lost tv tropes

If you’re the kind of deranged sicko who likes to watch something and then spend weeks afterward reading long essays about it, you’re familiar with the controversy surrounding Breaking Bad and the main character’s wife, Skyler. As the nonpsychotic spouse of the meth-dealing antihero, she was constantly trying to get him to stop committing horrific acts of depravity for profit. And fans hated her.

Many of these essays were berating said fans for this, for siding with the murderous meth dealer over his concerned wife. But, the reason for the reaction was obvious: The show was called Breaking Bad. It was about a boring chemistry teacher who “breaks bad” and starts a criminal empire, full of danger and adventure and flamboyant villains. Every single person who tuned in did it to watch this guy break all sorts of bad. So, whenever Skyler would point her finger at Walter and say, “You need to stop breaking so much bad, mister!” what we heard was “You need to make this entertaining adventure end, and go back to being a boring high school teacher!”

And, hey, in real life, she would be completely right! If any of you are facing a similar dilemma right now, please don’t break any further bad than you already have. But, those arguments were ridiculous in the context of the show we’re watching.

5 Tropes That Seem To Always Ruin Movie And TV Plots