Cafe Ahnenerbe’s Lost and Found Box

“Nyuh! This ero novel turned up on a table when we were cleaning up last night! Does anyone know who this might belong to?”

“If nobody claims it, Destiny has called dibs on it.”

“Oh… I hope nobody claims it. Shamhat-chan is soooo… and Enkidu-san… and then they…. ”

“Please, somebody claim this.”

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Pancake Sunday! Our ritualistic breakfast got a bit more fun today with Poffertjes (Darling little Dutch Pancakes) after I found my lost Poffertje Cast Iron Pan in an old prop box!! We used to have this all the time!! Recipe in blog archive! #cookrepublic #pancakes #poffertjes #theartofslowliving #pancakesunday #food52 #foodstyling #morningslikethese #chasinglight #pursuepretty #vscocook #feedfeed #vscovintage #prettyplates #simplejoys #simplefood #slowsunday #nourish #nothingisordinary #eatwell #livefolk #livewell #lifeandthyme #livethelittlethings by cookrepublic http://ift.tt/20AOc9j


Littlest Pet Shop - The Lost and Found Box (La Caja de Objetos Perdidos) (Español de España) -720p-

La famosa canción “The Lost and Found Box” en Español de España.

The famous “The Lost and Found Box” song in European Spanish.

The eyes of the universe pulled our lost souls together.
—  Do you remember when we needed to be found in the first place? Was it when we had a piece of us taken away? Did the rain feel sharper that day? Like knives slicing through the clouds to land on our cheeks? A crimson morning, but it was not the sun. It was blood and my, oh my, how the roses loved our tears. A lost and found box we longed and held dear. A gravitational pull towards poetry and our misunderstood thoughts became flowers we’ll let breathe in the soils of heartbreak because what’s a little love without a bit of shaky fingers and ink-less pens? We’re empty and alone, maybe that’s why we write poems-

I’ve been cleaning my room and I found my lost “memory box” in the back of a drawer. I was looking through what I had there and I found so many things…
A bunch of cinema and musical (LesMis!) tickets.
A subway map from Madrid.
A coin my grandpa gave me with a sticker.
Parts of a bracelet my grandma gave me on the “last” of my birthdays she went. Sadly, I lost the bracelet…
One of those glowing bracelets and a pride flag button a random guy gave me on my first pride parade.
A few stickers of the worldwide speed skating championship from when I volunteer there. It was sooo fun to be there among so many incredible skaters.
My old ID card and temporary driving license.
And many, many other little things.



The weekend…Mark ate the biggest hot dog I ever saw (he used a knife and fork), then he lost his damn mind and found the secret box of records that I hide in the back of basement, away from my record collection so they don’t pollute my collection! I had a good run of no Journey ever being played on my stereo, which ended Friday night. (At least it wasn’t the “Escape” album) Bad 80’s heart, Kansas, Asia…I recovered with a double shot of Shiner, but Priscilla wasn’t impressed with any of our selections (she’s more into electro). This was the last weekend of my 31 days if sobriety. I cut about 40 beers a week from my diet for 31 days,yet I gained 1lb.

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send 💍 for my muse to find a box with an engagement ring in it.

Did Nolan ever clean up his damn apartment? Tatum wasn’t sure. But at least she could tidy it up a bit for him while he was in the gym training and her father thought she was off at work…when really, she was only in one of Nolan’s shirts and had been lounging around his place all day. She had done some work…so technically, she wasn’t completely lying to him.

“Who keeps six hundred boxes in their closet?” Tatum annoyingly asked herself as she tried to set them up right and fix them around so she could sweep. But of course, as she set one on top of about four, they all came crashing down – spilling their contents out onto the floor. Cursing under her breath, she began to pick everything up. But that’s when she saw it. A blue Tiffany & Co. box as clear as day. “Oh no.” She whispered to herself, shaking her head as she shoved it back into the box and started to pick everything else up.

“No, Tatum. No. You’re not going to look at it. You’re going to pretend you didn’t see it. You didn’t see anything. What did I just see? Nothing, that’s what.” Tatum rambled to herself, hurriedly cleaning up the mess as she panicked. “…One look wouldn’t hurt.” She murmured as everything was back in place, moving to open the box labeled FAMILY PHOTOS. And there it was, on top of everything else – the damn box. Tatum stared at it for a few seconds (that felt like hours) before finally picking it up in her hand and closing her eyes as she opened it.

Peaking slightly, she was faced with what she already knew was in it. A diamond ring. A beautiful diamond ring, actually. One that probably had cost him a fortune. “Holy shit.”

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Found it!

There was another box of tissues on a bookshelf in my room.

Also, this morning I lost today’s med box. Just now found it, in the pocket of my dressing gown.

This is what antihistamines do to me: make real things vanish while still in clear view, and make crazy not-real things appear.

(Today I also got to enjoy several insane dreams where I was mostly looking for missing medications.)

so there’s an unopened can of rockstar sitting in the little lost in found box on the counter at the laundromat…

no one else is here but me (literally even the employees are out for the day) and I highly doubt anyone’s gonna come back to the laundromat for a misplaced energy drink so should I just take it? They’re probably gonna just throw it away otherwise.

Cell Phone Chargers FREE
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I’ve got a lot of gadgets and I hate that I have to keep track of power cords and connector cables, plus the devices themselves. But I found a place were you can get cell phone chargers free, your HOTEL.

I’ve occasionally forgotten my cell phone charger at home. One day I took a long shot and called the front desk at my hotel to see if they had one in lost & found. They had a box of them, all different brands, just a rat’s nest of black cables. If you have a fairly current and popular phone, chances are excellent that they have one that works with yours. And if you thank them and ask nicely if they’d like it back, they’ll tell you, no, just keep it, we’re trying to get rid of them.

So now you have a spare. Need one for your brief case, office? Ask again next time you travel.

I’ve tried to extend my reach a little with this process. I’ve not been successful with laptop chargers. But iPod cables might be possible, besides, their white color will stand out in that rat’s nest of black cable. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose.