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"Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that." + Initiating Fistfights? (I can't imagine Tom saying that and Sanguini doesn't have a heartbeat as a vampire, so I'm curious as to what you'll do with it)

A tricky one then LOL

“Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that” the man said, arching his body up aginst Sangiuni’s. “Do you feel my blood? Can you smell it? I know you want to taste me. Do it. Bite me!”

Sanguini could feel his mind and body being lost to his vampiric instincts. He swore he’d never bite a human again, knowing he’d lose control and drain them. But this man was so forceful, so enticing. Sanguini’s mind said no but his body couldn’t resist.

Sanguini bared his fangs, and then the man was screaming. Sanguini hadn’t even bitten down.

He glanced to his right as the man crumpled to the floor, senses coming back to him as he took in the sight of Tom training his wand on the man, venom in his eyes.

“Come, Sanguini,” Tom said, offering his hand.

Sanguini took it, and they didn’t look back.

one of the saddest things is when a show you invested so much of your time into and became emotionally attached to seriously fucks up and you are no longer captivated by it whether it’s because of illogical plots with zero substance, ooc characters, sexist writing or because the show kills off and treats minorities horrendously, and all you have left is this bitterness at how things turned out because something that once made you happy now leaves you emotionally and mentally drained.

80’s movies and chill

*opens and closes mouth* okay, which one of you added my author name to a list of bisexual representation in literature and has me listed as ‘satirical pansexual’ because a) if that’s not a Google translation error that’s the best description ever and b) if that is a Google translation error that is the best description ever lmao

What The Mortal Instrumenty Taught Me
  • <p> <b>Jace taught me:</b> Love is not a weakness. It's a strength.<p/><b>Clary tought me:</b> It doesn't matter what size you are. It's inside what counts.<p/><b>Simon taught me:</b> Geeks are people too. Love them.<p/><b>Izzy taught me:</b> Nothing less than 8 inches.<p/><b>Alec taught me:</b> Never be ashamed of your sexuality.<p/><b>Jonathan taught me:</b> A parents love can destroy an innocent child.<p/><b>Magnus taught me:</b> Just be freaking fabulous.<p/></p>

The Goddess of Love is married to a man that she truly does not love. But on her wedding day, she first notices Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt. Their love will take them past the fall of Roman Empire, and beyond the days of the Gods.

This is Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses . 

It’s my first ebook (really it’s more of a novelette). And it’s for sale on amazon for 99 cents. 

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