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i can`t believe i finally got my shit together to continue this omfg this was a long long oh god and i almost lost the whole thing bc my tablet froze 100 times oh godohmollyholy

Ok so, do you guys remember this comic? welp :)

expect part two (3??) soon :D

Thank you a lot @doodledrawsthings for helping me with this ovo/ and for making this awesome au

Part 1

Part 2 (you`re here)

Part 3



Welllll what better way to spend the time I lost my tablet pen than to sprite some characters from favorite games/projects I’ve been following for a while and I’m looking forward to play/pal’s ocs in the style I use for my own game? I know it’s not perfect but I’m settling on it, because it was more of an exercise too, and I’m exhausted of it orz


Take this moment to make my own “here are a few dev blogs/games I recommend” list

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This is not All of the devs I support (my supporting list grows very fast jsyk), and I apologize if you don’t see yours here, but eh, I’m just human and I can’t catch up/remember all of them… Again, sorry. But hey this is just a tiny teeny, scrappy sprite sheet, there will be much much more coming to you, hunny, I’m sure! 😉

Also, for those who don’t know me yet, check out my own devblog @pollinating-games​ because I am a shameless pos :y

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☠ and they say hate is just as strong as love. :3c

“Wha– why is my clothes suddenly so tight? And my headband also feels weird and uh, why does my head feel so heavy?”

((The next ask using this emoji will be answered by Josuke!Rohan. Right now he still doesn’t know he’s turned into Josuke.))

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.”

Started Command Mission from the beginning. Again.

But it’s so much fun (* v * )/ Also Aile.

i had spider feels.

I think this is it

The last time my tablet pen will ever be lost, because now it’s nowhere, and there is no hope.

I left it in the couch, I went to the bathroom, by the time I came back my mom took off everything out of the couch and made it again and started sweeping trash, when he I looked in the table, couch, the trash or the counter, it was gone ’- ’

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18- If you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward) 

(!) - I lost my tablet pen for the 3756387th time, could you please find it for me

Reward: I dont have any money, please, accept this self-depreciative post i made on tumblr long ago

The girl standing next to Stella with the cheetah print is most likely the owner of the tablet with cat pictures in Life is Strange. 

Now, hear me out.

So most of you LIS fans are aware that, if the player pays attentions to the minor items included in the game, they can see that someone in Blackwell Academy is looking for a lost tablet with cat photos.

People have been saying that Nathan Prescott is the person, since the handwriting on the letters resemble Nathan’s handwriting in an unused document. And to be honest, I really like that idea. Nathan being a cat person is absolutely adorable to me, and if the gamers did that I would be thrilled.

However, I never believed that as canon since the first time I’ve seen Episode 4 of the game, and it’s getting on my nerves that people keep saying it is Nathan.

In the End of the World party scene, Stella is working at the entrance. When Max enters, you can clearly hear Stella saying in the background “No, I didn’t see any tablet with cat pics.” I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one who heard that, even while not paying much attention. 

I was surprised that out of the 7 people that I’ve seen play the entire game, none of them noticed or bothered to point that line out. It’s very audible compared to Samuel’s obscure voice in the backwards hallway scene(in the nightmare sequence in Episode 5), which still so many people noticed.

Now, Nathan can’t be the owner of the tablet at this point because

1)Clearly, Nathan isn’t at the party at all, which Stella directly tells Max. 

2)The entire party scene is also kind of made to prove that Nathan isn’t there… 

3)Besides, he’s already dead.(Ouch, there goes my heart ripping into pieces.) 

So it’s impossible in any way what-so-ever for Nathan to randomly be at the entrance wasting his time asking Stella about his lost tablet, which even if he was alive, I doubt he would do. I mean, I can’t imagine him going, “Have you seen a tablet with cat pics?” to anyone. Hilarious to think about, though.

I was watching another play-through of the game with alternate camera angles. In the entrance scene of the End of the world party, I was able to take a glance at Stella’s direction. When Stella answers the unheard question of the cat pics, guess who is talking to her? Yeah, as seen in the photo above, it’s just a random girl with cheetah prints. 

I just really wanted to make this post because so many people have been talking about how Nathan, or any other named character in the game, could be the mysterious owner of the tablet, when there’s that one line by Stella that’s not that easy to miss, plus the details of the game just won’t align with whatever theories some people are coming up with.

 I know. I’m making a big deal out of this, and I get it. It’s fun and silly to imagine any character to be that mysterious person the game tossed out there, but I just wanted to point out what I noticed. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t think that a certain character takes the role of the owner of the tablet. The headcanons that you guys come up are amazing and they always make my day. 

But I just wanted to point out the big details that I felt like people were missing while these assumptions are made.  

Again, I just wanted to point out my theory. The owner of the kitty tablet is the girl with the cheetah prints(her clothing even makes sense).

But again, I’m not hating on the idea that Nathan is a cat lover. It’s adorable and I’m going to believe in that fragment about him nevertheless.