lost son of hephaestus

Things I need to see in The Burning Maze

-The Plant Growing Duo (aka Meg McCaffrey ft. Grover Underwood on the pipes)
-Meg: Grover can grow plants with his music…… why can’t you do that??
Apollo: first of all,,,,, plants aren’t THAT great. second of all
-Grover and Meg bonding over plants!!!!! and Apollo not having a clue
-Grover Is Dragged Into A Dark Maze (Volume 2)
-“lands of scorching death” it’s Death Valley
-Grover: out of all the places i could have taken you….. it’s the Labyrinth and Death Valley?????????
Apollo: so you know these places!!!
-Apollo reaching LA and finding Piper and Jason
-Piper and Jason JOINING the quest
-Piper and Meg becoming like siblings and getting along together!!!!
-Jason and Apollo realizing they are basically siblings and being very uncomfortable about it
-Jason and Grover bonding over embarrassing stories of Percy
-Tristan McLean!!!!! how has he been all this time
-Frank Zhang being an amazing changeling lord!!!!!!!!!
-if Frank is there then obviously HAZEL has to come too
-Apollo reaching Camp Jupiter and jiving
-The Lost Hero Trio Reunion
-Leo and Piper reuniting!!!!!!!
-a son of Hephaestus and a daughter of Aphrodite meeting again
-Repair Boy and Beauty Queen seeing each other
-Valdez and McLean finally not apart
-did i mention Leo and Piper together

Grover Underwood

Back in the old days, the other satyrs would talk about him. Never to his face, but there were always whispers.

“Zues’ daughter, what a waste…”

“…barely made it back alive—“

“I don’t know why Charon keeps sending him out.”

If Grover didn’t know any better, he’d say he was cursed. Every single half-blood he’d ever found was attacked on the way to camp. The gods would never care enough to curse a mere satyr, but Grover’s record was pretty bad.

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