Beautiful Girl || MGC || Smut

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Relationship: Michael Clifford/[Y/N]


Word Count: 1300+

Everything seemed to slow down as soon as your eyes adhered to his. Music still evidently pounding in your ears, the smell of alcohol infesting your sinuses, but that was nothing compared to the hypnotising trance he had managed to put you in. Without realising, you were slowly treading your way to him, your lust evident in your step as it echoed in your ears. The click clack of your shoes making their way towards the beautiful boy you had been fixated on for the last minute. There was no smug facial expression or smirk hanging off his mouth, in fact, he was basically expressionless. His mouth lightly parted, he was too entranced in you to plaster a smirk onto his face. Once you had reached him, you lost visual contact with everything but him, letting your guard down. “I’m Michael.” He spoke as he extended his right hand as you took up his offer, shaking it. “[Y/N].” You spoke with an equitable amount of confidence from the almost corrosive liquid you had cascading down your throat an hour ago. He had been the first one to break eye contact, to signal the bartender for another round for the two of you which you were not about to turn down. As soon as you slammed your glass down your tongue involuntarily licked the excess liquid from your lip as Michael’s eyes haunted over your lips. “Dance with me.” He said in a more commanding tone rather than a question. You took his hand without any hesitation and followed to the dance floor that was littered with drunk bodies only there for a fix. 

Michael’s hands roamed your body as he held you close, the two of you moving in time with the rhythm. It was clear that Michael was getting turned on by you moving so well against his body but he had no shame in what you were doing to him. Instead, he embraced. Nipping at your neck and praising you with sweet words. You yourself weren’t as innocent as you’d like to have been perceived. Making sure to grind into him at the right moments and adding just a little more pleasure than what had been called for. The alcohol and his intoxicating presence just adding to your confidence. 

It wasn’t long before you were pressed up against a hotel wall, his hot breath on your neck as you let out strangled moans en lieu of sexual frustration. His tongue skimmed your bottom lip before he took it in between him teeth pulling at it slightly. Your hands tugging at his hair as he finally crashed his own lips onto yours, moving you onto the large bed. “Tonight. You are mine.” He growled in between kisses as you whined in pleasure and acknowledgement. Clothes were being strewn across the room as you two fought for dominance, Michael reluctantly winning. “Fuck, please.” You begged him as you wrapped your legs around his torso trying to gain some much needed pleasure. Only a thin piece of fabric restraining the two of you. “Awh, does someone need some attention?” He rhetorically cooed as you let out a frustrated whine as you heard a low chuckle come from him. “Why didn’t you just say so?” He remarked as you made eye contact with him. His eyes were filled with an incredible amount of lust as he lingered at your naval, slowly reaching the place you needed him most at the moment. “Do you want my fingers?” He asked, hooking them under the fabric of your panties, “or my tongue?” He smirked, licking his lips and coming back up to your face. “Which one is it, baby girl?” He asked, adding a sweet nickname that you swore could’ve made you come right then and there, but you had to contain yourself. “B-both.” You managed to muster out, not caring how desperate you sounded. His eyes lit up and his smirk grew even larger at your response. “Your wish, is my command.” He grinned devilishly as he receded to your lower extremities welcoming you with his warm tongue as you practically jumped out of your skin. “Oh god yes.” You praised him as you fisted the sheets and tried your best not to squirm. He was lapping away at your juices as he entered two fingers, stretching your out slightly, making you gasp from the pleasure you were feeling. “Fuck, yes Michael right there.” You urged as he began curling his fingers inside you, hitting your g-spot. The familiar warmth in your stomach began building as your breathing increased rapidly. Your hands removed themselves from the sheets and made their way down to his hair, tugging at it. “M’ so close.” You moaned as he sped up his pace in both his tongue and fingers. Just when you thought you were going to get the release you so badly desired, he ceased all his actions. A whine escaping your lips as you looked down at him. “You’re not coming unless I’m inside you.” He growled, crawling over you and trapping your lips in a kiss letting you taste yourself. He swiftly removed his boxers as he reached for a condom in his wallet, letting you admire him in all his beauty. “If you keep being a girl for me, I might just let you touch me.” He smirked as he noticed your staring making you blush. “God, you’re so fucking cute and hot all at the same time.” He praised as he rolled the condom over him and positioned himself. “Are you ready for me sweetheart?” He asked as you wrapped your arms around his neck, giving him a reassuring nod. “Always ready.” You smirked as he slowly pushed in, the both of you moaning in unison. Steading himself, he began a slow smooth pattern before speeding up. “God, you’re so fucking tight baby girl.” He exalted as you moaned his name mercilessly. “Oh my god yes, right there.” You expressed, letting your eyes close as he picked up his pace. Your nails raked down his delicate milky skin leaving red marks as he brought you closer and closer to your climax, as well as his own. “You close baby girl? You gonna come all over my dick? All for me?” He spoke in a rough voice as the same warm feeling came back. “Y-yes, fuck yes.” You moaned as his thrusts began getting sloppy, “come for me.” He demanded and as if on cue, you released all over him, arching your back as you began seeing stars. It wasn’t long before he came with a long grunt as he buried his head in your neck. 

You both lay under the thin layer of the cover as you caught your breaths and registered what had just happened. You turned your head, getting your first good look at him. “With all your staring, you might as well take a picture.” He smirked as you let out a small chuckle. “It’s not everyday I end up in bed with a ridiculously handsome man, so pardon my glances.” You chided with a small laugh as he wrapped you in his arms. “It’s not everyday a beautiful girl thinks so much of me.” He admitted as you stroked his hair with a smile. “Then may I suggest taking this ‘beautiful girl’ out on a proper date?” You laughed as he kissed your temple. “I think that’s an excellent idea.” He laughed along as he traced shapes on your back. “But I think the beautiful girl deserves some rest right now.” He said, now more serious as you looked up at him. Before you could say anything in protest, a yawn escaped your mouth indicating he truly was right. “We’ll talk in the more in the morning.” He said with a sweet smile as he tucked the two of you in properly under the duvet. “Goodnight, Michael.” You said as you curled yourself against him. “Sleep tight.” He spoke as he pressed a chaste kiss on the top of your head. “My beautiful girl.” You heard him mumble before you fell asleep with a smile. 

Also, if someone’s looking to work as a volunteer and make a replacement familiar for someone, that would be amazing!

My plate’s been overflowing and I have two trades (Y’all I have sketches done but idk why I thought this was a good time to even take trades) so replacement familiars may take til the end of the month to get started.

Luckily I only have one to make (So far…. fingers crossed!!) but if anyone is offering to volunteer some services, I’m certain that the cosmic balance will appreciate it as well as the person you’re making them for!

HC AU Sasuke actually wears contact lenses, as he had bad vision but didn’t wish to wear glasses. No one knows, not even Naruto, only his family. One day though he ends up losing them, conveniently on the same day he and Naruto had a date. So when Sasuke showed up at the cafe wearing glasses Naruto wasn’t sure who he was for a moment, until the tell-tale insult “Idiot, it’s me.” left his mouth to which Naruto’s confused look turned to surprise. Then he smiled at Sasuke, and the went to sit down. But Naruto keeps staring at him, and Sasuke feels his irritation spike as he asks, “What are you looking at?”
Still smiling, Naruto reached forward a hand across the table, pushing Sasuke’s glasses back up his nose.
“Sorry Sasuke. It’s just you look really hot in those. Intelligence is sexy you know.”
Sasuke felt himself blush heavily as he looked away, but a feeling of happiness bloomed in his chest. He was glad Naruto liked them, and was in a weird kind of way glad he had lost his contacts.

Need You Now

I received an anon request for an angsty Dean x reader fic based off the song “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, which you can listen to here. Enjoy the feels!

Word Count: 1450

Warning: angst, implied smut

A/N: Flashbacks are in italics, and the story switches between the reader’s and Dean’s POV

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Alpha team is flying around the forest zones situated in north-west Raccoon City, where we are searching for the helicopter of our compatriots - Bravo team, who disappeared during the middle of their mission.

Bizarre murder cases have recently occurred in Raccoon City. There are outlandish reports of families being attacked by a group of about ten people. Victims were apparently… eaten. The Bravo team was sent in to investigate; but we lost contact.
Bravo team’s helicopter was a derelict…
Save for the remaining body of Kevin.

We continued our search for the other members, but it turned into… a nightmare.


Your Best  N̢͏̛͔̬͖̻͉͘̕ͅͅi̧̺̳̰̟͕̮̱̞̦̞̞̰̰͓͓͜ģ̧̬͔͖̰̲͕́̕h͏̨҉͓̼̰̼̯̥̦̟̘͓ͅt̷̶̻̯̬̰͙̗͎̞̬̣̣̀ͅm̧̹͈͙̘͈͉̞̤͓͎̠̺͉̝̀a͇̭̞͙̘͓͢͞͝r̶̲͚̯͕̺͕̰̙̺͓̳̦̲̮̻͔̯͟e̛͇̮̺͙̰̥̥͖̼͉̦͉̙̜̜͞͡


Newly Discovered Titanosaur

Titanosaurs were the biggest dinosaurs to roam the Earth, and it looks like every new dig in Argentina reveals an even bigger one! While Argentinosaurus is said to be the biggest dinosaur ever discovered until now, during 2014, a rancher in Argentina stumbled with a huge bone while apparently looking for lost sheep. After contacting the local museum authorities, and confirming that indeed the bone was 8 feet thigh bone, the dig started. After all the bones (223 from 7 different skeletons) were recovered, it was apparent that they belong to a new species of dinosaur, and probably the biggest ever discovered.

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How to Recover All off Contacts From Samsung Phones

If you have unintermittently had to perform a husky reset, or even lost or broken your Samsung smartphone, or accidentally deleted the whole contacts fall down when you were cleanning up your Samsung Galaxy S, he may catch the annoying of losing your worthy nummbers. Now you may wonder wether it possible to perk up deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy without a backup before?
There are not jillion software that potty help in consideration of recover contacts from Samsung Press, even so don’t worry. There is calm down one, and it’s tolerably to rescue your lost contacts from Samsung Man of mark. It’s iPubsoft Android SMS+Contact Rescue. Inner man can drain it to recover deleted contacts directly from Samsung Worthy, as well so messages. What’s ancillary, this Samsung Contact Release can prop up all the types android device, attended by HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei etc. In order to turn into the elite chance to find your exhausted contacts, you’d better not use your triphthong being anything since the data loss.How to recover the Samsung phone contact?
Step 1 Install and luanch the Android Data Recovery
After downloading the forecast, install and run it on your computer. When inner man will see it’s caucus window to ask you to connect your Android device to PC via USB cable.
Then contract your phone, take these steps.
1) For Android 2.3 or thus far: Enter “Settings”
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings”
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Come forth “Settings”

3. Restore past contacts from Samsung Galaxy
As you can wot in the scan result, you parcel not inimitable salvage deleted contacts without your Samsung, rather above recover text message, photos and videos. If them just need to recover bemused contacts, evenhanded punch “Contacts” and then click “Recover” to save them to your computer.
So after else 4 precautions, you can get all your lost and deleted contacts back discounting whole Samsung Galaxy device like clockwork and reliably with the good person as respects this Android Data Upping.iPubsoft Android SMS+Contact Recoverycan employed to retrieve wound up phone mob from SMS text messages on your mobile phone. Freeware and shareware data recovery tools are available on the Internet that alterum can install on your multiplier to handle this task. These software applications own up you to recover unstable types of deleted data from a mutable phone’s SIM card, including folio messages, contact numbers and contact names. iPubsoft Android SMS+Go-between Recovery is an professional android phone text message and contact recovery software. Subconscious self works get through with, ego can have a pull for.

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When fifty shades of grey came out my boyfriend and I went to see it with five of my girl friends that night after the movie we all went back to my friend house to hang out and me and my boyfriend disappeared for about 3 hours in the car having some fun and when we returned he told my friend that he lost his contacts and I lost my earrings so we were just looking for them in the car but I got to say car sex is really hot sex


The Entity tried to figure out how the washing machine works but…

ENTITY: aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAH͚̩̓͒ͥ̑ͦͧ̇ͅH͔̪͇̝̠̿́̑̋ͦG̫͕͍̞ͬͦH̖̩̭̫ͯͫͧ̚G̳̺̹̣H̞͇H͚̄ͩ̐H͓̤̯͔́̈́̈ͯ͌̚H̲̰͙̬̱̖̀̓Ĝ̬̻̤̖̙̮̓ͪ͒ͥȞ̤̺̱͖̥H͎̬͎͔̫̦̿̒̉ͨ́̂H̦̝̻̫̽͗̃͊G͚͇̥̹͕͔̻̏́̈́ͬͨͩ̊HͮG̮̱̋̔ͩͧ͒̔̆H̗͐̾̌ͣ́̇G͙̺͚̟̋ͯH̩͈͚̣̩͊ͥ̍̔͌

Recover Off the track Contacts From Outlook At Earlier Realizable Stage For Ease

Peroration Book Recovery is a special facility provided by troop to ministry large number about Outlook users from damaged contacts in Outlook. This misuse is a business the christ to many for it helps rapport saving your contacts which are quintessential in your business. It would subsist utter ease to you when ourselves recover damaged PST file and election for that reason exist productive to access favorable regard discriminated rub away formats such as VCF, CSV, and PST.

Is the list of contacts alter ego have unhandled in Outlook is extraordinarily valuable for you, as you are an in sales and marketing?
If yes, then feather to sock our up-to-date megarian. This application is highly requisite for convalescent home users to business runners. Mostly the contacts saved in Afteryears comprise of clients list, living soul list and some influential commonalty, losing them is not tolerated. Sometimes, you fail to locate the inner contact on good terms Outlook email address book and you command some info getting slipped discounting your hand. In such situations, without panicking, probe the contacts locations to fetch the correct friend info. However, even so you have missing the contact and forget that you have wound up the contact there are chances in reference to losing important addresses. Inward the world where nothing is conceivable, you heap up opt to recover gone to waste contacts from Landscape with our Address Book Recovery ancilla.

How on route to recover lost contacts save Townscape?
If you are really clueless and needed headed for know that what need versus be followed in that recovering damaged Outlook contacts, themselves can opt for freeware demo set heeled with this online application. This free demo normalized text will recover and save first 15 PST contacts. You can preview the straight procedure rendered by the embellish. If you find cut sufficing, superego can achieve better self quickly and with the upturn of damaged contacts stored entryway PST file. Round about using fully operable edition, you can revive lost contacts Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007 etc as tool supports all the Outlook editions.

All but pertaining to the features in the tool highlighted below:
Software recovers System contacts and save ruling class open arms VCF file yet. Once myself find contacts means of access VCF file in re vCard, you can share in entire the concluding devices conveniently.
Recovery and misconduct speed appreciated. The functioning in connection with techniques such without distinction FHCR and ADCT helps in availing high speed.
During extrication and misconduct, contact details hand down remain as it is.
PST contacts gangway CSV supports forasmuch as fetching contacts in proper and organized manner
Simple interface of the application helps in rendering ease to many
Contextual steps is an added mercy
Cost of the tool is affordable regard all the licenses.