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did you know milo and kida are in the parade at disneyland paris??

I think it was just for that one day, the 25th anniversary celebration back in April :/ But everyone was so excited about it, I hope they’ll consider bringing them back. Especially since the movie was actually quite popular over there when it first came out.

I have a few extra photos from instagram I didn’t post. So hilarious, the way it’s shot it’s like this was their wedding lmaooo

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I can’t find the source for this one but it’s too cute lmao GIRL put them back

  • Jyn: As president of the Bodhi Rook fanclub, I decree that today we are all going to go around in a circle and say something we admire about Bodhi. Our Vice President has requested to go first.
  • Luke: [clears throat and pulls out list]

You Meet Isaac In The Woods Again:

“Scott, Stiles will you wait up.” You yelled after the boys who were jogging ahead of you, and had seemed to vanish of the fain path, that was slowly vanishing. You stopped running and caught your breath, taking a deep gulp from your water bottle, and hoping the two dummies would realise they’d left you behind.


After a few minutes of wondering blindly through the woods you decided to sit down and get your bearings. It wasn’t until something caught your attention.


“Scott… Stiles?” You called out as you pushed yourself off the ground and began looking for the source of the noise.


“Sorry Sweetie just me… Lost again?” Isaac wondered out of the clump of trees to your right and you sighed.


“I thought you were someone else.” You muttered as you blushed a deep red.


“Yeah I heard, you need me to help you get back to the road again?” He offered. You could tell by his tone that he thought finding you lost in the woods yet again was amusing, it wasn’t like you couldn’t eventually find your way out, just that you’d been listening to Stiles ramble on rather than paying attention to where you were going.


“No I can get out of the woods I did grow up in Beacon Hills so I know where to go.” You swallowed the lie and started to walk in the direction that you thought was the right way. Missing the tilt of Isaac’s head and the chuckle when he easily picked up the added thuds of your lie in your heart beat.


“You need to stop playing in the woods if you’re going to get lost every time you go near them.” Isaac said, not moving from the spot he was stood in. you span around to face him only to see a smug smile plastered on his face.


“I wasn’t playing I was exercising.” You snapped quickly before turning on your heels.


“You’re going the wrong way Sweetie.” His smug arrogance irritated you to no end but unless Stiles and Scott, who were most likely waiting for you in the car park of the trail, turned up in the next few minutes you would never get out of the woods.


“Well which way would you suggests, seeing as you seem to live in the woods.” You snapped back, irritation clearly showing on your face as you crossed your arms and lent on one leg.


“Probably that way seeing as the other way leads out of town.” Isaac said with a raised eyebrow as you follow his hand to see he was pointing in the opposite direction.


“Well I’ll be on my way and I’ll leave you alone in the woods like a creepy loner dude.” You mumbled as you stomped away from him.


“My god Sweetie, break my heart why don’t you… good luck getting back to the car park.” His tone was cold and sarcastic but you didn’t mind, if he wanted you to be nicer she shouldn’t have been so arrogant.


“Whatever Isaac, I’ll see you next time I get lost.” You snap back with equal arrogance.

You squeaked nervously when he gripped your arm and span you around until your arms were crushed against his chest. His arms slowly slid around your waist as his breath became heavy and for a moment you thought he was hyperventilating. Then with a step closer you were cradled to him as his lips met yours in a soft kiss.


He moaned softly and you pulled away and attempted to catch your breath.

“Get Lost Soon Sweetie.” He mumbled once he’d finally let you go and began walking off into the woods. You stood still, dazed for a moment, before snapping back to reality making a mental not to ask Scott and Stiles if they knew anything about Isaac.

More Teen Wolf

  • Rokurou: Sometimes I think, man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.
  • Velvet: I relate to you, Rokurou. When I hit bottom, I was crushing man’s skull like sparrow’s egg, between my thighs… and I think, why you have to be so bad, Velvet? Why can’t you be more like good guy? Then I have moment of clarity… if Velvet is good guy, who will crush man’s skull like sparrow’s eggs between thighs? And I say, “Velvet you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy.”
  • Rokurou: Right… I’m sorry, you lost me there.