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hey I'm interested in going into art as a career but a bit lost, just wondering if you would share how you got into the industry/what kind of work you do? :3 keep up the amazing work

Hi nonnie! Good for you, there’s always room for more artists <3

Up until a few years ago I was a lost sheep too. After graduating from graphic communication design (same thing as graphic design except with more reading and seeing classes with journalists and publicists), I worked in article writing and content creation for an international company that sold professional hair products for about 5 years, which was my safety net while I searched for art jobs. Then I went on to social media assistant and customer service with them.

It paid bills but I really wanted to work in art. The problem was…what kind of art. 

Illustration? Animation? Video games? Storyboarding? Concept art? I kind of wanted to do it all and graphic design besides, given the years I put in uni for it.

I already knew I didn’t want to work in advertising because I’d interned at an agency and saw a dark future where I didn’t belong to myself and thought HELL NO. So I applied for a job as illustrator at a local video game/multimedia studio and I got it. My colleagues were amazing, I learned a lot, made tons of contacts, worked heaps…but I also had a mental breakdown due to the stress and it put me in hospital.

2014…never forget o__o

At this studio I was doing pretty much all I said I wanted to do and more. And a few months in I realised I wasn’t cut out for it and that I wanted to specialise in one or two things instead of running around pleasing people. So after experiencing the objectivity forced on me by a mental crisis and subsequent treatment and therapy, I quit.

Thanks to my wonderful friends at my old job, I got a job in layouts for an animation studio and it helped me realise that it wasn’t that I was bad at working under pressure, it was a matter of the quantity of things I was pressuring myself to do and excel at. I did well at this job and it ended naturally. 

During all of these years I took on commissions in my free time and did small fan art projects to help with my depression and anxiety…soul work. I would also work on Under the Aegis in tiny bits. Now that I was jobless I had more time to dedicate to that so I thought “to heck with it” and started publishing comic pages regardless of whether I felt ready or not.

And it worked.

It’s embarrassing for me to admit that I ignored all the signs that were telling me to work in comics, because it used to just be a hobby and childhood interest. It only took a crisis for me to realise it’s where I’m meant to be!

TL;DR figure out what you want to do without trying to do it all and it’s okay to fail, just pace yourself, make friends and do things that make you happy whenever the circumstances allow.

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So now that we know Tyrannosaurs lost their feathers, I wonder if this may have happened to other coelurosaurs as well. Perhaps the gigantic Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Gigantoraptor lost their feathers to at least some extent?

Mmm, we don’t “know” T. rex lost its feathers, although we have evidence suggesting it may have; this also doesn’t translate to all tyrannosaurs, as we do have more than one tyrannosauroid species with confirmed feathers.

As for Therizinosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Gigantoraptor - it’s possible, certainly, but currently we don’t really have any evidence for it.

(( Um! Okay wowee!

I hit 300 Followers today and wow! I really and truly didn’t expect to reach 305 so soon! I’m super honored that so many of y’all seem to like and enjoy my interpretation of Ranpo so much! Thank you all!! Thank you all so much!!

I wish I could do something in celebration of this real big milestone (or, at least, big for me! Even my most popular blog in the past took years to reach 300! And we’ve made it here so quickly!) but I’m just so lost for what you wonderful folks deserve! So, y’know, for now I’m just writing a big ol’ rant about how much I love and appreciate each and every one of you! From those of you that actively RP with me, to those who send asks (on and off anon), to those who like and reblog my posts and reblogs, and even those who just hit that follow button, each and every one of you mean a lot to me, and you all make me so happy!

So here’s to 305! And may y’all continue to enjoy this little blog in the corner of the internet where tomfoolery and suggestions live! ))

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