[Updated 07/03/2014]

Hello everyone. This has been a little project of mine over the past few days 

I hope you all enjoy this listing, and share it around. Share all the science. :3


I will be editing this from time to time and I’ll keep a link to it on my blog so you can find it easily.

This is not meant to be a list of all science blogs on tumblr. Only all the ones I know about (which is still a lot but definitely not all). The blogs listed are all active as well (within the past few weeks).

If you are not on the list and want me to check out your blog, send me a message. I may or may not follow you

I categorized each blog by scientific field: 

Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Engineering/Technology, Environmental Science, General Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Medical, Paleontology, Physics, Psychology and Zoology

The first post got too big, and I’ve had to split it into two posts.

Post #1 Contains the fields of Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Engineering/Technology and Environmental Science.

This post contains General Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Medical, Paleontology, Physics, Psychology and Zoology.

If you’re not happy with the section I put you in, send me a message and I’ll make an edit. I had to make quick decisions on hundreds of blogs, I’m only human.

Its a LONG post, so it might be easier to just search for the field you’re interested in.

With that said, enjoy!

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thefluffytheropod  asked:

Will a big budget dinosaur film with accurate dinosaurs ever happen?

Any movie with birds and only birds?

But as for non-avians, I’m not sure. It’s a major problem. 

It might be that we have to produce our own content. Increasingly, that seems to be happening on the internet - people are moving away from mass-marketed content and towards small, insular online communities. 

That’s what we have PaleoTumblr for, right? That’s why we have @palaeofail, @albertonykus, @killdeercheer, @lostbeasts, @prehistoric-birds, @spinosaurus-the-fisher, @a-dinosaur-a-day, @fezraptor, @raptorcivilization, @bruh-i-nevre-seen-a-cooler-dino, @snowysauropteryx, @demiurge1138, @ryuukiba, @askedmontonia, @thewoodparable, @palaeoplushies, @saurian-game, and so many others (I’m never going to remember them all, sorry)

We have to make our own content. We have to make our own accurate dinosaurs, in small indie games, films, books, what have you. 

And the internet is the way to make that happen.