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Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.


Hello guys! I have some commission slots open!

type: single character portrait ( bust - up )

price: 37 usd

payment: invoice after the commission is finished

Commissions are fully painted, so they take a bit of time to produce. I regularly sent out sketches and wips, and gladly make edits and corrections according to your desires.*

Shoot me an email with your characters description and references if you want one: consik@msn.com

Send me a message via messaging system if you have any questions!

For examples please look through my “art” tag, or my “finished commissions” tag.

Invoices are being sent after the commissioner has seen and approved of the final product.

* i reserve a right to turn down any commission i’m uncomfortable with!!!

fairies arent real but that didnt stop me from freaking out a bit that time i fell down into a steep trail that wasn’t on any maps and i suddenly lost all my phone signal while the sound of gentle bells and disembodied laughter hung in the soft rustling summer air. 

Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach’s ‘I Feel Lost’ Video: A Response

I’m not sure whether this will be more anecdotal or more analytical. I don’t know whether this will be more emotional, or logical; maybe it’ll be in the ‘wise mind’, if you will. Nevertheless, I think I need to stop being neutral and quiet on some things, and actually step up towards something I can at least say something about.

That said, here is this video that Mark recently posted.

And this post is my response to what I got out of this. Whether you see this or not @markiplier, I hope you understand what you need to do, whoever out there (if need be, please talk to your friends and family) steps you into the right direction. In spite you aren’t depressed, this is something you need to help yourself with.

Kind, Unusually Charming, Yet All the While Humanly flawed Mark ‘Iplier’ Fischbach:

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Lost/had my 3ds stolen, literally bawling my eyes out..

Alright so I’m a little desperate here..

Literally the thing that keeps me breathing and keeps me looking forward to the next day, is gone. I had brought it with me to college like I do every day, only today, when I looked in my backpack after my usual panic, I noticed that this time it actually wasn’t there.

It’s not even the monetary value that gets me, even though the system (being a Majoras Mask XL) and the 5 games with it was probably about $500, and then with the fifty or so games I’ve purchased from the eshop, it probably was about $750~ or so in the end.. Look. I put so much love into my games. I put over 2000 hours into Twinleaf, and it’s gone. I may never be able to see that town again. I spent so much time soft resetting my Lunatic Conquest run in Fates. That’s gone too. I spent so much time taking care of my system and making sure it wouldn’t get smudged or damaged or anything because that thing means so much to me and it’s just gone. I don’t know if it got stolen or lost or what, but this is my plea for help.

It’s a Majoras Mask XL, came in a red and blue pokemon case, and had five games in the case. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Smash 3ds, Persona Q, Fire Emblem Fates, and Project Mirai DX. The mii’s name is “Zach~☆”, and the home menu is Pink and has a Foleo theme. It was last seen in Palatine Illinois at Harper College. If you can’t tell how serious I am about finding this, I’m literally telling you my area I live in. This means so fucking much to me.

If any of my followers have my 3ds added and SEE me online, please let me know. And if you don’t live in the area, please signal boost anyway. I don’t know where it is, but I need it back. I can’t think about anything else right now..

Times Qrow Branwen almost lost his job at Signal
  • Qrow: Alright class, the final types of concentration we'll be learning about are parts per million and parts per billion.
  • Qrow: To get this, we take the mass percent and multiply it by 10 to the 6th or 10 to the 9th.
  • Qrow: To remember these powers of ten, I just remember 69.
  • Qrow: *Giggles to self for 30 seconds*
  • ----------------------------------
  • Qrow: Now, as you know, ethanol, the alcohol that we drink, is combustible.
  • Qrow: *Takes out bottle of whiskey*
  • Qrow: *Chugs entire bottle*
  • Qrow: Now, if I were to light match over this bottle while there was still liquid, then it would catch fire.
  • ----------------------------------
  • Qrow: Thermal expansion-
Florida Gothic
  • You stop at the Florida border after hours of driving. There is a small welcome center where a blonde woman named Karen hands you a free cup of orange juice. You excitedly ask how much longer until you reach the Keys. Karen laughs. 
  • There is nothing but farmland for hours on either side of the highway. You have been listening to the same classic rock station for three of them, with the occasional static of lost signal. You play a game counting as many Yeehaw Junction! billboards that you see. If you guess correctly, you win a prize. There are 80 of them.
  • Florida has two main cryptids, the Skunk Ape, and Florida Man. You are canoeing in the swamp and you hear rustling. Swatting at gnats and mosquitos you hold your breath, you spot the Skunk Ape. A moment or two goes by, the Skunk Ape reaches up and scratches his head. He removes what was a mask all along. Florida Man is the Skunk Ape. 
  • You visit your grandparent’s condo that’s 20 minutes from the beach. Everything in Florida is 20 minutes from the beach. There is an alligator walking on the golf course. “Let him play!!” A nearby woman shouts, as animal control attempts to capture the reptile. There will be another. There is always another. 
  • The more south you drive, the more north it becomes. One side of the street is pouring rain with flashing lightning, the other is dead grass from decades of drought. Everyone wears flip flops, often with long sleeved shirts or hoodies. No one questions this. 
  • It is 8:42pm on a Wednesday night. You walk into Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. Chicken tender subs are $5.99 for a whole, the man at the counter asks if you’d like to make it a combo. You never make it a combo. Two aisles over, a sweet woman asks if you’d like a free chocolate chip cookie. You say yes, and promptly buy a dozen more. 
  • The news tells stories of wild parties and drug scandals from one of the 3 major cities. You live in the suburbs, where the craziest thing that’s happened is an iguana went into homeostasis in the winter, and rose from the dead in the summer. You switch to the local weather, rain is in the forecast again. 
  • You have just paid $20 to park at the happiest place on earth. You used to park at the resorts and take the bus over, but they found out, and now monitor the resorts. You do not have extra magic hours but you stay past the park’s closing time anyway. It is empty except for one cast member sweeping popcorn off the floor. They have been sweeping for 27 minutes now. You are in Frontierland, but can hear It’s A Small World. You will always hear It’s A Small World. 
Big improvement to brain-computer interface

When people suffer spinal cord injuries and lose mobility in their limbs, it’s a neural signal processing problem. The brain can still send clear electrical impulses and the limbs can still receive them, but the signal gets lost in the damaged spinal cord.

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) – a collaboration of San Diego State University with the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – is working on an implantable brain chip that can record neural electrical signals and transmit them to receivers in the limb, bypassing the damage and restoring movement. Recently, these researchers described in a study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports a critical improvement to the technology that could make it more durable, last longer in the body and transmit clearer, stronger signals.

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Anniversaries, scientific facts and scary monsters

Written for the @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge.

“Any news, Mulder?”
“Nothing’s changed since the last time you called.”
“I can’t believe…okay. I’m about ten minutes away.”
“I’m doing this by the book, working the scene.”
“I can’t…break…”
“Scully? Scully?”

“Sorry, Mulder. I lost signal. What’s happening now?”
“I’m moving out to the boundary fence.”
“God, that far?”
“I’ve checked everywhere else, Scully.”
“I know, I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”
“Scully, no. Don’t blame yourself. If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine.”
“I should have checked. I can’t believe I didn’t check.”
“I didn’t either. Last night was…special. You know these sorts of things happen when you change your routine.”
“Mulder, I should have checked. I should have taken the time. But I was so wrapped up in…”
“I know, Scully. I know. But I’m not giving up.”
“God, thank you, Mulder. I’m on the home stretch now.”
“When you get here, head straight out to the far boundary.”

“Mulder! Mulder, I’m here.”
“Catch your breath, Scully. Calm down. Focus.”
“I’m fine, Mulder.”
“Well, I know that.”
“What’s the latest?”
“Nothing more. I’ve been over every inch of ground. There’s no sign.”
“Oh, Mulder. What are we going to tell him?”
“I’ve been running through scenarios all afternoon. The best I could come up with was the truth, Scully.”
“The truth? And what would that be?”
“That we were busy and we didn’t notice the door was open and she got out.”
“And you think he’ll go for that?”
“No. No, I don’t. But that’s the truth.”
“Mulder, we need to be honest.”
“We can’t tell him everything, Scully.”
“He already knows about the birds and the bees.”
“Sex Ed was never that early in my day, Scully. And last night was more than the birds and the bees. It was an anniversary. And it was wonderful.”
“I know that, Mulder. But explaining an anniversary of when we first…to a twelve year old is…”
“Well, what did you say to him when you said he was staying over with Ben?”
“I told him it was the anniversary of when we first fell in love.”
“You lied to our son, Scully.”
“A white lie. I could hardly tell him the truth.”
“Which is?”
“That you’d been in love with me since 6 March 1992.”
“Is that what you think, Scully?”
“It’s what I know, Mulder. Scientific fact.”
“And when did you fall for me?”
“Oh, I took a little longer. Don’t look so sad, Mulder. A few days later I bared myself to you and you were so gentle and kind…I…well, that was a thing for me.”
“A thing? Is that a scientific term? Scully, what are we going to do?”
“We need to tell him. I’ll do it.”
“And give him the scientific version?”
“As opposed to your ‘I’m a true believer’ version? What the fuck, Mulder? We stuffed up. Our son will be devastated.”
“Oh, so now it’s we? A few minutes ago, you were crying into your phone about how guilty you felt.”
“Mulder, you are not helping. We are his parents. We should do this together.”
“You’re right.”
“Come on then. The school bus will be here soon.”
“What’s that over there?”
“Under that tree?”
“What tree?”
“The one with the frilly leaves.”
“The mimosa, Mulder. I can’t see anything.”
“There’s something white. I can see it.”
“Oh, Mulder. I think you might be right…yes. Yes!”
“Be careful, Scully. Don’t startle it.”
“She, Mulder. Missy is a female, mini lop.”
“Shhh…too much information. Keep back, Scully. I got this.”

“I thought you said you had this, Mulder.”
“I’d like to see you try, Scully. Catching that thing is like trying to catch Tigger on speed.”
“She’s frightened, Mulder. You’re a scary monster to her.”
“I can be scarier.”
“Calm down. Take off your tee-shirt.”
“Scully, the last time you said that we forgot to check the door to the hutch and bingo! Here we are.”
“I am not propositioning you in the back yard, Mulder. I am going to use your shirt to cover Missy to reduce her fear.”
“Ha! You have to catch her first.”
“Give me that and hold these, Mulder.”
“Aw, Scully. I wanted to see you run in those heels.”
“Shut up, Mulder.”

“Dad? Why are you half-naked? And where’s Mum?”
“How was school, Will?”
“Why are you holding Mum’s shoes? And her hose? And her skirt?”
“She’s um…we were…William, there’s something we need to tell you.”
“Dad, I already know about sex. But out here? In the day time? It’s freezing and…that’s pretty gross.”
“No! That’s not…no, Will it’s nothing like that. We don’t…well, of course we do…”
“Will, we were not having sex outside in the yard in the middle of the day. We are trying to find your rabbit that escaped her hutch and was last seen hopping away at great speed under the bushes over there. Your mother has been valiant in her attempts to catch Missy but in the process has managed to rip her clothes to shreds.”
“Please tell me she’s wearing a shirt?”
“Well, she’s backing out of that row of camellias over there now, and she is most definitely wearing…perhaps you’d like to run back to the house now, Will. Avert your eyes.”
“You guys are so embarrassing.”
“You should have seen us in our youth, Will. We were total nerds. Before nerds were cool.”
“Nerds are still not cool, Dad. Trust me. Hey, I think she’s got Missy! Mum! Did you find her?”

“Mulder, what are you doing?”
“I’m going out to check the door to the hutch.”
“I already did that, and so did Will. Twice.”
“I can’t sleep. I thought it might help relax my mind.”
“Perhaps I can do something about that?”
“Again, Scully?”
“Are you complaining?”

Mixed Signals (8): Spoken Words

Kakyoin is sitting on the edge of his bed when Jotaro comes back into the room.

He doesn’t lift his head. His shoulders are hunched in over his knees, his hands raised to cover his face; all Jotaro can see of Kakyoin is the angle of his spine, and the curtain of his hair in front of his face, and the spread of his hands blocking the whole of his expression from view. There’s no way to get a read on his face, nothing Jotaro can see of his eyes or jaw or mouth; but he doesn’t have to see the other’s expression to understand what he’s feeling. The whole of his body is saying that for him, from the tip of his shoulders to the drawn-up tension in his knees, and the absolute misery of the other’s position is so clear that it stalls Jotaro’s feet still in the doorway of the room. Whatever words he might have had in his head, whatever questions he might have collected at the back of his tongue: they all evaporate at once, disintegrating completely before the sudden, intense need to offer comfort for the obvious unhappiness dropping Kakyoin so slack over his knees. Jotaro blinks at the other, his thoughts falling blank even of language with the sudden intensity of his desire to sympathize; and into the silence Kakyoin takes a breath like he’s bracing himself, and manages “I am so sorry” with his voice audibly shaking on the same emotion hunching his shoulders so far forward.

Jotaro can’t make any sense of Kakyoin’s words for a moment. He hears them, certainly, even understands the basic premise of them in his head; but for the first heartbeat of time he can’t even make a guess as to what Kakyoin’s talking about, can’t figure out what the other could have done to merit such miserable guilt. It’s hardly his fault his TA is such an evident creep, it’s hardly as if Jotaro minds chasing off the stranger he took a dislike to on sight; but Kakyoin is taking another deliberate breath and continuing while Jotaro is still caught to silence by the force of his own confusion.

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Help us get back Bill’s gear! Stolen from Cambridge MA, 20th July 2016

To the thieves who steal medieval gear, you are really, really stupid. When do you think you can wear or sell high quality kit without people noticing? This is a small community that is everywhere, and we look after each other. Give it back, and get armour or swords the way the rest of us do- through hard work. 

Please share if you feel the same way.

Anyone going into pawn shops and finding armour like this in the coming weeks, please pay attention to whether it looks like it was from a museum. Bill’s gear was top quality and very distinctive.

Below from Bill, 

“Just when you think it cannot go any worse. Right now I’m crushed.  I was in Cambridge today. When I went to leave, I noticed that my car (and several others) were broken into. The motherf**s took half my armour, and my ammo box of tools

 I’ve lost:
All of my leg armour
All of my arm armour
Two different gorgets
Two different set of gauntlets
A set of sollerets
A handmade brayette
A pair of period shoes.

A bunch of tools, including two hammers, four set of needle nose pliers in various sizes, good shears, scissors, two different punches for leather, a punch for steel/metal, a bunch of various other tools for my armour, leather belts, buckles, straps, rivets etc in a .50 Caliber Ammo box. 

Here is a picture of the arms and legs. They are quite unique.

I now have no real armour, I cannot fight Friday night.  I can no longer do demos. I can no longer sell my art to others in the way I usually do.”