Jeremy: Hey, Nancy Drew. You know, I figured you’d be stopping by sooner or later. Here, come on in.

(Amy backs away)

Jeremy: Okay…Cassandra told me Spartan’s doing well. I’m glad to hear it.

Amy: I think you know why I’m here Jeremy. I want to talk about Buckingham.

Jeremy: I’m sorry, but I’ve already made my decision, so…there’ nothing else to say, really.

Amy: You were looking for alternatives. You talked about retiring him. What changed your mind?

Jeremy: Okay…Yep…Yeah…(grabs his truck keys from the trailer) fair question, yeah. Let’s see if I can make this nice and clear, so: I need a really good horse, or at least as good as Buckingham, but problem is I can’t afford a horse as good as Buckingham, so, I mean…I was hoping I could have avoided this, but when you broke your promise about letting me compete on Phoenix, you didn’t really leave me any other option…(starts walking to his truck)…so, who’s really to blame here? You.

Heartland ~ 6x14 ~ Lost and Gone Forever

Ty: Hey, Amy.

Amy: Hey. What’s wrong?

(Ty hesitates)

Amy: Ty?

Ty: Just found out this morning that Jeremy’s bringin’ his horse in to get him de-nerved. First thing tomorrow.

Amy: Are you serious? Wha–He knows that risk!

Ty: Well, Scott says it happens all the time. You invest a lot of time and money on a high-end performance horse, and it’s hard to pull the plug on his career. 

Amy: (to Spartan) Well, I think you could use a couple of hours away from me, hmm?

Ty: No, Amy…come on! Come on…

Amy: I’ve got to at least talk to him…okay?

(They kiss)

Ty: Yeah, I guess you do.

Heartland ~ 6x14 ~ Lost and Gone Forever

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