lost spoon

Pyrrha: These pancakes are delicious, Ren.

Ren: Thanks. Nora helped me pick the recipe last night.

Nora: There were so many different flavors! So, we went with “Every Berry Any Chip Surprise”!

*Nora leans towards Jaune*

Nora: *loud whisper* The surprise is I lost a measuring spoon in the batter. *normal voice* Somebody’s gonna get a very special pancake!

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It's kind of a weird request but MC gently hitting people with various foodstuffs? Lololol tbh I do it all the time, especially with cooked spaghetti, I take a strand and 'slap' someone's face with it, so it just kinda flops onto their cheek and sticks but the confused faces people make are gold. Lowkey down to have a foodfight. Gimme a head of lettuce and I'll use it as a sword. Fite me.

AHHHHH omg I love this prompt. Probably because I am very partial to food fights and haven’t had nearly as many as I would like. This is going to be part food fights, part smacking with random foods, and part food adventures. Jumin’s came to me first tbh. 


  • Okay so we all know that Yoosung is tired of Kimchi. 
  • So imagine the two of you standing on his balcony (Imagine he has a tiny balcony) 
  • competing to see who’s blob of Kimchi hits the ground first. 
  • yours did of course
  • In a desperate attempt to win one round Yoosung slung the Kimchi as hard as he could
  • He lost a spoon in the process
  • Rip cheap metal spoon, you will be missed
  • He also may have gotten kimchi on the bench that his neighbour is about to sit on. 
  • No Ragrets B)


  • So he likes the fish shaped buns 
  • I’m just gonna imagine he likes other fish shaped things
  • Like Goldfish crackers
  • He seems like the type to throw things and catch them in his mouth.
  • You like to throw them to see if he can catch them too.  
  • “Zen, Think fast” 
  • He never catches them when you throw them
  • Zen getting pelted with tons of Goldfish crackers
  • “I know I’m cheesy sometimes but this is just too far”


  • Hates any sort of food wasting
  • Which is totally reasonable, 
  • No food fights here
  • However she is a freak about getting pasta cooked just right
  • You know that trick where you through the noodle at the wall and if it sticks it’s done??
  • She does that, every time. 
  • One day she asked you to do it
  • You went to throw the noodle right as she walked into the kitchen
  • Baehee got smacked in the face with a noodle
  • It stuck 


  • Okay but imagine all of the chip crumbs in this boys bed
  • Oh wait, he never sleeps
  • I feel like he ended up with so many crumbs in his bed he just decided sleeping in his office chair was easier than changing the sheets. 
  • When you move in all of that changes. 
  • When you first see his crusty sheets you nearly turn around and run
  • You love him but this is straight up gross
  • You figured out how to get him to change the sheets pretty quickly tho
  • like immediately after you found his chip stash. 
  • Actually, you can get him to do pretty much anything now
  • all you have to do is throw crushed up honey butter chips at him until you catch his attention
  • his obsession with honey butter chips is sometimes a good thing


  • Jumin was home in time for the two of you to make dinner together. 
  • You decided on stir fry 
  • Jumin was in charge of peeling the vegetables while you gathered all of the other supplies. 
  • Boyfriend is weirdly meticulous about peeling his vegetables. 
  • He had a growing pile of peels chilling on the counter
  • You were standing around waiting to be able to dump everything into the wok and get cooking. 
  • You ended up sitting at the bar cuz dude was taking forever. 
  • You ended up super bored and started picking at the peels. 
  • You picked up a carrot peel and for some reason decided to sling it????
  • It hit him right in between his eyebrows lmfaooooooo
  • After that it was over, we’re talking full on food fight
  • Jumin doesn’t play. 
  • You ended up with like a million vegetable peels in your hair and eating dinner very late. 


  • One day you decided to introduce Saeran to the wonders of pranks. 
  • Harmless pranks that is. 
  • You drove to the nearest mcdonalds and ordered an ice cream cone. 
  • Saeran had no idea what you were about to do so of course he thought the ice cream was for him
  • When you pulled up to the window and grabbed your order by the ice cream instead of the cone his eyes nearly popped out of his head. 
  • He couldn’t understand why you would waste perfectly good ice cream. 
  • Neadless to say you ended up driving to another mcdonalds to get him a new cone


  • So honestly the only thing that comes to mind is making him feel bowls full of weird stuff like cooked spaghetti noodles or peeled grapes
  • The kind of weird stuff you have to do at halloween parties
  • He hates it
  • You switch out random things just so he ends up touching whatever weird thing you’ve put in place
  • He just throws them at you and hopes he hits his target
  • Somehow he usually does. 


  • Honestly just don’t even think about it. He will win any food fight you attempt to initiate. You learned that the hard way. 

That wonderful and hilarious moment when you and one of your best friends make each other exactly the same Christmas present - an emergency spoons case!


Missing Spoons and morning coffee - A Supernatural fic

Summary: Cas misplaces something, and decides to search under his bed. Sam comes in at the right time and takes advantage of this.

A/N: Happy late birthday, @fanficsandfluff ! This is for you! I can’t believe I missed your birthday aaaaa - but late presents aside, I know you like Sastiel, so here you go! Have a great evening!

Wordcount: 1,212

  A spoon. Of all the irrelevant, trivial items Castiel could have misplaced, he’d lost a spoon. The angel huffed in frustration as he shut yet another spoonless drawer. It shouldn’t have mattered that much to him; after all, the piece of silverware one uses to stir their coffee could hardly be of any significance under regular circumstances - but Cas found himself growing more and more irritated at the fact he couldn’t locate such a commonplace object. He pictured it gathering dust in some unforeseen corner of his room, never to be found. The thought of his bedroom becoming cluttered - or worse, as messy as Charlie’s - had the seraph renewing his search efforts within a split second. His mug had only been on his dresser, so surely the spoon couldn’t have gone very far. Eyes scanning the carpet, Cas found himself cursing yet again at the situation. Resolve dwindling, he sat down on the bed, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

  His bed. It could be under his bed. Castiel rose from the mattress and lowered himself so he was eye level with the floor. A metallic glint from the far end of the wall caught his gaze; with a roll of his eyes, he twisted onto his back and shuffled along the carpet, grey shirt dragging along the carpet as he moved. The pine framework of his bed consumed his field of vision, and when Cas turned to look for the lost spoon, there was no trace of it. He sighed, and gazed at the bed frame in annoyance.

  “Hey, Cas-”

  As he opened the door, Sam was surprised to see half a torso and a pair of pyjama-clad legs sticking out from under Cas’s bed. He smiled, and stepped over to where his boyfriend’s legs were scrambling in a frustrated manner. Cas’ shirt had been hitched up in the process, revealing an expanse of tanned stomach. The Winchester’s eyes sparked as an idea flickered to life in his head. He knelt down next to the constantly shifting blue plaid, and cleared his throat.

“You ok there?”

“Yes, Sam, I- um- I’m fine.”

“Is something wrong with the bed?” A grin twitched at Sam’s lips.

“No, the bed is fine. I, uh, I’m looking for something.”

“Oh, I see.” He shifted, grin widening into a mischievous smile that Castiel remained oblivious to.

  Cas was about to crawl out from under his bed when he felt a sudden weight over his hips. He squirmed, and tried to dislodge the obstacle. A giggle from above him told the angel all he needed.

“S-Sam,what are you doing?”

“Nothing,” The grin in Sam’s voice was audible, and sent a shiver down Cas’ spine.

“Well, can you please- Sam!” Suddenly his words were snatched from his lips as the sensation of a single finger trailed over the taught skin of his belly. His body twitched in response, but barely moved due to the knees clamping his hips in place. Breath swirling like a crowd of butterflies in his stomach, Cas bit his lip in a futile attempt to maintain his composure. He tried to reach his arms down to wrap around his torso, but found that there wasn’t enough space under the bed, his elbows hitting bedframe before reluctantly falling back to the floor. Blue eyes fluttering to the bedframe in desperation, he gazed up at the wood as if it might offer some form of escape. But the finger had split into two; a pair of legs walking in tiny steps over his skin. The feeling was maddening - especially when one fingertip strayed dangerously close to his navel. Castiel squeaked, head tilting back and thumping against the carpet.


“Yes?” Possibly the most infuriating thing about the situation was having nothing to distract from the teasing tone of Sam’s voice. As Cas desperately tried to hold back giggles, he kicked his legs in an attempt to dim the sensations.



  Without warning, the two fingertips multiplied into a set of five, quickly spidering a circle around Cas’ navel. He resented the strangled squeal that forced its way out of his throat as the feelings sent fizzing bolts of electricity zipping through his nervous system. His own laughter cut him off, heat seeping onto his face.

“Because-ahahaha! Sahahahahahaham!”

“Because what?” A single pinch just below his bellybutton elicited a shriek.

“Ihihihihiht- AHA- ihihihihihit- plehehehehease!” Castiel shook his head, the tickling driving him insane as Sam’s other hand joined in, mirroring its companion.

“It what?” A slight laugh slipped through Sam’s taunting, and the shorter man found himself giggling even more.

“Ihihihihihihihit tihihihihihickles!”

“That is kinda the point!” The hunter replied with glee, giving Cas’s sides a swift taser before moving to pinch at the skin that joined his tummy and hips. Cas let out a squeal before launching into hysterics, the pinching making his legs flail uncontrollably, feet thumping on the bedroom floor.

“Ahahahahahahahahaha! Pleheheheahaha!”

“Please what? Tickle your bellybutton? Sure.”

“Nohohoho-” But he was barely given time to react before five fingers moved to scritch above his navel. Immediately, a shriek flew from his lips, and cas’s laughter ratcheted up into ringing hysterics.


“Why not?” Sam laughed, and in that moment Cas considered using his mojo to send the Winchester flying a good few metres or so across the room.


“Yeheheah, I know.”

“PLEHEHEHEASE!” However, his pleading was interrupted by a snort when one of Sam’s fingers wriggled into his bellybutton, the others continuing to scrabble over the weak spot just a bit higher up. Castiel’s laughter quickly turned silent, arms hanging limp on the ground as his partner continued to tickle the breath out of him.

  For Castiel, it was an eternity before the feelings finally came to a halt - although realistically, it was probably about thirty seconds. His breathing was rushed as he rode out residual giggles, mind clouded with endorphins. The seraph frowned when he realised he still hadn’t been released.

  A sharp intake of breath was the only warning Castiel received before a raspberry was blown directly above his navel, sending him skyrocketing straight back up into unmitigated hysterics. Snorts occasionally punctuated his frantic laughter as his back arched in the hopes of dimming the incessant buzzing, with no such luck. His eyes screwed shut in mirth, and laughter poured from seemingly nowhere as Cas continued trying to form words without any success. At long last, he felt Sam draw away, and he turned his head to the side, breath coming in giggles once again. A flash of silver drew Cas's’ attention; it was the spoon. With some indignation, he reached over and grabbed it, cool metal chilling his fingers.



“Run.” It was the only warning the Winchester needed; Cas’s smiled to himself as the weight on his hips lifted, replaced with the sound of running footsteps. A few seconds passed as he lay resting on the floor, blush fading from his face. He pulled himself out from under the bed, and crossed over to the dresser with his mug, absentmindedly rubbing at his stomach with one hand. The angel stepped out of his room, and headed down the bunker hallway.

“Dean? Have you seen Sam?”

It was time for revenge.

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i kinda lost all my spoons so i'm gonna send an ask and this be the end of it. Saying "hurr durr" is a popular meme (or was, back in the day) but it holds ableist connotations as it originated from making fun of developmentally/mentally disabled people. It's being racist because you simply won't recognise the fact that white people hold a certain power over poc - a power that stems from racism, oppression, slavery, colonialism and imperialism. Thus making fun of white ppl isn't the same

Firstly… That’s not ableist. I’m not making fun of disabled people. I’m making fun of stupid people. Like you.

Secondly, do you realize EVERY goddamn race has done those same awful things? Do you understand that there are SO many different folks that are considered white and they have been treated like shit too? For example the goddamn Irish people? Slavs?

Did you know slavery is still a thing in a lot of “PoC” areas in our world? Did you know blacks sold their own people as slaves to America? Do you know anything about this world? Don’t answer that, I know you don’t.

Jimin Scenario: Kitchen Alert.

In which Jimin finds out that cooking isn’t all that easy.

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You’re surrounded by pillows, your big eiderdown it’s covering you to the chin but still you feel like you could freeze at any minute. And the worst of all it’s that you were left alone in your place, your family had gone to visit some relatives by the beach, and you had to stay home, you still had school and on top of that you’d caught a cold. Life was like that sometimes.  But the good thing was your boyfriend had some free days so he volunteered to keep you company.
Jimin was lying beside you, so close that you feared he would catch a cold too, but he wouldn’t hear of it.  

A cold? That’s nonsense Y/N, I’m staying close to you.

He was so sweet, he didn’t even think of leaving you in that state and you were actually glad that you didn’t have to insist; having him there comforted you somehow.

-TV is so boring today- he says while switching channels and you turn to him. 

-Oppa? –

He looks at you and a hand goes to your forehead. –How are you feeling? -

You pout, doing a little of aegyo just for show. –I’m hungry-

Jimin sits immediately. –Want me to cook something for you? –

-Oh, that would be great-

He nods and starts to get up of the bed. –I’ll make you some soup-

Soup, why everybody was so obsessed to give soup to sick people? You furrowed your brows ready to complain. –Ahh oppa! I don’t want soup-

Jimin seems to be caught off guard. –You don’t? –

-I want something else, something tasty- you explain with dreamy eyes. –You can choose, but not soup please-

He agrees, letting you know that he’d make a delicious dish.

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