.)

The Army Doctor

Heaven’s Down on Earth (links to AO3 because I couldn’t find it in her art tag)

Two Two One Bravo Baker

168 Hours

Afganistan II




John Watson


John at War

John Watson in his fatigues

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