Since I have actually been obsessed with Lost for the last few weeks and just finished it on Friday (1st time btw) but just re watching some of my favourite episodes again (I don’t feel like watching any of my usual TV shows they’re becoming annoying: hello HTGAWM). Here’s my review for it:

  • This was defiantly a post 9/11 show, the island feeds off paranoia and uncertainty of the survivors which ends up leading to accusations of how the plane crashed. The character of Sayid for example immediately becomes a target due his heritage and how it looks (he also gets this is at the airport in flashbacks.) But I’m still making up my mind on whether the show was apolitical or political because in some places feels like it is but it isn’t. 
  • It’s a show that works if you watch it once all the way through, due to the fact that nothing really stops on the island, so its a show that works for binge watching. This is also makes its rather ambitious due to its numerous locations and characters. Once you’ve watched it all through then you can individual episodes on their own because you got the jus of what’s going on . 
  • It has a great diverse cast of characters, all of them flawed and you immediately care about them within in a couple of episodes.They will frustrated you at times. I’ve at least wanted to punch a few of them while watching it (Sawyer and Jack were the big ones I felt like punching sometimes.) Also not all of them fall into stereotypes which is good because they felt real (Jin and Sun were a married couple who had endless struggles,Michael just wanted to be a good dad to Walt.) 
  • I do feel like the show finally started to form what it wanted to come by the back end of season 1 and the start of season 2. It started finally getting all of its hallmarks of mysteries, flashbacks and survival. 
  • It’s one of the few shows where the episodes without the lead characters worked, not all of them do: Across the sea is a interesting one but you feel disconnected from it. The Other 48 days is better one.
  • The use of time is fascinating both in the structure of the show and the island itself. I liked how in the end of season 2, it surprises you that its a flash forward. I also liked how the island time traveled and the last six survivors were thrust in the seventies.  
  • Ben Linus is one interesting tv characters, he sort of remains of Lex Luthor, always had a plan to back up a plan. And he was a great contrast to Locke and Jack originally before he became a very grey character. 
  • The twists are sort of a mixed bag, as are the cold openings. 
  • The love triangle or is it a square should’ve ended by season 3, it becomes really sloppy and also the writers seemed to love punishing the characters within it. 
  • Hurley is one of the greatest tv show characters ever.  
  • Some characters should’ve stayed alive (Juliet Burke deserved to get off the island, Shannon.) Some characters should’ve at least given some redemption. 
  • Now the series finale, now I remember when this happened (again I didn’t watch the show when it started or ended it) but I remember half dozen thinkpieces of the finale. It’s a weird case of you get everything (all the couples are together) and what we originally intended to do (jack dies.) It sort of works and doesn’t as it clearly leaves with a lot of mysterious on the table that were ever cleared (Walt is a big one, Dhrama is another.) Maybe they wanted another season (two short ones with 13 episodes to finish it off but the network was like no (so they couldn’t clear it up.)         
  • Also the music is awesome! It’s probably the reason why its ages well since its doesn’t really popular music. 
Biggest OTPS: Lost 
↳(almost) All of them

“…Last week most of us were strangers. But we’re all here now. And God knows how long we’re going to be here. But if we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone.”

the signs as weird shit on the island
  • Aries: the hatch
  • Taurus: polar bears
  • Gemini: electromagnetism
  • Cancer: the others
  • Leo: the statue of taweret
  • Virgo: hurley bird
  • Libra: walt. jsut walt
  • Scorpio: the smoke monster
  • Sagittarius: the heart of the island
  • Capricorn: whispers
  • Aquarius: time-travel
  • Pisces: kate's black horse