lost building


The pyramid crypt

This strange place was one of the strangest Lost places I’ve ever been to. My father showed it to me. He happened to pass by here a few years ago while walking. 

Unfortunately, I could not figure out who had this strange memorial built. The tombs and coffins inside are empty and there are no inscriptions. The building is weathered and it seems as if no one had been here for a long time. 

Nearby is a medieval castle. But why should anyone who lived in this castle built a pyramid. A funny feeling in the middle of the cold, dark, german forests to find a pyramid.

This pov makes me feel like I’m 4 years old and I got lost in some big building but it’s okay because Junji Ito is going to help me find my mom.


Castle Dracula

I got a tip for the location of this old building and I was told, that this was some old youth centre. When I arrived there very late I was totally shocked by this beautiful old castle. I hadn‘t explected to be that old and wonderful.

It was an cold foggy day and the lights went down when I finally went into it through a window. Suddenly I felt cold and it felt like the house did eat me alive. Inside it was completely dark and my little flashlight didn’t bring much light into it. It was absolutely silent and when I found the bar I read the words above it: „When you read this it‘s already too late. They‘re coming for you!“. That was when I ended my exploration, because it was much to scary for me there. But at the same time it was wonderful!

Do you know what I mean? Did you ever feel the same?

Historic Images of African-American Life During the Depression

Lydia Monroe, a student nurse at Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Migrant workers travel from Florida to New Jersey to harvest potatoes. African Americans were particularly devastated by the Great Depression when work and food were scarce. They became part of a major migratory cycle in which laborers started down south in the spring, worked their way north, completed the fall harvest and then returned to Florida to begin the cycle again.

A man uses the ‘Colored’ entrance to a movie theater in Belzoni, Mississippi. Most public facilities were segregated by race in  the former Confederate states of the south under Jim Crow laws enacted after the Civil War and throughout the first half of the 20th century.  These laws were eventually overruled by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ella Watson, a charwoman in an office building, lost her father to a lynch mob, her husband to a bullet, and an eighteen year old daughter who died in childbirth.

Ella Watson cares for her three grand children at her home in Washington DC.

Between 1935 and 1945, Douglas Aircraft Company’s six plane factories were deemed a “melting pot” because its male and female workforce came from 58 different nations.

A man stands in the “Colored” area at a Durham, North Carolina bus station

Employees of an African-American health insurance company work in Chicago, Illinois.

Young boys sit on a car in Chicago, Illinois.

An orchestra performs at the National Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana.

People jitterbug at a Mississippi Delta juke joint on a Saturday afternoon in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Two men play a game of “coon-can” in Reserve, Louisiana.

Killing off a character is not redemption. 

The bad guy can’t find redemption if they continue to be an asshole. If they’re cruel and abusive, then killing them off isn’t going to make it a ‘selfless sacrifice’, it’s not going to redeem them.

You want to redeem your villains? Make them work for forgiveness. Make them help the hero, help the people they pass on the street, and fight the people they used to consider their allies. Let them show moments of insecurity and let their hardened shell soften. Let them pet a cat or pull a face at a child to make them smile. Let them smile, laugh, and cry. Make everyone realise they’re not the person they used to be, not just the villains, the heroes or the reader, but the civilians, the background characters, and the redeemed characters themselves.


The secret of the forest

Somebody told me: just go to this forest and look around. I was overwhelmed. An old hunting lodge stood before me. Everything had been left where it was. The laundry was still on the leash, the carriage was still standing in front of the door. Only the inhabitants were gone as if suddenly all of them had disappeared at the same time. Creepy!

Former insane asylum in Buffalo, New York.

H.H. Richardson Complex

(They’re turning it into a hotel.)

The old castle

When we arrived at the old castle it was still warm. The sun shone through the twigs of the former parks trees. But while we stood on the balcony, which had certainly been very beautiful before, the sky moved and it grew strangely gloomy.
My three companions and me finally went inside through the widely open main portal. As soon as we had laid a foot inside, the wind blew through the old walls, and the doors were eerily slammed.
We could hardly believe what a beautiful gem we had found here. The beauty of the big hall and the great blue tones can still be seen today, and I could imagine how once the owners of the castle had walked here. But no one lived here for a long time. And no one will live here in the future.


The sanatorium

This impressive building quickly passed me as I sat in the car. But it seemed to me like an eternity. Of course, I had to explore the complex immediately. I was told that this wonderful house must already be very old and accommodated various uses. At first it had been conceived as a hospital, later it was converted into an institution for the mentally ill. The façade crumbled, and the long corridors were empty. I almost felt as if there was a man standing behind every corner. Luckily this area is far away and vandals and other destructive people have not yet found their way here. Even the beautiful entrance window is still intact and gives the house a deserted beauty!


The transport ramp

When we reached this place it was bitter cold and it had just begun to snow. We fought through the forest and were thrilled by this sight. It has been over 100 years since this transport ramp was built for a mine. Probably thousands of tons of rock were extracted from the mountain. 

Today there is nothing left of the mine. Only this monumental building can no longer be reconstructed and therefore remains alone and deserted in the forest.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Regarding the sixpenceee fiasco I've been reading her posts and stories for like years and it might just be because I usually skim but I don't recall any specific stories that target mental illness. Do you have any clear examples??? Rly shocked tbh bc I used to love her

I’ve been seeing the stuff go around for a couple of years now and I admit at first I didn’t pay it much attention, which is a shame because a lot of those call out posts had good links that are now all gone because of people deleting. As a result, a lot of the initial stuff that made me start thinking more critically about sixpenceee’s posts have been deleted. I’ve spent the last few days trying to source them again via people’s new urls and internet archives, but literally 90% of the links are gone.

So, I’ve done a bit of digging of my own, and I’ve managed to find some still live posts that I think illustrate what I’m saying a bit better. I’ve screencapped them all and will be hosting the images myself independently of a specific post, so the links should always work.

I’m specifically focusing on the content of this ask here, with posts that use mental illness as entertainment, or treat it in the same way as regular “creepy” (i.e. horror) content.

  • The case of Margaret Schilling is a post about a woman in a psychiatric hospital who died after getting lost in the building, and her body wasn’t found for many weeks. There is a short paragraph at the end about how the hospital is apparently haunted by Margaret now, but the majority of the post focuses on her being mentally ill and the suffering she must have felt being lost and dying of cold and exposure. There’s also a picture of the stain her decomposing body left, so beware of that. It’s tagged #paranormal.
  • The Mentally Ill Man Who Cured Himself With a Gun is a post about a man with serious OCD who tried to kill himself by shooing himself in the head, resulting in brain damage that “cured” his OCD. The photo is of a man with a gun to his head, if that will bother you. It’s tagged as a science post.
  • Short Creepy Story is a story from Reddit where the “creepy” event is a schizophrenic woman acting strangely because of her hallucinations. That’s it. Dude’s mum is schizophrenic and he goes upstairs to find her in the bathtub thinking she’s in The Little Mermaid. The title is “short creepy story” so like, yeah.
  • The Child Star is a story from Reddit which focuses on children being sexually abused and not understanding what’s going on, and the police interviews with one of the grown up children who is now clearly suffering from mental illness thanks to the trauma. (Full story)
  • The Suicide Orphan is a story from Reddit which focuses on an orphan that drives people insane and results in them committing suicide, and I know that this isn’t the only example where sixpenceee posts things that use suicide as the main element of a horror story, which is exploitative and also I personally think it’s inappropriate to use something that comes as a result of serious suffering and imply that it was the creepy ghosts that did it. (Full story)
  • “Psychopath” post includes a link to a quiz where you can see where you “fit in on the psychopath sprectrum”. I’ve seen people mention her using outdated terms in her posts and so this is here as proof that it does happen, and also because “do you have a severe personality disorder?” is a bit of a cheap entertainment trick in my opinion.
  • Karin Catherine Waldegrave is a post about a woman who replies incessantly to her own posts on social media, believing she is the target of a conspiracy. It’s clear she’s likely mentally ill. The post is tagged #creepy.
  • Chinese Water Torture is a post about the torture method that drives victims to extreme stress-related mental instability, and is here both because of that and because the fact that it’s tagged #creepy, which doesn’t seem appropriate.
  • The Edmonton Train attack video shows someone apparently in an altered state of mind through drugs or mental illness (or both) attacking someone on a train. She gifed a video which has since been deleted but a different video of the attack can be found on Youtube, and described it as “insane”.
  • Drawings of a Young Schizophrenic Boy is exactly what it says – a bunch of drawings from a young boy suffering from schizophrenia. The boy is quite obviously distressed by his hallucinations but the post is treated like the other paranormal posts, designed to shock and scare. The post is also tagged #creepy, which is inappropriate. (Close up of caption and tag, as the image is difficult to read)
  • Made By a Paranoid Schizophrenic Patient is another drawing by a person suffering from schizophrenia, also tagged #creepy, and this one with a self-promo in the caption.

I also found a post where sixpenceee addresses the claims of ableism. She says she agrees on the points made about films and stories portraying the mentally ill/physically disabled as “scary”, and that she tries to avoid using words like “insane”. She also asks people to differentiate between her paranormal/creepy posts and her scientific posts. However, she still continues to frequently refer to things as “insane”, both as descriptors and to self-promote her blog (1, 2, 3).

This covers the things I’ve seen people claim she does, but if anyone has any other links (especially things saved from earlier posts like this) feel free to add on.