lost wayfarer

anonymous asked:

I live in Australia, and I have the opportunity to go to medical school straight from high school. I am almost 17, and it is a 5 year course. My parents and teachers have sort of nudged me into it, as I do have the grades, it seems to just be expected of me. I am really interested in medicine, and I love to learn. It just doesn't seem like the right fit for me- I am not an outgoing, fun, or very friendly people person. I am so lost here. Wayfaring, do you have any advice?

Doctors do not have to be outgoing, bubbly extroverts. Some patients need calm, relaxed introverted doctors. And some specialties (radiology, anesthesiology, pathology) require little patient contact, so personality doesn’t have to be a problem. 

But also: don’t do medicine unless you really want it. Don’t let your parents’ and teachers’ expectations of you color your own interests. Just because you have the grades to do something doesn’t mean you’d actually enjoy it or be particularly good at it. I made A’s in calculus but I hated every minute of it and would be miserable if I had to be an engineer or math teacher. I know plenty of extremely smart people who made excellent grades who didn’t follow “professional” career paths, and most of them are all the happier for it because they pursued what they were interested in. 

You said you love to learn. That’s awesome. In making your decision, consider what you LOVE learning. It may be something you can make a career out of, or it may be something that you do as a hobby. That’s fine. But don’t pursue a career in something based solely off your intellectual abilities. 

Lost in Translation

Wayfaring: Do you take any other medicines besides the two you brought with you tonight?

Translator: **Russian Russ Rushy Russian**

Patient: **All the Russian**

Translator: Yes, he takes one in the morning and one at night. 

Wayfaring: Yes, I know he takes this medicine in the morning and at night. I’m asking if he takes any other medicines that he did not bring with him today.

Translator: Oh I see. **Russes**

Patient: **Russes back**

Translator: Yes, he takes it two times a day. 

Wayfaring: Ugh, yes, I understand this. How else do I ask this? Am I missing something here? Ok, it says in his history that he has diabetes and high blood pressure. Does he take any medicines for these problems, because he didn’t bring any with him today. 

Translator: **Long, flowing Russing**

Patient: **Short, snappy Russing**

Translator: Yes, he has high blood pressure. Today it is 174/90.

Wayfaring: Ugh! Yes, I know this. I told you he had high blood pressure. The question is: Does he take medicine for this?

Translator: Yes, he has high blood pressure.

Wayfaring: You know what, I give up. We’re going to restart the meds on his home list. Please ask him to have a family member bring in any other meds he may or may not take.