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What would you say to someone so they start watching Lost? Btw hope you have a nice summer :).

Thanks baby, good summer to you too!!! 😘

The great thing about LOST is that you have something for everyone: People learning to survive in the jungle, mysteries, romance, action, scary moments, lovable characters, plot twists you don’t expect, moments that make you think more deeply.

When I’m trying to sell LOST to someone (and I do it a lot tbh) I use what I know that person likes. My best friend has a thing for bad boys and loves animals so I showed her a Sawyer’s best moments compilation video on youtube, told her one of the castaways is a dog and she was on board.

For example if you want to convince someone who loves romantic stories show them the scene of the Desmond/Penny phone call. Out of context doesn’t give away anything important plot-wise and is a super cute scene. Or if you want to convince someone who loves mysteries tell them about the hatch and the button and that the characters have to discover who built it and what does it do.

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I like their first kiss because even if it's true that he is manipulating her, she actually likes it. I mean, she pretends to be tough or whatever but she likes Sawyer and the kiss is obviously letting us see that she wanted it as much as him. She gets to be the victim and let him be the bad guy for the rest of the camp but both enjoy that kiss.

Canonically speaking I know you are right because by what I’ve seen of the behind the scenes interviews with the writers they were setting up the Skate romance with that kiss. But I still think they could have done much better. For example my favorite Skate moment is when they are camping and playing “I never”. That’s when I first saw that they really have a special connection because untill that point Sawyer has said several times that they do but I haven’t actually seen anything that shows that special bond. Without physical touch the camping scene shows more romance than the actual kiss which looks meaningless to me.

Apart from that the whole “she is saying no but I know she actually wants it” trope is super creepy and I wish they would have avoid it. But I guess it suits Skate because their romance was toxic for both of them.