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Humans, Yato had already learned, were shockingly fragile. A mobile maze of organs, all trembling on the verge of collapse. It only took one finger in the socket. One step into a busy intersection. One drop of venom in the bloodstream.

Some humans were built tougher than most.

Hiyori was built tougher than most.

She felt so alive—soft in her curves, sharp in her joints. Warm and messy, and flawed, and present.

She hadn’t moved for a little while. She hadn’t made a noise.

“I’ve got you,” Yato said. “You can rest for a few minutes. Then get up. Okay?”

He shifted with her in his arms. Her forehead slid against his chin. A nod.

“We’ll take something back with us to Kofuku’s, when we go tonight,” Yato said, musingly.

They would stop by the bakery. Hiyori loved the bakery. She would go out of her way to walk past it, just to smell the steam coming out the door. She would probably like walking past it today.

The wind teased her hair, lifting it against his face and carrying the smell of her shampoo. Her hair stuck to his cheek. She liked the kind of shampoo they sold in a little pharmacy a few blocks away.

She liked it because, she said, it smelled nice.

Nice like a worn tracksuit.

Or, maybe, she had never said that at all.

“You aren’t ready to go yet. Are you?” Yato said, knowing she wasn’t.

She was happy to sit here, tucked into him. They could sit here for a while longer. He didn’t mind. She would never have let him hold her like this before.

After all, she was tougher than most.

Yato’s nose wrinkled as the next breeze carried a blunt, metallic scent into his face. A war smell. A dying smell.

He angled Hiyori’s face into his scarf to shield her from it. Her eyelashes spidered against his jaw. Her nose pressed into the hollow of his neck, right behind his chin.

Warm, her skin against his. Maybe he was the one growing colder.

Hiyori might be tougher than most, but he wasn’t.

Gods, Yato had already learned, were shockingly fragile. A breath away from extinction, hitchhiking from century to century in the hopes that a wish might stick. It only took one worshiper lost. One shrine unused. One name unremembered.

Yato had let himself go. He had anchored himself too firmly.

“We’ll go back together pretty soon, all right?” he asked.

He had woven his existence into her fibers—absolutely, unreservedly bound to this girl who was tougher than most.

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Hi Admin would love to know your thoughts on some au headcanons with Nishinoya,Kuroo,Bokuto,Iwaizumi, and Tendou as monsters and how they would treat their potential s/o on a stroll at night. I have been watching way too much horror and reading too much romance *hides in corner*



  • nishinoya (jubokko) spots you late at night, it’s too dark and you’re wandering through the forest and you accidentally stepped into his circle
  • of course, he would normally devour you like he would any human
  • but it burns to be near you and really you seem quite nice
  • so he lights fireflies of you, leading you into a grove of trees, and there he appears as a human to greet you as a man of the forest
  • he treats you with a certain tenderness and a begrudging respect
  • as long as you respect him, he respects you


  • nekomata have been killing and eating humans for years, you shouldn’t be that hard to eat, kuroo thinks as you walk up to his long abandoned shrine — you’re lost he presumes
  • it temporarily shocks him when you brush off the leaves, kneel down and place down a ringing bowl, tapping the sides twice with the stick before you placed it down and clapped twice
  • you were praying to him. a yokai.
  • he appears to you as a young man, and you hit it off immediately
  • he’s secretly very pleased when you promise him you’re going to come back. he decided that he will not eat you.


  • good ol’ bokuto is a tengu who lives alone on a small mountain and you club up every morning to watch the sunrise
  • he watched the sunrise with you and then finally interacts with you one morning and you are fascinated with him; for years you thought yokai were just myths
  • he’s a bit enthusiastic and his claws scratch at your arms but you appreciate the kindness he treats you with after you point it out
  • he gives you a feather of his to keep
  • you don’t see him after that


  • okuri-ino iwaizumi follows you from the road, waiting until you tripod stumble to attack, when you do, he darts out, latching onto your trouser leg
  • you scream and fall over, throwing your hands across your face before you glanced at iwaizumi, who wasn’t attacking but peering at you curiously 
  • by offering him some yen coins he turned into a human to take them with a small grin and then allowed you to get up and continue on the path, once you got to the end of the path he sat down in the middle of it
  • “goodbye, thank you for escorting me”
  • iwaizumi flickered before you as a human, a small smirk before he was a wolf again, standing up and turning on his tail to head back into the shadows


  • nogitsune tendou is planning several ways to trick you and scare you when he first sees you — after all, you’re wandering in his field
  • he trips you and you end up flattening him, so he transforms into his human form to yell and kick and scream and you scream and basically both of you are screaming
  • “… i’m going to kill you, human” “dear god i’m going to die”
  • he kind of takes pity on you because euou have mud on your face and clothes and straw everywhere and he just sort of glares as he transforms again and skitters away
  • he end up living under your porch bc his field go burnt down and you forgot all about the incident

This sort of turned into a Yokai AU (which I would be totally up for writing, especially during the Edo period tbh) but I chose the most malicious spirits!

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- Admin Emi


I don’t think I have a personal favourite, it will depend on my mood and current time also, so it fluctuates. I might have a top 10, but again, today’s top ten won’t be tomorrow’s top 10 (or 100, if I had to make such a selection).

Also, this begs the question : “favourite, but in what context?” a reportage? nature / countryside landscape? city life? portrait? Favourite might be a mixture of image quality and emotions associated to an experience, so I’ll just pick a few of those pictures that are special to me while still being relevant to my photographic endeavours, and I’ll share the stories behind them :

We start in March 2010, I’ve been taking pictures for longer than that but nothing I deem worthy pops up in my mind before that first trip to Japan

The first picture is that of a wedding photoshoot that I happened to witness in Harajuku. I stood from a greater distance to avoid disturbing the couple & official photographer. The resulting composition (with an object in the foreground partially obstructing the view), the intensity and of the contrasting effect of the colours makes it one of my all time favourites. The picture also conveys that feeling of mystical Japan that all first-timers have to shake off (yes it was my first time in Japan)

Picture number two, is from the same trip, where you can see myself, wearing an Osaka Hardrock Cafe leather jacket and a touristy oni-mask in front of a little shrine lost in the small streets of nishi-shinjuku go-chome. Coincidentally, Araki took the portrait of a woman eating a watermelon in front of the same shrine. I am still lost in that mystical-Japan daze I play with things I don’t comprehend, still I like the power emanating from it.

Still in March 2010, number three shows just how much I can sometimes be my most favourite photography subject, and it is true that I’ve taken loads of self portraits over the years. I didn’t take the picture, a friend did, I asked him to. What was I trying to convey? Nothing much, I like red, I like masks, I like the absurd and sometimes I’m brave enough to do silly things in the public space. Visually, it still has that power stemming from the contrasts, the colour red and the perceived-exoticism of the mask.

Number four, happens during my second trip to Japan in September 2010 and marks the start of a shift in my photography, moving on from photomanipulations and artworks to a more photo-journalistic style. I always had loved black and white, this is when I truly started using it knowing the power it had. I also dared getting closer to people, talking more, getting involved in what I was witnessing. I think this picture will forever remain in somekind of top 10, in the “captured emotions” category at least.

Number Five is taken in Reykjavík, Iceland in July 2011, where you can see a girl from New York flipping me while a Icelander remains focused on his conversation. Here the notion of decisive moment starts to seep into my images. As I journey towards taking more people-centered images, my attention to detail becomes slowly better and I start having those joyful moment of knowing that the composition was optimal at the moment of release more often.

Number six : right after Iceland, I’m off for my third trip to Japan covering the rest of July and August 2011. My friend, Shunsuke Watanabe, a self-published/promoted guitarist performs on one of the sidewalks around Shibuya station. I document his performances both on-stage and in the streets, I share bits of his private life, I meet his friends and befriend them as well. The image here is another example of a decisive moment, as he drops to his knees and closes his eyes for the finishing notes of one of his songs.

I took seven in Japan, still during the summer of 2011, another decisive moment, but this time while taking pictures of crows, one of my favourite self-indulgences in photography.

Between 2011 and 2014, I become more contemplative, sunsets, birds, mundane things, a few paid assignments also, all in all many nice pictures but none really striking enough to be illegible for a top ten made in 2017. 

Number eight :  is a souvenir from our “small honeymoon” in Paris, fall 2014. I like the composition and feeling of intimacy.

After that, I started my cameraman/video-editor course. Time became scarce, I couldn’t take as many pictures as I’d have liked.

Number 9: summer 2015, The Netherlands : another decisive moment with a bird (and a sunset to boot).

Between summer 2015 and today, we’ve been to Japan, Germany, Austria, a few places around Belgium and, of course, Norway, but no picture is really worth picking…

but for number ten : which was taken at the instant when my wife noticed me (and my camera) while she was changing our son in our old car, on a highway rest area.

The Reason Why I Set Up Elaborate Altars/Shrines

I’m tired of people telling others the you don’t need big shrines/altars or fancy tools, yes that is true 100%, you do not need them, but who are you to try and force others to go the way you do things? Now I LOVE making shrines and altars, why? Because they’re FOR the god(s) that’s on it and if I want to get them things I’ll do it, and that’s not the only place I’ll pray to them, I’ll do it on the bus, looking at the sky, etc. The world is a place of worship and I also like having a space for a god or goddess I love. My altar and shrines didn’t all of a sudden assemble in one day, it took a lot of time some even years to make and I prayed continuously and did rituals at those places, constant research, reading history books, living my life, all of the things I have on my altar and shrines have special meaning to me and between me and the gods. My first space was a pot with sand and incense sticks and two red candles that had Isis’s hieroglyphics written with sharpie, I worked for what I have and sacrificed and still sacrifice to the point where it’s my life, doing things for the gods and taking care of their creations is my life. The altar is a part of my progress with that god or goddess. And if I lost every altar/shrine I had sure I’d be majorly pissed but I’d be happy that I made it for them. Focus on your path.


Pathway to nowhere by Grace Di Méo

Character Theme Meme - Stormblood Edition

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General 1:  Fisherman’s Horizon - Final Fantasy VIII

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Happiness:  Kimi no Shiranai (Guitar) - Monogatari

Silly:  Riding on a Positive Rythm - Legend of Dragoon

Strolling:  The Mysterious Pooka Village - Odin Sphere

Journeying: Sound of the Wind -  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Love: Eclipse of Time - Lost Odyssey

Battle - Sparring:  Shrine Road of Monoliths -  Etrian Odyssey V

Battle - Normal:  Gehrman, The First Hunter - Bloodborne

Battle - Desperate:  Map - Dragon’s Crown 

SadnessDispossession - Nier 

Death:  Empty Tone - Drakenguard 3

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Back flips away “no” | I’ve been having a not so great week 8m8 ;; Sigh. So, I had Hiro explain how I feel www;;

Title: Fresh from the Flower Shop
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Characters: Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, mentions of Hinata Shouyou
Pairings: TsukkiYama
Word Count: 589


Yamaguchi screamed and Tsukishima also wanted to scream for a completely different reason.

As his friend grabbed the pot from their teacher and made his way to his side, Tsukishima couldn’t help but scrunch up his nose and purse his lips. “You’d think she’d be more creative with the baby.” He pout.

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    Titan wasn’t there for him. How wasn’t he there for them? He wasn’t there when Ifrit needed him in the first place, and now The Infernian was on death’s door. All Titan could do was help now. Gently, he picked up his little brother and held him close. The Archaean wished that his brother wouldn’t wake up and scold Titan for laying a hand on him. 

    The fire in the Infernian needed to be stoked, it needed to grow. There were very few place of Ifrit’s worship anymore. Most were devoid of life, dilapidated and abandoned. All of the ones Titan traveled to first were hopeless, not reigniting the fire. However, there was hope when he found one of the last, few, working shrines. A small flame provided heat for the lost shrine. Now for the moment of truth. Titan sat Ifrit down on the floor of the altar as he knelt down by the flame, lighting sage and letting it burn as he prayed. 

    “Ifrit, I know we have fought. I know we have been awful brothers to each other. I know we don’t listen to each other, but for now, please hear me. I cannot lose you. I cannot lose my little brother. The humans, they need you too. Please, come back to us. Fight. Live. Bring yourself from death.”

Guild Wars Lore: The Norn

“If this be my death, let it be a valiant one. I have failed my friends, I will not fail in this last Great Hunt” - Eir Stegalkin 
Hey guys! Today’s lore post is onto the next playable race, The Norn!
I already covered Charr, and Asura, if you missed them, just click the links to read them! 

Build your Legend!
The Norn are a proud race of humanoids that appear as very tall humans, but have some differences. The biggest being their ability to shapeshift into animals, representations of the spirits of the Wild. This shifting into a were-form is said to be a blur between the Norn and their connection to the Spirits of The WIld, gaining the power of the spirit. In the original release of Guild Wars, they are only shown shifting into a were-bear form, calling it ‘Becoming The Bear’ but they seemed to have now gained the ability to shift into the forms of the other spirits. They are also more long lived then humans, with most saying norn can live to upwards of 120 years, maintaining their health and vitality well into their old age. However this is, at best, an estimate to the Norn lifespan, as very rarely do Norn succumb to old age, preferring to die on the battlefield or a great hunt, securing their place as a legend told around the fire by a storyteller, or Skaald. Quick to anger, but even quicker to forgive, the Norn are always striving to be remembered as a hero, the goal of which is to have their story told as a legend. This goal has led to a more individualistic society, with most Norn deciding to approach every obstacle head on by themselves, rather than call for help. Most of the other races would call them crazy, but the Norn do not fear death, as they believe that actions heroic enough can give them immortality. No, the biggest fear for a Norn, is that they will end up weak, and forgotten by all. For most Norn, this quest for glory means tackling any challenge, fighting every foe, and never giving up on your friends, but for others it can mean, bragging, bullying, and unwise snap decisions. Another aspect of the Norn and their path to glory is the ever optimistic nature of the people. Every setback is seen as a challenge, even the loss of their ancestral homes to the Elder Dragon Jormag is just seen as another opportunity for someone to secure their place in legends by slaying the beast.

‘They’re big, tough, and very, VERY, bad tempered’- Ogden Stonehealer
Not much is known to us about the Norn prior to our first meeting them in the Eye of The North expansion for Guild Wars 1, and their origins are shrouded in mystery. There is a theory of their origins taken from another race, the Kodan. Some Kodan believe the Norn, with their ability to ‘Become the Bear’, are descendants of a lost tribe of theirs. The Kodan tell of a tribe of hunters that splintered off to search for more food farther south of their ancient homes during The Great Storm, a giant blizzard that lasted many seasons. The Kodan claim that several generations later, the Norn appeared with their ability to shift into the bear form. This is a contradiction to what the Norn say, that the power to become the bear was given to them directly from the Great Spirit, Bear. Another legend is told by a Jotun Storyteller in Hoelbrak. The Jotun, Thrulnn the Lost, tells of how in ancient times the Jotun and Norn ruled the Shiverpeaks side by side, during an “Age of Giants” with kingdoms that stretched all down The Shiverpeaks, with them protecting all the other races. He tells of how the Giants (Norn and Jotun) were favored by the Gods and given access to magic and much mechanical knowledge of the world. This changed when the Gods threatened to take the magic away from them, believing the Giants would use the magic against them. This led to much fighting between Jotun and Norn, and as such the Gods became angered and took the magic from them, and gave it to the ‘favored’ races, such as humans. The legends continue that in this time, the Jotun became enraged, and began fighting among themselves and others, destroying their once proud culture, while the Norn, turned to their Spirits of The Wild, and were able to regain much of their dignity. It is not clear which (if any) of these legends are true however, and as with most history, it is most likely a mixture of these and many other tales.

Spirits of the Wild, guide me!
The Norn have a religion based on the reverence of different animals, each representing an ideal, and comes with all the strengths and also vices, of the spirit animal. This religion is most likely inspirited by many native american cultures idea of the totem pole. The Norn revere, rather than worship these spirits, and they are seen as a way to balance the rash Norn, reminding the Norn to not despoil the land. Each spirit may a Havroun, a shaman that tends to the spirits needs, and is even capable of crossing into The Mists to visit and speak with the spirit. Some of the lesser spirits may not have a Havroun, and their can only be one for each spirit at a time. There are 4 spirits that are regarded higher than the others, and as such, have Great Lodges in Hoelbrak, they are Bear, Wolf, Snow leopard, and Raven, the most revered of these Spirits is Bear. These 4 spirits are also responsible for guiding the Norn to their new home after Jormag rose and took over the Far Shiverpeaks. The Norn, true to their nature, would have fought Jormag till they were extinct, but the spirits prevented this, and as the 4 great spirits led the Norn away, 4 of the lesser spirits, Ox, Owl, Wolverine, and Eagle actually fought Jormag to give the Norn time to evacuate. After this battle it was confirmed by its Havroun that Owl was dead, actually consumed by Jormag. The other 3 have not had a Havroun in generations, and as such their status is not known, but when visiting the shrine to lost spirits in Hoelbrak, their presence, though ever slight, can be felt. When it comes to Human Gods, the Norn do acknowledge their existence and even their power, but do not worship or revere them. They call them, as a whole, The Spirits of Action, and do not refer to them as the names said by humans, but rather their individual ideal, an example being their reference of Balthazar simply as War.

Face the Wrath of Dragon!
The Sons of Svanir present their idea of another Spirit, that of Dragon. The Sons of Svanir, are named after the brother of Jora, (and because only men are seen as worthy, so you know SWELL guys) the Norn hero from Eye of The North. Jora and Svanir were out on Drakkar Lake, an area that many Norn shunned due to a foreboding sense of dark magic. Unknown to them both, but frozen in the lake, and the source of this dark magic, was a dormant Champion of Jormag. This champion, though dormant, was still able to influence those close to it, and was able to whisper promises of power to Svanir. This led to Svanir being transformed into a monster known as the Nornbear, and stripping Jora of her ability to Become the Bear. 

Jora was eventually able to reconnect with Bear by slaying her brother, and ending his reign of destruction. This incident however led some Norn to recognize the power of Jormag, and so they created their own cult to worship Dragon above all the other spirits. They take his whispers of power, and use it to attack and kill all those that oppose it.
The Great Lodge
The Norn resist being followers, and as such, the idea of a centralized government does not apply to them. The closest they come to a ruler, is when a Norn achieves prestige and admiration from other Norn, and as such, turn to them for counsel. The best example of this today is Knut Whitebear, the current ‘Master’ of The Great Lodge of Hoelbrak, which means that as it is his Steading, he is charged with protecting those within it. He should not be called the ‘Ruler’ of Hoelbrak though, his duty is protection, not enforcing any sense of laws. Hoelbrak did not start as the central hub of Norn society however, nor was that the idea in its founding. Rather, Whitebear’s grandsire, Asgeir Dragonrender, created a Steading after fleeing from Jormag and others recognized his deeds and came to it for protection and to be near the great heroes. Asgeir Dragonrender is remembered as he was the first to ever prove that an Elder Dragon could be harmed. Aided by all the Spirits of The Wild, and said to have wielded an ancient Jotun scroll, which has since been lost, but rumored to be in Hoelbrak, he did battle with Jormag. Though he failed to kill Jormag, he was able to cut a tooth from its maw, and took it as his trophy. This ‘Fang of The Serpent’ now resides within The Great Lodge, with the legend that whenever a hero can break the tooth, it is time again to face Jormag.

The Norn are a hardy people, though focused on personal glory, many take that to mean that they must protect others and their friends in that pursuit. Their Spirits help to guide them, and keep them in check, helping to keep their rash nature from destroying them. They see all in the World as a challenge, and when the time comes that the Great Serpent’s Tooth is shattered in Hoelbrak, the Norn will know that the greatest challenge of all is at hand, reclaiming their ancestral homelands, and slaying an Elder Dragon. All the Norn today hope they are the ones The Skaalds sing of as the Slayer of Jormag.

Hope you enjoyed my latest post! Stayed tuned for the remaining races, Humans, and Sylvari, and their lore posts in the next weeks!
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In which Kouki gets lost at an abandoned shrine 
and meets the most fascinating person.

At seven years old, Kouki meets the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. With long, flowing scarlet hair and ruby and garnet jewels for eyes, Kouki is instantly taken in by the child cloaked in a white kimono, peonies decorating the lower corner flap of the robe.

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                                         RADIANCE || a kairi fanmix

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