lost wax technique

Still Water by sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green, being installed at Ascot in 2010. Fiddian-Green has been creating horse sculptures for 30 years, inspired by a Fifth-century BC carving of a horse he saw at the British Museum. “All my work is on horses, they are the greatest animal,” he said.
“My family ride and I ride, it is an ancient culture which is part of our heritage.”
One of his most famous horse sculptures is at London’s Marble Arch. In fact a Philadelphia racetrack owner was so taken with it that he commissioned a similar head for his track. The 35-foot bronze sculpture, which was made using the “lost wax” technique.


THIS winged ibex was a handle for a metal amphora-shaped vessel, made in the 4th century BCE in Achaemenid Persia . This high level of detail was achieved through the use of lost-wax technique. 

It has been suggested that this piece of art resembles both the god Bes and the Greek god Silenus, which may indicate that a Greek artisan made this piece of art. 

Photo taken by: Jan van der Crabben 


actually here have some pictures of injured dinosaurs instead

i was gonna sleep and then i remembered i had to send pictures in for the senior art show so i figured i’d show you guys too

this is my piece “dinosaur icu,” it’s bronze, plaster, and wood

i made the dinos out of bronze using the lost-wax technique, and then patina’d and plastered ‘em up, then made and stained little stands for them

funny story about this- i was just gonna make little bronze dinosaurs for shits and giggles and then i fucked up the molds and i was like EH WELL LET’S JUST MAKE EM ALL INJURED I GUESS

admittedly i like this outcome more

3d printing has come a long way since I first looked into the technology.

Check it out.

http://youtu.be/BUfh5wxj3qA      Stereolithography  rapid prototyping plastics

http://youtu.be/7QP73uTJApw     Powder printer full color.

http://youtu.be/mx207UXtGxg      wax ring making 3d printer

http://youtu.be/tYtD8npiV-k       make magazine 3d printer buying guide some as cheap as $400