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omg can you write a funny small thing about him fucking you and then getting a pretty melody in his head or lyrics he's been trying to think of and he jumps off and is like BABY I JUST REMEMBERED IT ILL BE RIGHT BACK hfjdhfhf i'd kick his ass


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Niall had been spaced out all weekend.  It wasn’t anything major, but just little things seemed to be…off.  He burned his toast - twice.  Abandoned his untouched mug of tea on the table only to make a new one ten minutes later.  When you tried to tell him a story about your brother playing ultimate frisbee and getting clobbered by a team of high school girls he only hummed and nodded.  Normally a story about your brother doing something absolutely asinine would have Niall rolling, with his boisterous laugh echoing through the flat.

When you found him in the laundry room about to pour bleach into the detergent holder you finally snapped.  

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Ever After (1998) Roleplay Starter Sentences

Change pronouns and titles, adapt dialect accordingly. 
Especially suitable for royalty/fairy tale/period AUs.

  • A sapling cannot grow in the shadow of a mighty oak.
  • I was merely borrowing it!
  • Speak of this to no one and I shall be lenient.
  • A lady of breeding ought never to raise her voice any louder than the gentle hum of a whispering wind.
  • Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.
  • I was not shrill, I was resonant.
  • I very much doubt your style of resonance would be permitted in the royal court.
  • Darling, nothing is final until you’re dead and even then I’m sure God negotiates.
  • This is our home and I will not see it fall apart.
  • I trust you slept well.
  • Why don’t you sleep with the pigs, _____, if you insist on smelling like one.
  • Your appearance does reflect a certain crudeness, my dear. What can I do to make you try?
  • I do wish to please you. Sometimes I sit on my own and try to think of what else I could do, how I should act-
  • After all that I do, after all that I’ve done, it’s never enough.
  • Have you lost your marbles?
  • Do you know what the punishment is for servants to dress above their station? Five days in the stocks!
  • Me? Pretend to be a courtier? Prancing around like some nobleman, why I’ve never even been to the royal court, and neither have you.
  • They’ll never buy it, you are too sweet.
  • Now, don’t you dare laugh, I’m coming out.
  • Nobody will be looking at your feet.
  • Yards of fabric and I still feel naked.
  • If you’re going to be a noblewoman, you must play the part.
  • I suppose it’s because I lack conviction. You seem to have it in spades.
  • I demand that you release him at once, or I shall take this matter to the king.
  • — You ill-mannered tub of guts!
  • You dare raise your voice to a lady, sir?
  • A servant is not a thief your highness, and those who are cannot help themselves.
  • If you suffer your people to be ill-educated and their manners corrupted from infancy and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed to them, what else is to be concluded, sire, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?
  • Are you coy on purpose or do you honestly refuse to tell me your name?
  • I confess the plight of the everyday rustics bores me.
  • I gather you do not converse with many peasants.
  • Am I to understand that you find me arrogant?
  • Darling, he’s royalty, they’re born like that.
  • Well then I suppose the penalty for being wealthy is that you have to live with the rich.
  • Do you really think there’s only one perfect mate? Well, then how can you be certain to find them? And if you do find them are they really the one for you or do you only think they are and what happens if the person you’re supposed to be with never appears or she does, but you’re too distracted to notice.
  • And is everything just chance or were some things meant to be?
  • You cannot leave everything to fate, _____. She’s got a lot to do. Sometimes you must give her a hand.
  • You are trying to bait me with your snobbery.
  • I’m afraid,_____, that you are a walking contradiction and I find that rather fascinating.
  • You spout the ideals of a utopian society and yet you live the life of a courtier.
  • And you own all the land there is and yet you take no pride in working it. Is that not also a contradiction?
  • First I’m arrogant and now I have no pride, however do I manage that?
  • You have everything and still the world holds no joy and yet you insist on making fun of those who would see it for its possibilities.
  • Why do you like irritate me so?
  • Forgive me, your highness. I’ve lost track of the hour.
  • Your highness, what an unexpected surprise!
  • It is not fair sire, you have found my weakness but I have yet to learn yours.
  • In all my years of study, not one tutor demonstrated the passion you have shown me in the last two days.
  • You have more conviction in one memory than I have in my entire being.
  • Well this is terribly embarrassing.
  • Honestly, your highness, where’s your sense of adventure?
  • You would think I would know the way to my own castle.
  • And I still can’t believe that I’m down here while you’re up there and in your undergarments no less.
  • You will give me back my dress, sir!
  • I insist you return my things at once and since you deprive me of my escort I demand a horse as well.
  • You can have anything you can carry.
  • You are reading my thoughts, my lord.
  • To be so defined by your position, to never be seen as who you are but as what you are. You have no idea how insufferable that is.
  • They’re defined by their status just as your title defines you, yet it is not who they are.
  • You have been born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations.
  • I am sorry, my mouth has run away with me again.
  • Why you lazy little leech!
  • There was a bee.
  • I fear that I am not myself today.
  • I feel as if my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once. 
  • I cannot stay long but I had to see you. There is much to say.
  • I used to think that if I cared about anything I’d have to care about everything and I’d go stark raving mad.
  • Why did you have to be so wonderful?
  • Last night was the happiest night of my life.
  • Why it’s almost as absurd as a prince who spends his days with a servant that sleeps with pigs.
  • What bothers you more, _____, that I am common or that I am competition?
  • Yes, I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!
  • We must get you ready for the ball!
  • A bird may love a fish, _____, but where would they live?
  • Just breathe.
  • Do not address me so informal.
  • I was born to privilege and with that comes specific obligations.
  • I know that a life without love is no life at all.
  • And love without trust, what of that?
  • I am but a servant to my crown and I have made my decision. I will not yield!
  • Men are so fickle aren’t they?
  • Well my, my, my aren’t we feisty today?
  • Was there a time even in its smallest measurement, that you loved me at all?
  • How can anyone love a pebble in their shoe?
  • Oh, I do so hate to see you in irons. I’d remove them if only you’d promise not to run away again.
  • I belong to no one, least of all you.
  • I had a horse like you once. Magnificent creature. Stubborn just like you, willful to a fault, it too just needed to be broken in.
  • You will maintain your distance, sir.
  • Oh you didn’t say please.
  • I could hang you for this.
  • I do love your spirit.
  • My father was an expert swordsman, _____. He taught me well. Now hand me that key or I swear on his grave I will slit you from navel to nose.
  • I uh, I came to rescue you.
  • Perhaps you would be so kind as to help me find the owner of this rather remarkable shoe.
  • Choose your words wisely Madam, for they may be your last.
  • How dare you turn on me you little ingrate!
  • I’m only here for the food.
  • I want you to know that I will forget you after this moment and never think of you again. But you I am quite certain will think about me ever single day for the rest of your life.
  • How dare you speak to me that way, I’m of noble blood!
  • You sir, are supposed to be charming.
  • And we, princess, are supposed to live happily ever after.
Student Council Prez [14]

Episode 13 - Episode 14 - Episode 14.5 OR Episode 15
Words: 3.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

You’re restless and unable to catch a wink of sleep; rolling around with your whole face flushed red. Sungjae even gets up at midnight, asking if there’s anything wrong and you clear your throat, brushing him off. But every time you close your eyes, all you see is Yoongi’s face millimeters away, his breath fanning on your skin, the crinkle of his eyes and hands pulling you close; and your heart stutters, pounding loudly in your ears.

Your fingertips reach up to your lips, tracing the shape and the cupid’s bow dip; remembering his pressed on yours and the entire cycle begins again - you rolling around with your whole face flushed and unable to sleep.

You wonder if you’re really starting to go insane or if you’ve completely lost your marbles. Once again, Yoongi’s made you lose your mind but this time you can’t find it in you to curse at him.

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Tumblr and the Introvert

I am hereby convinced that tumblr is the introvert’s paradise.

-Your mutual, and even follower, relationships do not require constant maintenance.
-You can reply to messages at your leisure.
-There’s no pressure to speak.
-It’s okay to become lost in your own head–no one’s going to notice/judge.
-You can take the time to thoroughly compile your posts and responses.
-Your voice on tumblr is just as loud as everyone else’s irl.
-Introverts are actually valued and appreciated on tumblr.
-You can go incognito and be an anon.
-You can fangirl without people thinking you’ve lost your marbles.
-You can pour your heart and soul out to the world and be heard and understood.
-You can be alone physically, yet still enjoy the company of fellow bloggers around the world.

I am an INFJ, the one-percent, and I approve this message.

Watermelon (Optional Bias)

p>Your singlet was sticking to your chest, the sweat working as a magical glue.

“Why is it so hot?” you asked him, he sighed “global warming?” he answered laughing turning to you in the white bed.

“Can we have one conversation without a depressing topic?” you raised your eyebrow, earning a chuckle from his sultry lips. “You know what we need?” he slipped his arms around you, giving a peck across your rosy cheeks.

“Watermelon?” you asked


You and your tall boyfriend walked into the super market looking for the green and pink fruit.

You were trailing behind him until he stopped in his tracks causing you to bump into his back. “What is it?” you ask walking around him looking at the watermelon.

“15 bucks for watermelon!?” he nearly shouted, you laughed and shushed him. “You would think a kpop star could afford a 15 dollar watermelon?” you crossed your arms over your chest.

He scratched his neck before answering you “I’ve got an idea” he said walking over to the biggest watermelon he could find “Put this under your shirt” he said shoving the fruit to you.

“What!? Have you lost your marbles?” you whisper shouted at him pushing the watermelon back into his chest, he pushed back to you “do it” he commanded, you pushed the watermelon back to him again “no.” This went on for a while but eventually he won you over by giving you puppy dog eyes.

You put the watermelon up your shirt and looked into a thin mirror they had next to all of the vegetables, you gasped “So this is what it’ll look like when I’m pregnant?” you asked yourself, “If so, I think you look ten times hotter” he stated picking a grape from the table and eating it.

“Pretty sure that’s illegal” you poked him referring to him eating the grape. You walked over to the ice cream, “What are you doing?” he asked walking over to you. “We can’t walk out of here with nothing now can we?” you said picking up the cheese cake Ben and Jerry’s.

You started walking over to the counter until you felt a hand wrap around your arm pulling you back “If you’re going to look pregnant, then act like it” he laughed.

You nodded your head and started waddling like a pregnant lady towards the counter making your boyfriend burst out into fits of laughter.

“Just that today?” you heard the old lady speak up “Yes please” you smiled, your boyfriend of three years pulled out the ten dollars to pay for the ice cream. “What a cute couple you two make. How far along are you two?” she asked.

“8 months I believe” he spoke up, giving her the money. “Well, isn’t that lovely? Would you like your receipt?” she asked, you and your loved one both shook your head and proceeded to walk out.

You were so close to stealing the watermelon but of course you being your clumsy self you tripped over your own feet and fell face forward, smashing the watermelon in process, making it look like a horror scene.

“Oh My God!” the lady from before yelled, you heard screams and gasps even sobs started to come out from the crowds lips.

All you could do was look at your laughing boyfriend “C’mon!” he said in between breaths, grabbing your hand and pulling you up.

You both ran for the exit never looking back, lets just say you never shopped there again.

A rock and a hard place

Incorporating this imagine from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine getting into an argument with Thorin and him saying, “I am a king!” And you look him in the eye and reply with, “I don’t give a shit!” + this imagine from @imaginethorin: Imagine arm wrestling Thorin for the best sleeping spots along the quest || More Thorin fics || Fanfiction masterlist

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’ I can guarantee the closest shave you’ll ever know. ’
’ May the good Lord smile on you… until we meet again. ’
’ May the Lord have mercy on your soul. ’
’ At last! My arm is complete again! ’
’ How about a shave?  ’
’ Welcome to the grave… I will have vengeance. ’
’ In the meantime I’ll practice on less honorable throats… ’
’ I’m alive at last, and I’m full of joy! ’
’ Noooooo! Would no one have mercy on her/him? ’
’ Fifteen years sweating, and living hell, for a false charge. ’
’ Well, I can’t say the years have been particularly kind to you. ’
’ They all deserve to die. ’
’ For the rest of us death will be a relief. ’
’ Always had a fondness for you, I did. ’
’ That lad is drinking me out o’ house an’ home. ’
’ Oh yes… such practices. ’
’ I have them all here, drawings of them. Would you like to see? ’
’ I think there’s been some mistake. ’
’ I meant no harm. ’
’ Your meaning is immaterial. ’
’ If I see your face again on this street, you’ll rue the day you were born. ’
’ You’re barking mad! Killing a man/woman what done ya no harm! ’
’ Oh, well that’s a different matter then. ’
’ For a moment there I thought you lost your marbles. ’
’ Ugh! All that blood. Poor bugger. Oh well! ’
’ Oh, I’m sorry. Excuse me… ’
’ Oh, this is very romantic. ’
’ I don’t know anyone in London, you see. ’
’ I need somewhere safe to bring her/him. ’
’ ‘ey, don’t I know you, mister? ’
’ You’re in a merry mood today, _________. ’
’ All this running and shouting, what’s going on? ’
’ There, there, dear, calm down… ’
’ I had him/her! His/her throat was bare, beneath my hand! ’
’ His/her throat was there, and now he’ll/she’ll never come again! ’
’ What’s your rush? ’
’ Why did I wait? You told me to wait! ’
’ Easy now. Hush, love, hush. ’
’ There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit. ’
’ In these once familiar streets I feel shadows… everywhere… ’
’ My mind is far from easy. ’
’ And who may it be said is your intended, sir/ma'am? ’
’ The history of the world, my pet… ’
’ Is learn forgiveness and try to forget! ’
’ And life is for the alive, my dear, so let’s keep living it. ’
’ How seldom it is one meets a fellow spirit. ’
’ You have a room over the shop, don’t you? ’
’ If times are so hard, why don’t you rent it out? ’
’ People think it’s haunted. ’
’ You see, years ago, something happened up there. ’
‘ If I cannot fly, let me sing… ’
’ Here we are. Hot out of the oven. ’
’ You’ve been locked out of sight all these years. ’
’ It’s priest. Have a little priest… ’
’ Smoke! Smoke! Sign of the devil! Sign of the devil! City on fire! ’
’ Those crunching noises pervading the air! ’
’ For what’s the sound of the world out there? ’
’ What is that sound? ’
’ Then who are we to deny it in here? ’
’ A stylish trimming of the hair? A soothing skin massage? ’
’ Have charity towards the world, my pet. ’
’ We’ll take the customers that we can get. ’
’ We’ll not discriminate great from small. ’
’ No, we’ll serve anyone… ’
’ We could have a life we two, maybe not like you remember. ’
’ No, there’s no place like London. ’
’ You are young. Life has been kind to you. You will learn. ’
’ Oh, that was many years ago… ’
‘ If you hadn’t spotted me, I would be lost on the ocean still. ’
’ Smells like piss. ’
’ What is this? ’
’ I wouldn’t touch it if I was you, dear. ’
’ Save a lot of graves, does a lot of relatives favors. ’
’ Is those below serving those up above. ’
’ Everybody shaves, so there should be plenty of flavors. ’
’ That those above will serve those down below! ’
’ How gratifying for once to know… ’
’ Just the thought of it’s enough to make you sick. ’
’ I was only thinking of you! ’
’ You lied to me! ’
’ No, no, not lied at all! No, I never lied! ’
’ I’ve come home again… ’
’ I love you! Could that thing have cared for you like me? ’
’ There’s little point in dwelling on the past! ’
’ What’s dead is dead! ’
’ Can we still be married? ’
’ I’ll return with a coach in less than half an hour. ’
’ Don’t worry no one’ll recognize you. ’
’ Safe? So we run away and then all our dreams come true? ’
’ I’ve never had dreams. Only nightmares. ’
’ Do they think that walls can hide you? ’
’ Stubble, you say? Perhaps I am a little overhasty in the morning. ’
’ Everything I did I swear I thought was only for the best! ’
Breaking Bread

You rushed into the office, rummaging through the desk drawers wildly. Your heart was racing, your mind was a cloud of smoke, you just wanted to find what you were looking for and get the hell out before you got caught.

“Oh for fucks sake, what the hell are you doing here? Or did you forget that’s my desk.” Alfie says, throwing his arms by his side when he catches you doe-eyed.

“I’m looking for my money Alfie. The money that you stole from me.”

“What in the bloody hell are you talking about Y/N. Have you lost your marbles…wait, don’t answer that. I already know the fucking answer.” He says exasperated, walking behind his desk, moving you out of the way. You try and fight against him but your big brother always wins.

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Yoongi walked with his hands full of grocery bags as you followed next to him, twiddling your thumbs. You could already see your roommate scolding you for not grabbing one of the bags out of his hand and holding his hand in yours, but you also remembered all the times you had tried to reach for his hand tonight and been rejected. The silence became unbearable as the two of you continued to walk side-by-side.

So you live in that house? You asked suddenly and Yoongi tilted his head a little before nodding.

Yea, me and six other guys. He murmured and your eyes went wide. Trying to think of seven people living in that house just seemed to be too many people, you thought back and shook your head.

Sometime my roommate is annoying and unbearable. I don’t know how I would function with six other people! You exclaimed with a laugh and Yoongi smiled. He loved seeing your smile, it was like the sun shining through your eyes as they glittered and you beamed with happiness. What are they like? Do they ever get on your nerves? You started to ask and Yoongi looked over at the house. He could see their faces glancing through the windows as they tried to casually stalk the two of you. Shaking his head, then looking at your apartment building, his cheeks turned pink.

Well I’ll tell you more, but do you mind doing this at your place? He asked and your cheeks flushed as you nodded a little too quickly in response.

Yea! … I mean, sure. It’s cool. You tried to cover up your excitement as you opened the front door for Yoongi to walk into the building. He smiled over at the house with a taunting look before disappearing into the apartment complex with you. As the two of you piled into the empty elevator, you tried to keep your cool. Uhm, so about your roommates? You tried to fill the silent air and Yoongi laughed.

They’re good guys, just an interesting bunch to say the least. He mumbled and you looked over, tilting your head a little. He looked at you and saw your shining eyes, he wished he could get lost. You aren’t going to let me just stop at that huh? He asked and you smiled widely, shaking your head teasingly and he laughed.

Well, we don’t always see eye to eye, that’s for sure. The six of us have known each other since we were kids, our parents all were connected. He explained and you listened happily. The two of you getting off on the 6th floor to walk down the hallway to your apartment.

Apartment 66 on the 6th floor? He asked and you nodded your head, not seeing what he was trying to say. Isn’t that a little … demonic? He asked and you shrugged.

If you’re asking if I’ve met any ghosts since I’ve lived here, that’s a firm no. You responded with a laugh, opening the door. Yoongi walked in. The gentle smell of lavender filled his nostrils, which was much different than the usual musky testosterone scent that lingered in his house. There were little pictures stuck on the wall with pastel colored tape, and the two story apartment was spacious enough to allow you and your roommate to breathe. The kitchen sat right next to the front door, and a doorway with your initials, stood next to it. Yoongi smiled, it was playful and welcoming, it was just the home he thought you would have for yourself.

You placed the assorted bags in the kitchen, and began unloading them. Yoongi walked up behind you and pushed you out of the kitchen.

Yah! What are you doing? You asked as he continued to shove you out of the small area.

I said I was making dinner. So you just relax. He mumbled and you blushed.

Oh really? You sat down on a stool at your kitchen counter. So this means, I get to ask you more questions! You exclaimed and Yoongi laughed melodically as you started rapid fire questioning. So what are their names?

My roommates? Yoongi looked through the bags of groceries. Jin hyung, Hobi, Namjoon, Jimin, Tae, and Jungkook. He rattled off and you sat back.

Tell me something about each one of them. You countered and he sighed.

Jin is the oldest, he likes to tell me what I’m doing wrong. Hobi, he’s happy, all the time. Namjoon thinks he knows everything, but is just a klutz. Jimin is always getting up in my face over everything. Tae, he’s kind of like Hobi, but he’s louder. And Jungkook is the youngest, but he pretends he’s older. Really, they all think of themselves as gods. He mumbled the last bit and you laughed a little.

So they all have god complexes? You asked jokingly and Yoongi nodded with a chuckle.

Yea, that’s what they got, something like that. He said in a laughing manner and went back to the groceries.

I’m going to really quickly check to see if my roommate’s around, feel free to call for me if you need help, sometimes our appliances can get a little fidgety. You murmured before walking towards the stairs. Yoongi looked behind him and laughed. He shook his head, knowing all too well that he wouldn’t be using the appliances at all and felt his hands heat up a little. Grabbing a pan, he began mixing the ingredients and then heating the metal with his palms. He smiled as the smell of cooked food filled the air.

The guys all sat at the house, in the various chairs and couches that were strewn about the first floor. All of them seemed to stare at Jimin, who sat silently on a chair of his own.

Can you sense anything? Jin asked as Jimin continued to stare at an empty piece of air.

It’s really hard for me to sense anything when he’s not right in front of me. Jimin tsked and threw his hands in the air. Jimin, being the son of Eros, had the ability to sense emotions. He could tell if anyone’s heart was fluttering, or if they hated someone. But as people got further and further from him, he couldn’t hone in on their emotions. There are too many obstacles in between me and Yoongi for me to sense what he’s feeling. Jimin reiterated before sighing and resting his head back. It was tiring for any of them to use their powers, but especially for Jimin, he didn’t have the best control of his abilities just yet, so he found it difficult to stay focused on one person for too long.

Namjoon stood up from his spot on the couch and walked over to Jimin. It’s okay, you can try better next time. He said as he lightly touched the demigod’s shoulder. The six of them continued to murmur about what Yoongi could possibly be doing or feeling, all of them wondering if his immortality was at stake.

Yoongi sat on a stool at your kitchen counter watching you move gracefully throughout the kitchen, you had insisted on cleaning up after dinner. Yoongi sat there, wanting to just help out as much as he could, as he watched you struggle to get some of the grease off of a pan.

You know, I can help. He murmured and you shook your head vehemently.

It was always a rule in my house, whoever makes dinner gets to rest while the others clean. You responded back like a little soldier. Yoongi found it both adorable and laughable that you were so adamant.

Alright, well tell me about your roommate, since you asked so much about mine. He murmured and you looked over at him.

She’s great! Keeps to herself for the most part, but we’ve been friends since we’ve started school and she just gets me. You said openly. Your roommate was one of your best friends and able to talk to you about anything. She was the reason you hadn’t completely lost your marbles just yet. But she is incredibly school driven, so she keeps to herself a lot. You murmured, looking over at the staircase. Yoongi looked over his shoulder towards the staircase and shook his head.

Well, just give her time. He responded and you nodded. Finishing up the last of the cleaning, you smiled.

So do you want to watch a movie or something? You asked happily and Yoongi reached in his pocket for his phone. The buzzing got louder as he pulled the phone out of his pocket. He looked at it, then widened his eyes and looked up at you.

Uhm, I’d love to, but I gotta go. Hey, how about you come over to the house tomorrow? Maybe around noon? He asked and quickly started to run out of the apartment, grabbing his things in a hurry. You watched him leave and felt your heart sink into your stomach. Walking over to the couch, you plopped down and turned on the television. Living in an apartment with a workaholic was boring and now the ray of sunshine just ran out the door.

Yoongi answered the phone as he got into the elevator.

Dad? Yoongi called out into the receiver.

Meet me at the Gates. Now. A voice growled through the phone and then the line went dead.

AHS Imagine - Kyle Spencer. 


It was cold.

From the moment you exited the taxi, your arms instantly hugged your body. Being the beginning of December, the weather was undeniably colder than expected – especially for a teenage girl, wearing a black dress, and in heels.

The thought that worried you most was the black ice, the sheer thought of you falling on your ass gave you second hand embarrassment. Paying the taxi driver, you made your way towards the frat house trying to bring no attention to yourself as you passed the drunken seniors. It was your first party – 18 years old and heading into her first high school party… if anyone found out it would be a social suicide.

Getting in was easy, getting around the crowd of students—wasn’t.

You sat at a table, occupied by a lovely man and his two girlfriends. The sit wasn’t long as a result of him asking if you wanted to be his third girlfriend of the night. Shyly, but harshly, you denied.

You were invited by Madison, her invitation was short and sweet;

“Come to the party, wear something nice and meet me upstairs 20 minutes after you get there, xox” 

Her demanding and egocentric personality was sometimes too much to handle, even for yourself. You considered yourself to be a very patient person, but if there was one person who could really bring out the devil inside you…it was Madison. But still, you accepted her inducement as she sounded quite anxious when she spoke to you. 

Your refilled drink was knocked out of your hand,

“Watch it!” A riled voice beseeched. You managed to hold onto the cup, but the juice splattered on the floor,

“Sorry” you mumbled, stepping out of the way. You walked over your spilled drink to obtain a new one.

After retrieving your drink –and wasted your time doing so because you probably wouldn’t drink it anyways—you stayed unaccompanied, and pessimistic. You watched the rest of the seniors actually enjoy the party. 

You were never a party girl; you saw them as unnecessary and a complete distraction from important things like school. You placed your untouched drink down at a table and pushed yourself towards the main hallway. Every sort of smoke, and every musky breath imaginable was in your face, which made your stomach authentically unsettling. Finally pushing through the last sweaty body, you regained your balance.

You checked your phone and saw 20 minutes have passed since you entered the party. Following Madison’s strict instructions, you found the stairwell and made your way up. Of course it was a challenge due to the bodies taking up 75% of the space. You felt as if in those few agonizing seconds of pushing yourself up those stairs, you developed claustrophobia. 

You stopped once you reached the last step, although her instructions were hastening, they weren’t specific. You stared into the mouth of the hallway, which contained numerous rooms, and thanks to Madison, you had no idea which room she was in. Hesitantly, you started to knock on each door, looking like a complete fool as you did. Damn Madison, you thought. if anyone saw you they would say you’ve lost your marbles. Just your luck, the door they presumed to be in was the last room of the hallway. 

You slowly opened the door, praying the noise inside was Madison, and not something else…because that would be a situation hard to get out of…

The door swung open from your slightly harsh push and you saw Madison, and Zoe in a deep conversation. 

“Madison?” You called, Madison turned her head towards your direction and gave you a fabricated smile.

“Y/N,” She chimed, pulling you inside the dark room. Candles were accurately put around the room which made you chuckle uncomfortably, 

“Ugh, Madison…I know we’re close but we’re not that-”

“Get your head out of your ass, the candles aren’t to romanticize” Madison interrupted, rather queasily. 

Ignoring her remark, you sat on the edge of the bed. 

“I know you haven’t been the same since…you know…Kyle” She spoke, cautiously. 

“And we know it’s been a tough couple months… he was your first love” Zoe added, 

“I’ve been trying to forget” you said, giving them a sympathetic smile, it hurt you to much to talk about him…so you did everything but. 

Madison gave Zoe a look, 

“Listen, don’t scream alright? I’ll explain everything later.” Madison got up and walked into the bathroom, 

“C’mon you braindead little-” Madison pulled a body from out of the bathroom, your heart began to race as you saw the familiar curls bounce as he struggled to regain balance. 

Letting out a frustrated groan, he yanked his arm from her grasp squeezing his hands into tight fists. 

His gaze stayed focused on the floorboard, with a crabbed frown on his face. 

“Kyle?” The call left your lips as a helpless whisper, the utter realization that the love of your life– who died in a bus crash months earlier, was standing in front of you..as if it never happened. 

Scars were evident on his neck, and his once coloured cheeks were pale. The only thing that stayed the same, was his hair. You remembered the movie nights where your head rested gently on his shoulder and your fingers would reach up to his blond curls. He used to love it when you twisted his hair with your fingers, it soothed him, and it comforted him. 

You remembered the warm smile he would give you, before leaning in to give you a tender kiss that would leave your lips tingling. He was a gentleman, the kind that would open doors for you, pay for anything you wanted, and made sure you came first in whatever scenario you two ended up getting yourselves into.  

It was his subjective self that allured you to stay home that day, or else you too would’ve been apart of the accident. He persuaded you to stay…he thought the party might be too overwhelming for you, and as a matter of fact, it was. Sometimes you wished you went, so when he died you would’ve been there with him, but that was completely absurd, you were 18 and in love for the first time, you would do anything when you were new to the feeling…anyone would.

He slowly lifted his head from the moment he heard your voice. *gif*

His eyes locked with yours, and you felt yourself falling in love all over again. It was a feeling you missed. You missed the sensuality of when Kyle was the one thing on your mind, you missed the butterflies in your stomach when his thumb would graze your cheek, and you missed the rare but meaningful heartfelt moments when he would pour his heart out to you. You missed being in love. 

His face contoured with revelation, 

“He can’t talk much, that’s the only downside” Madison quietly added. 

Kyle slowly made his way towards you. 

Because you couldn’t comprehend his re-appearance; you took a step back. Kyle froze,

“No” Kyle said, reasurringly.


Your vision of the man you once loved became a blur, tears filled your eyes…as confusing as it was, Kyle was standing in front of you. 

Kyle began to slowly walk up to you again, his eyes fixated on yours, a reassuring sign that he meant no harm. 

“Y/N,” he whispered, gently cupping your cheeks with his beaten hands. Even in silence, you felt the compassion from his eyes. As glassy as they were, it was the same ones you would see at the end of the day, and in the early morning, Kyle was never the one to constantly pour you his feelings, but he showed them whenever your eyes met…and that was exactly what he was doing. 

Kyle wiped the tears that left your flooded eyes with his thumb, a feeling you missed so much. 

He softly placed his forehead on yours, and let the tip of his nose brush slightly against yours, 

“Y/N,” his rough voice struggled to say again, but it was evident he was using every bone in his body to speak.

Kyle reached up and placed a kiss on your forehead. without removing his hands from your cheeks, he then placed his forehead back on yours,


Kyle then pulled you into an amorous kiss, his nostalgic acts of affection caused those butterflies you missed so much to burst. Just hearing his voice allowed you to sigh in relief, and amply melt in his arms.

He kissed you with passion, as he always did. 

“I love you too” You said faintly, breaking the comfortable silence. Kyle wrapped you in an embrace, as his face hid in the crook of your neck. 

“Don’t…leave” He pleaded. Although you needed an explanation for all of this, the thought was the last thing on your mind, you stayed in his arms, listening to his racing heart, and comforted him as he finally let the tears leave his eyes. 

“I won’t.” 


first Kyle imagine woohoo!! Enjoy :)

RP Resource: Writing British Characters.

Here’s a rather broad combination of UK words, phrases and sayings that one can use as a writing template for predominately English characters. I tried to lend my attention to the more obscure ones of our daily use to try and defer from the same-old, same-old. Note: I will be updating it from time to time, so you may wish to reference back at later dates.

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Phantom Thief au part 2/??

Keith’s in over his head. He knows he can keep up with any target. He’s a fit man, capable of long distance, but Sharpshooter…he’s undeniably speedy. Blending in with the shadows, dancing on his toes, appearing everywhere and nowhere at once. Keith’s footsteps echo through the hallway of the museum. As he passes through pillared corridors, one after another, he’s starting to lose steam.

“Awww poor little detective can’t keep up? Need a break?”

Keith smirks to himself, purposefully pushing himself to speed along. “In your dreams, dude”

Everything was becoming a blur. His vision was failing him in favor of fueling his stubbornness.


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Request: Could u do one where sam’s girlfriend (oc/reader) goes to hell (lucifer’s vessel etc etc) instead, so she goes through all the hallucinations instead of him? I know it sounds crazy aha

Sam x Reader

Triggers: Mention of torture, mental fatigue and doubting ones sanity

Word Count: 2548

Y/N = Your name  

No request is crazy! I really liked your idea! I hope I did it justice Oo


You didn’t know what happened. Or how it was even possible for it to happen. One second you’d been locked in the cage, constantly tortured by two of the most powerful men of heaven and hell respectively, for the role you’d played in forcing them down into the pit. And the next… Well in the next you were out. Somehow free from their grasp. Or as free as you could ever hope to be after what you had gone through inside the cage.

Finding your way back was the easy part. There was only one place you could really go. The only place that you’d ever really considered home. Back to the love that had been everything you’d ever wanted before you fell into the cage. The love that had kept you sane as Lucifer and Michael tore at your body, ripping you apart constantly. Back to Sam…

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Vernon/OFC: For all the marbles, a SVT!kindergarten AU

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Puppy love

Word Count: 1173

Characters: smol!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various SVT members

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP meeting as kids and Person B (lil Hansol) decides to woo Person A by giving them pretty rocks that they find. And lil Hansol gets schooled by his bros in marbles and the art of puppy love

“You’re stupid!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You look like a squid!” Hoshi laughed, his puffy cheeks spreading like cream puffs as he pointed at her hair. Today it was shaped into four pigtails, two low and two up, secured by thin sky blue ribbons.

She was getting red in the face, and stomped her sandal-clad foot on the ground, lifting a ring of dust around their area. “I do not!”

“Do too.” Hoshi stuck out his tongue, thumbing the straps of his denim overalls. “I’m going to call teacher-nim, because squids aren’t allowed in school!”

“You’re so annoying!” the little girl clenched her fists, her shoulders tensing all the way to her neck. “I’m not playing with you anymore!” and she threw the plush dinosaur at his face, which Hoshi easily caught in his arms. It only made her angrier, and she stomped away to a corner of the playground, fed up.

“Good!” Hoshi called out, surrounded by his band of three friends. “We don’t want to play with a dumb girl!”

Hansol frowned from his safe spot in the sandbox, where his friends were surrounded by their marble ring. They were playing for keepsies today, which meant Hansol was already set up to lose. He already lost all his cateyes to Jeonghan, who was currently arranging all his new marbles by color and size. He didn’t care, it happened all the time, but he cared when a pretty girl in blue ribbons was sitting alone on the swing set. He rather liked her hair, it was unique and stood out from all the other girls who wore matching flower barrettes. It was different, just like him.

“Hoshi can be so mean sometimes.” he mumbled sourly, fisting the sand between his fingers.

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Sweeney Todd Sentence starters

“They all deserve to die.”
“You see, years ago, something happened up there. Something not very nice.”
“There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit.”
“We could have a life we two.”
“These are desperate times, _______ and desperate measures are called for.”
“Welcome to the grave.”
“Always had a fondness for you, I did.”
“I will have vengeance.”
“I’ll never see my girl again.”
“No, come here, my love.”
“I can’t say the years have been particularly kind to you.”
“Have charity towards the world, my pet.”
“You are young. Life has been kind to you. You will learn.”
“Believe me! Can we still be married?”
“May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”
“I doubt if anyone would know.”
“Will I see you again?”
“You there, my friend… Come, let me hold you.”
“You’ve come home.”
“You’ll kill me, boy? Well here I stand!”
“Everything I did I swear I thought was only for the best!”
“For a moment there I thought you lost your marbles.”
“ ‘ey, don’t I know you, mister?”
“How seldom it is one meets a fellow spirit.”
“The years, no doubt, have changed me.”
“No, no, not lied at all! No, I never lied!”
“All she did for months was just lie there in bed…”
“You’re in a merry mood today, ________.”
“My mind is far from easy.”
“Stay forever.”