as much as i hate admitting it to myself, i still do type your username on the search bar. i still remember your birthday and the way your blue eyes shine when you smile. i still wait for a someday where maybe we’ll cross paths again but deep down, i know someday doesn’t have a date. i still lay on the floor, listen to your song and feel my tears filter through the cracks of my broken heart. no one told me getting over someone would be so damn hard, if only you would’ve come with a warning sign…
—  i long for the day i won’t see you in my dreams anymore.
Take care of him. Please.
—  To the new girl
i continued to love you,
even after you broke my heart
because you were my first love
and i didn’t know what it is
that you’re supposed to do
with all that love resting in your hands
when you cannot give it 
to the person
you first fell in love with.
—  first love.

Some days I do not think of you
but other days I do

Some days the sound of your name will roll off my tongue
but other days I cannot hear your name without tears surfacing my eyes

Some days my logic replaces my emotion
but other days my heart wins

I do still love you
I think I always will

—  m. a.