I’m on my knees in fascination, looking through the night.
And the moons never seen me before but I’m reflecting light ♫


Taken aback, [Kylo Ren] whirled—to see the weapon land in the hand of a girl standing by a tree. Rey appeared equally shocked that her reach for the device had exceeded his. She gazed down at the weapon now resting in her grip. “It is you,” Ren murmured.  His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself. - TFA novel

u know what gets me? Steve knew he couldn’t get drunk, he’d figured it out, but he kept drinking, he knew he wasn’t getting any drunker but he still kept drinking, hoping that eventually it’d work and it’d drown out the memory of Bucky falling, the memory of his screams, the memory of his arms reaching out for him. he knew it wasn’t working but he still kept trying bc all he wanted was to forget.


I’m not angry.  You know?  You don’t work for me.  I’m worried.                                                I’m worried about you.