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A generation of artists were wiped out by Aids and we barely talk about it
A new film about the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is a shocking and brilliant reminder of the devastation HIV and Aids wreaked – and still does
By Suzanne Moore

Yet there was a time when you could walk around London or New York and see these gaunt faces, marked with sarcomas, and everyone you hung out with was dying. The official culture was in denial. Sometimes it was easier to be. I remember seeing Derek Jarman at a play. At that point he was blind. I didn’t want to see him like that. And then my friend was queer-bashed on the way home. Freddie Mercury died. Keith Haring died. Eazy- E from NWA died. Denholm Elliott died. Rock Hudson died. Fela Kuti died. And my uncle who wasn’t famous or even my actual uncle died. One of my friends lost seven people who were all under 30.”

Things the Mystic Messenger fandom needs to talk about

-The lizard that Seven apparently lost in his house

-The fact that Jumin knows the exact number of spoons V has in his house (exactly 20, apparently)

-He also calculated the average amount of hair Elizabeth the 3rd sheds (3-28 strands per ten minutes) (???)

-The voice actor for Saeran Choi also dubbed Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and Tamaki Suoh in the Korean versions of their shows

-Jaehee keeps a photo of Zen underneath her mousepad

-Seven canonically wrote Yoosung a love letter


-Zen wants to dye his hair pink

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I want to talk about all the fucking powerful, badass women in Overwatch. You have a 19yo gamer who saved the fucking country from an Omnic invasion. You have a 60yo mother who’s still going strong on the battlefield, 40 years after she first stepped onto it. You have a woman who lost her parents at seven years old and resolved to dedicate her life to learning to save people. 

They don’t even have to be fighters: in the latest short, Katya Volskaya looked Sombra right in the fucking eyes as Sombra was going to shoot her. She didn’t flinch at all. She didn’t cry or beg. She was cold, she was strong, she was what she needed to be - even if she’d lost that round.

I love that Blizzard created these incredible strong women. I love that there’s a spread of ages and that they resisted the urge to make them all sweet young nubile teenagers. 

Dude, I fucking love this game. 


Paused at the Right Moment, part 8

I thank TheNight130 for the “The Road To ElDorado” one! His hand lags a lot in this shot! ;D

1. Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) 2. Treasure Planet (2002) 3. Lilo and Stitch (2002) 4. The Road to ElDorado (2000) 5. Atlantis; The Lost Empire (2001) 6. The Scarecrow (2000) 7. Aladdin (1992) 8. Mulan (1998) 9. Frozen (2013) 10. Thumbelina (1994)

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The next time Grandpa grumbles about having to walk uphill to school every day, whip out this pic and show his ass what “uphill” truly looks like.

What you’re seeing above is the single route to get to Atuler, a clifftop village in southwest China. What you’re also seeing is children as young as six years old making the nearly half-mile ascent home via treacherous paths and that rickety-ass wooden ladder. It’s as scary as it looks; a reporter dispatched to the village reportedly burst into hysterical tears while attempting the climb (admittedly, tears are one of several liquids we’d burst into, were we to try). Meanwhile, the village’s schoolchildren regularly and fearlessly pull off this 90-minute reenactment of Cliffhanger, with heavy book bags in place of Stallone’s weighty pecs.

Atuler is home to a mere 72 families, most of whom make their living farming chili peppers. Though by the villagers’ own tally, they’ve “only” tragically lost seven or eight of their number to the murderous, greedy hand of gravity, many more have been horrifically injured by falls, and this combined with recent media attention spurred the Chinese government to make the climb safer. They did so by replacing the homemade (and oft-rotted) wooden ladder with a much sturdier (but equally terrifying) metal one, because no one ever said that safety couldn’t be accompanied by shitted pants.

The 6 Most Terrifying Morning Commutes In The World

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Attack on titan

B Gata H Kei


Blue exorcist

Deadman Wonderland




Fullmetal alchemist

Heaven’s lost property





Okami-san and her seven companions

Ouran host club

One punch man

Rosario + vampire

Soul eater    

Soul eater not!

Sword art online

Sailor moon

Tokyo ghoul

The devil is a part timer

Vampire knight

Yo-kai watch

After many years of traveling through the Delta Quadrant Janeway finally gives up reinforcing Starfleet Uniform standard. Now everyone on the ship goes about their usual business but in different outfits. Janeway gives orders in her sparkly white tuxedo while Tom Paris applies coordinates in an old fashion aviator jacket and goggles. B'Elanna figures out complex space-time equations while lounging in her pajamas all day in engineering. Seven of Nine discovers the fashionable comfort of a simple tank top with jeans. Chakotay decides to get in touch with nature and goes around the ship completely naked. The doctor now free of appearance standards gives up representing the typical humanoid form in favor of abstraction and edits his program so he’s nothing but a floating disembodied talking head. Only Tuvok and Neelix remain the same as the ship plummets further into unrestrained madness.


[ERROR 707] aka seven will always love you no matter what route you’re on: the playlist

[listen] // [view]

so i caved in and played mystic messenger again bc i uninstalled it previously and didn’t finish it… ngl i teared up trying to compile all these songs bc the emotions are too real;; 

got a bit of inspiration from the reset theory and “seven still has feelings for you regardless of the route” theory haha;;

[intro] butterfly (prologue mix) - bts day 1: unfair - exo day 2: symptoms - shinee day 3: sentimental - winner day 4: dilemma - homme day 5: error - vixx day 6: let’s not fall in love - bigbang day 7: bonnie & clyde - dean day 8: eyes, nose, lips - taeyang day 9: what if - exo day 10: love u - howl day 11: hypnosis - taemin [outro] save me - bts

Lost in a crowd
  • [Hazel is lost in a crowd and Nico can't find her]
  • Nico: This calls for drastic measures
  • Nico: Nico is useless and deserves to die!
  • Jason, from the sky: What
  • Leo, in the distance: the fuck
  • Percy, emerging from nearby fountain: did
  • Reyna, brandishing her sword: you
  • Annabeth, from across the street: just
  • Piper, from a helicopter: fucking
  • Frank, turning into a bear: say
  • Will, from cabin 7: you ass?!
  • Nico:
  • Nico: Fuck