lost shrine



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In which Kouki gets lost at an abandoned shrine 
and meets the most fascinating person.

At seven years old, Kouki meets the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. With long, flowing scarlet hair and ruby and garnet jewels for eyes, Kouki is instantly taken in by the child cloaked in a white kimono, peonies decorating the lower corner flap of the robe.

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Pathway to nowhere by Grace Di Méo

                                         RADIANCE || a kairi fanmix

i. fleet of hope - the indigo girls ★ ii. headlock - imogen heap ★ iii. crystal skies - paradise lost ★ iv. fine shrine - purity ring ★ v. raise your weapon - deadmau5 ★ vi. from finner - of monsters and men ★ vii. pumpin blood - nonono ★ viii. move into light - juventa ★ ix. tigerhead - iiris ★x. anchor - tritonal ★ xi. rabbit heart - florence and the machine ★ xii. echo - the hush sound